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  1. On one hand, MyCareer looks like it could be fun. On the other hand, loot boxes. On a third hand, if I pick this up I'm getting it on PC
  2. As unlikely as it'll be, I want the Spiderman game from 2000 included. Young me loved that game.
  3. Intrigued, depending on how moddable it'll be.
  4. I've got Larry Webster of the 2000 Ravens to brag about, and even only because we were born in the same town.
  5. Stolen from the CKII Wiki article on the Game of Thrones mod: "Q: What DLC does the mod need/use?" A: The mod should run fine no matter which DLC is enabled/disabled. However some of the DLC does add content to the mod, here is an overview: Main Expansions The Sword of Islam: Adds only the ability for the player to have multiple wives as a character of the Valyrian religion. Legacy of Rome: Adds castration and blinding capability as well as a couple of flavour events. It does NOT add retinues. The Republic: Allows the Merchant Republic realms to be played, namely the Free Cities, Meereen, Yunkai, Astapor and the Guilds of Qarth. These realms will still be active even without the DLC. The Old Gods: Enables the concubine system for Drowned God and Harpy followers (Pre-DLC system will be used if not enabled). Also adds much flavour, including berserkers, adventurers, new rebels and runestones. Raiding is available for drowned god, wildlings and pirates even without this DLC. Sons of Abraham: Enables the council of the Most Devout and their election of the High Septon. Also adds many religious flavour events, including various Holy Order events/decisions. Rajas of India: Adds flavour to various far eastern cultures, including tiger hunts, gurus and the reincarnation events Charlemagne: Adds the chronicle, custom kingdoms (existing titular kingdoms are still available without DLC) and a 'hero knight' flavour event Way of life: Enables the focus system, allowing a ruler to pick any of the foci available with all associated events decisions. Seduction focus replaces 'visit chambers' interaction when DLC is enabled Horse Lords: Adds the nomad mechanics for Dothraki/Jogos Nhai (DLC now required to play these), landless adventurer mechanics for Ironborn, the wolf flavour events and land trade routes. Conclave: Adds the enhanced council/favour mechanics, new education focus system, dynamic mercenaries plus other misc flavour The Reaper's Due: Adds improved epimedic and illness mechanics, including hospitals and court physician treatment events. Adds prosperity and depopulation, as well as other flavour events. Minor DLC Monks and Mystics: Adds subversive religious cults you can join with your character. Ruler Designer: Fully compatible with the mod Customiser: Fully compatible with the mod EU4 Converter: Not compatible Music Packs: The mod's soundtrack currently overrides them, however deleting "A Game of Thrones/music/songs.txt" will re-enable vanilla music West African Unit Pack/Portraits: Used for the Summer Islanders, Basilisk Islanders and Sothoryos East African Unit Pack/Portraits: Used for the Naathi Mongol Portraits: Used for the Nefer and Yi Ti Turkish Portraits/units: Used for Lengi Spanish Portraits/units: Used for Moraqi Celtic Portraits/units: Used for Ibbenese All other Face/Unit Packs: Not used Dynasty Coat of Arms Packs: Not used Sunset Invasion: Some things may happen if enabled... Basically, depends on if you'd like to play as the Free Cities or Dothraki, get The Republic and Horse Lords. Seems like most of the others are flavor-enhancers. Doesn't mention what Jade Dragon would add to it, so I can't answer for it.
  6. Still on the 2.7.2 patch, skipping over 2.8 entirely. Speaking of Holy Fury, it might finally tempt me to try pagan games.
  7. Meh, probably will just wait until the version compatible with patch 2.9 comes out before upgrading. Had no real emotional attachment to the save, was more proof of concept for one of my CK2 Cube projects.
  8. Game of Thrones, S2E7 (A Man Without Honor) Comments from the last time I watched still stand. TL;DR: Considering how relatively wholesome Tywin Lannister has been as Arya's honorary grandpa and what the show does to wholesome things, her odds of surviving Season 8 drop somewhat though hopefully not before Gendry and Arya reunite JESUS CHRIST THEON. Cersei is somewhat easy to be sympathetic towards this episode. About time someone called Cat out on her dislike of Jon Snow. Speaking of Jon Snow, it'll take him until the end of Season 7 to know something.
  9. Not updating it since I'm on version 1.5 of the mod. Also, finally disposed of Robert Baratheon by sending him to the Wall.
  10. Lyanna's dead, been dead since the end of Robert's Rebellion.| UPDATE: The guy who killed my dad just won the tourney I held to celebrate real Aegon's coming of age (...though I do find that hilarious to some extent)
  11. So, Rhaegar got himself killed while fighting during Mace Tyrell's trial by combat. (Long story short, he and Balon Greyjoy were trying to get Viserys onto the Iron Throne, cut his rebellion down, imprisoned him) The realm at large as of 298 AC (or the year the first book in the series takes place): Aegon VI Targaryen sits the Iron Throne, betrothed to Ned Stark's firstborn daughter and current heir Marissa Stark. Ned did have a daughter named Sansa a year after book Sansa was born, found this amusing. Harren Botley is the new Lord of the Iron Islands because Balon done fucked up and rebelled after I tried to arrest him for a minor plot he was running which totes wasn't a good cover to get him to stop his factions , couldn't fob it to Theon for kicks. Edmure Tully has been Lord of the Trident since current Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Willem Darry killed Hoster during a battle of Robert's Rebellion. Donnel Arryn rules the Vale because Jon Arryn never made it out of a fight against The Burned Men, hilariously enough was the same year Hoster Tully died. Tywin's still alive, Jaime's the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Cersei's been married to Garth Tyrell and Brynden Blackwood, Tyrion and Asha Greyjoy are married (speaking of Tyrion/Asha, that'd be a fun couple to write for). Bobby B was never intended to live much longer past his imprisonment but I have yet to have a trial by combat end the way I want so he's still unfortunately alive. Living up to his book counterpart by fathering ALL THE BASTARDS. Lord of the Reach Loras Tyrell is the biggest deviation from the books and show in a certain manner. Same goes for Renly, who's hitched to one of the Sand Snakes Dorne's the same old same old, care as much about them as the show did. Were technically independent for six/seven fucking years after a Lysene slaving raid which ultimately ended in a white peace. Kingsguard consists of Jaime Lannister, Aleister Sarwick, Rodrik Cassel, Myles Lewin, Lewin Martell, Lyn Corbray, and Jonothor Darry. Small Council consists of Ned Stark (Hand of the King), Dontos Bywater (Master of Laws), Jaime Lannister (Master-at-Arms), Tywin Lannister (Master of Coin), Maric Massey (Master of Whispers, Varys doesn't have the job because he was involved in the plot to kill the Mad King), Pycelle (Grand Maester), and some bloke named Maelys is my pet septon.

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