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  2. I like that choice, now let's get John David Booty out of retirement.
  3. If that McAfee strut isn't a GIF by tomorrow, the Internet can fuck right off.
  4. Hey the ball could cross the first down marker twice and not count Monday.
  5. Is the BBC really that strict about pants having to be worn at work?
  6. Donation Drive 2K16: Maxx Gets His Titan X?
  7. Using state of the art scientific technology over at the Handsome Luchadore Athletic Commission, we can conclude: Tony Romo=8 letters Assuming A=1 and Z=26, T=20, O=15, N=14, Y=25 ,R= 18, M=13; or 20+15+14+25+18+15+13+15. This equals 125. Dallas last appeared in the NFC Championship Game in the 1995 season, 21 seasons ago. 125-21=104. His current TD/INT ratio is 2 and 1/9ths. 2+1+9=12. 104-12=92. According to Forbes, the Cowboys were worth 4 billion dollars in 2015. 92/4=23. Tony Romo joined the league as a free agent following the 2003 NFL Draft. The 23rd pick of the draft was Willis McGahee. He played for four teams, two of which were in the AFC North, the last of whom were the Browns. They went 5-11 the last time the Cowboys were in the NFC Championship game.11+5=16. 23-16=7. You know which other oft-injured quarterback in the AFC North wears #7? Ben Roethlisberger. Therefore, we can assume that Tony Romo will become a STEELER.
  8. He at least has a better percentage than his brother.
  9. Cleveland, you don't try to run the ball out of the endzone unless you have a GOAT-level running back.
  10. Judging by the alleged Season 7 spoilers
  11. what I said with the latest Tucker Royal Farms ad, minus the laugh.
  13. Once Srar pops back in prepare for a whuppin' the AMERICAN WAY.
  14. What timeline are we in because I could've sworn I just saw the Cubs win the World Series.
  15. Guyer is Cleveland's last hope.