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  1. For my amusement, Westeros as of 485 AC: Sitting the Iron Throne is Aegon Targaryen, the Seventh of His Name, blah fill in the damn titles. Commonly called 'the Dragontamer', wielder of Blackfyre and rider of Valyrion. Age 49, married to his aunt Rhaenyra, a few months younger than Aegon. Together, their (legitimate) children: {Maekar}, their firstborn son, born 450 AC, dead from pneumonia in 454 AC at the age of 3 Elaena, their firstborn daughter, born 452 AC, age 32, m. Baelon Targaryen, Lord of Summerfield and Shipbreaker Bay -{Rhaeys}, born 479 AC, died from dysentery in 483 AC at the age of 3 -Jaehaerys, age 3, born 479 AC -Rhaenyra, age 1, born 483 AC -{Aenar}, a sickly infant, born 484 AC, died at the age of one month Daenaera, born 454 AC, age 30, m. Aegon's cousin Aemon Targaryen -Mhaegan, born 476 AC, age 8 Rhaenyra, born 455 AC, age 29, m. her uncle {Maelys Targaryen}, m. Meros of the Sellsword Infantry (by Maelys) -Aelinor, born 473 AC, age 11 -Aenor, Lord of Torrentpeak, born 475 AC, age 9 Vaermon, Lord of Dragonstone and current heir, born 456 AC, age 28, m. Dorna Lannister -Maelor, born 472 AC, age 12, betrothed to Aegon VII's six year old bastard niece Baela Waters -Maekar, born 474 AC, age 10, twin of Shaera -Shaera, twin of Maekar -Lucerys, born 478 AC, age 6 Aerion, born 463 AC, age 21, m. Melantha Lightfoot, Lady of Stony Shore {Alyssa}, stillborn in 466 AC Viserys, born 470 AC, age 14 Now, about Aegon's illegitimate children: there's a few: (by his cousin Rhaenyra Targaryen) Leaysa Waters, born 465 AC, age 19, m. Aegon's nephew Aegor Eghon -{Maega}, stillborn in 482 AC Rhaegar Waters, born 468 AC, age 16, m. Zia Harte Naerys Waters, born 479 AC, age 5 Maegon Waters, born 482 AC, age 2 (by Beony Footly of Tumbleton) Helyna Flowers, born 476 AC, age 8 (by Chieftess Willow of Hardhome) Aelyx Waters, born 477 AC, age 7, betrothed to his sister Myrtle Myrtle Waters, born 478 AC, age 6, betrothed to her brother Aelyx Craster Waters, born 480 AC, age 4 Ondrew Waters, born 481 AC, age 3 Ferny Waters, born 482 AC, age 2 (by Delonne) Olyvar Sand, born 480 AC, age 4 If I had the piety, I'd go full Aegon IV and legitimize all the bastards.
  2. Game of Thrones S7E3 (The Queen's Justice) Comments: Unreleased outtake from Olenna's scene
  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is happening and STOP GIVING ME REASONS TO BUY A SWITCH.
  4. Campfire was the best song of that music pack. How much playtime are you at right now? Took me maybe 30 hours or so to understand enough of the game to not totally suck.
  5. Note to most, if not all people in the market for a new truck: Be original and don't buy the four-door version of it.

  6. Best time of the year.
  7. If you're talking about Justin Tucker, TAKE THAT BACK
  8. Also of note: Broforce has a button devoted to flexing your muscles.
  9. Game of Thrones, S6E5 (The Door) Comments:
  10. When they said "keep the blood pure", I'm not entirely sure that this was the intended outcome.
  11. Back to S1E1 of Game of Thrones and whoa r/freefolk you inadvertently blew my mind.
  12. Minus the Sand Snakes, Dorne's not been the dirt-worst. Thank God Mama Sandsnake isn't showing up in Season 8.

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