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  1. How dead is Vilhelm Baconshield?

  2. Surprise me.
  3. I only hate it because of Tom Brady. If it was Garappolo, I'd be all for it.
  4. Hell, why not? Ravens apparently almost had Ryan back in '08.
  5. What're you talking about?
  6. Another year, another Super Bowl. The are Super Bowl Champions because
  7. Can I call dibs on creating the 2017 Offseason thread?
  8. Dear Tom Brady, Fuck off forever.
  9. So that's the first Super Bowl OT and I was joking when I said it was gonna happen.
  10. They've already started.
  11. Don't take Kurt's record Tom
  12. Fuck that was a catch wasn't it?
  13. If this comeback does happen...