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  1. Nailed it. Less important but still useful to know is the number of RAM slots and max capacity of RAM supported. In the case of your motherboard, 4 slots and 32 GB max. Then again, unless you develop a sudden interest in virtual machines/video and photo editing, you'll likely won't get use out of going past 16 GB beside dick waving to others If budget was no issue and you were utterly psychotic, you can buy motherboards using Intel's X99 chipset that support eight slots and 128 GB max RAM.
  2. That's about the only improvement I'd suggest as well. For £70 or so you can get a 240 GB one, which basically is the bare minimum capacity I'd suggest for the operating system and a game or two. Below is what I'm pulling together for the build I mentioned yesterday (bolded is what I already purchased):
  3. If you do go that route, make sure your cooling solution is appropriately beefy. Apparently the 9590 is quite a hot running chip.
  4. Don't even get me started on the build I'd be doing if I had the room for one.
  5. I know that feeling of building on somewhat of a budget, considering that I'm in the process of acquiring parts for a computer for a friend. TL;DR: i5 7500/RX 580/16 GB RAM/250 GB SSD/3TB HDD, total budget including monitor and such is $1500.
  6. Purely from a price standpoint, yeah. (And personally, I have kind of a soft spot for AMD's stuff.)
  7. Depends on what you have now. My take? Skip over the two of them if possible and choose between an i5 7500 or a Ryzen 5 1400/1500X. Not much difference in prices. If you're dead-set on your current options, ask yourself if you're gonna do anything that can take advantage of the eight cores a FX-8350 provides. If so, choose that. If not, 6500. If for whatever reason overclocking is a possibility, the i5 6500/7500 won't be able to, so choose either a 6600K or 7600K.
  8. But if they're any lag, an i9-7920X/1080 Ti will nuke it.
  9. From my understanding, there's gonna be no expansions map-wise, just filling in areas. Still a very outside shot though of China.
  10. But dickwaving is fun
  11. Anyone keeping eyes on the next expansion, so far we know they're filling in the Tibetian region. Would be a fun change of pace.
  12. PS4 release, would also love a Switch release. Also, RANDY HAMMERSMASHER.
  13. You. I like you. You understand the brilliance of the Independence Day series. Just watched the season finale of Designated Survivor and
  14. I only use it to identify any "special" pictures I totally don't have lying about on my phone or computer. Also, really tempted to take a shot at reforming the Roman Empire.
  15. So despite @Meacon's predictions, I was not drafted by the NFL this year. While I wait for next year, who should I sign for in MLB? Bear in mind my positives and negatives are the same as football: great hair, shit at the actual sport.