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  1. I'm gonna regret doing the family tree from my one complete vanilla game, currently up to the weird bit where there's a Catholic and a Sunni branch of the family.
  2. Santa Brady

    NFL 2019

    It's not real football unless they're wearing leather helmets.
  3. Purported leaked cast so far for Season 1 of House of the Dragon. Veracity is highly debatable, but I think the ending to Season 8 was leaked out months ahead of release (I at least was casually telling people Jon kills Dany around Thanksgiving last year ) and mocked for being too out there, so I casually believe it. If the leaks hold true, Blackfyre Rebellion confirmed bois.
  4. Oberyn is married to his niece, so that's not totally inaccurate.
  5. I, for one, see nothing wrong with this. Testing to see what kind of narratives the game would spit out at me for a vague idea for a Cube game starting at the Crowned Stag bookmark. Nothing super-exciting, so here's a general idea of what's what: -Benjen hasn't joined the Night's Watch this timeline, commands Moat Cailin instead, is married to Lynesse Hightower. Had a stillborn son about a year ago. -House rule that I have to name any of Ned/Cat's first five kids the names they had in the books. Normal order for boys and inverse for girls, so in this timeline Arya is the older sister. -Bobby B died in a trial by combat, the Mannis is doing OK, Renly/Tyene Sand shippers are gonna be in for a fun time. Same for Tyrion/Nymeria Sand. -Ramsay Snow weirdly turned out to be a somewhat decent character so far, no negative traits outside of still being a bastard. -Fuck if I care what Xaro Xhoan Daxos is up to, I got tired of hearing his name on the show after about three appearances considering it was required to say his name IN FULL each appearance. -Gerold Dayne (WHO IS OF THE NIGHT) is still alive, yay. -Doran Martell's second son Cletus officially has the lamest name for a character in this timeline. Earl Harlaw is disappointed as a result.
  6. Santa Brady

    NFL 2019

    Considering the NFL's spotless record on internal investigation, wouldn't be surprised he did say a racial no-no.
  7. Santa Brady

    Best OST

    For all it's many problems (virtually entirely concerning pacing and writing), the soundtrack for the final season of Game of Thrones is pretty dang good.
  8. Casual "Fuck D&D" moment.
  9. Took me months to understand Anglo-Saxon naming, so we were in the same boat kind of.
  10. Santa Brady

    NFL 2019

    Hey, only I get to disrespect the leprechaun like that
  11. Santa Brady

    NFL 2019

    So what you're saying is you should be the head coach?
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