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  1. 100% Created Mod

    Am game for playtesting.
  2. Final Fantasy

    No you love us for it
  3. Crusader Kings II

    Go kill that whiny little shit ASAP.
  4. Complete Your Collection

    How is Lady Jericode at these kind of repetitive tasks?
  5. Crusader Kings II

    Well, Cersei does come across as a bitch in the books, so the mod's accurate.
  6. I keep forgetting my brother Sousa is a filthy plebe now. :(

    Come back please, Vilhelm Baconshield needs to continue his glorious tale.

  7. EWR May 2016 Stats Update ****Spoilers****

    Download mod. Move the DATA folder from the mod to yer EWR folder. Yes we want to replace files. ???? PROFIT.
  8. Final Fantasy

    Beat him, then do a NSG game and repeat the feat.
  9. 100% Created Mod

    Return to which 35 survive later, in that case. Get backstories sorted first.
  10. 100% Created Mod

    Welsh eXtreme is all I can think of at the moment. How far along is the backstory? This can help decide who lives and who dies.
  11. 100% Created Mod

    OK, all checks out.
  12. 100% Created Mod

    How many are present right now and what styles are they? Asking because I also have a scenario like this in the works. Helps to have a definitive idea of each promotion's place in the gameworld.
  13. Final Fantasy

  14. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Let's call it a draw.
  15. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Well fuck Blake Bortles unlike Flacco he has never grown such a luxurious mustache.