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  2. Finally joined the cool kids here and downloaded the GoT mod. Started at Robert's Rebellion as Ned Stark, let's see how badly I mess up.
  3. So my most recent Poland game went down the toilet. Boleslaw II died in war, his son (oddly enough also named Boleslaw) takes over. Win dad's war. So I want to build my troops and all of a sudden FUCK OFF LITERALLY EVERYBODY I'm fighting four wars at once (two revolts, two territory claims other countries try against me) Somehow got white peace in all of them. Then some merenaries I hired go to war with me. Crush that. Some more revolts somewhere. Now my neighbors in Pruthenia and Bohemia want some of my land. Army's a shell of what it was after essentially non-stop war for almost a decade, so I don't really put up much of a fight and surrender. THEN his sister the Queen of Danmark (and the one child I've managed to raise decently in any of my games) has him killed.
  4. Rich "If Dilfer Can Make A Super Bowl, So Can I" Gannon. ...yeah, had to look it up too.
  5. Boleslaw takes being cucked by his nemesis lightly...and by that, I mean don't fuck with a 25 Martial guy.
  6. But I'll conquer the world through syphilis!
  7. Can I borrow him for a bit? Reasons is why
  8. If that's bad, wait for the possibility of Brady/Rodgers in the Superb Owl.
  9. Yep, Noob Island knows a thing or two about that.
  10. Background: I'm the Zelibrat Piast mentioned in the bit about the defensive pact. Fought a war like twenty/thirty years prior to get his mother Zsofia (second wife of King Boleslaw II, who died of stress since I last posted) onto the throne of Hungary. She accused me of collaborating with pirates, wrote her a letter telling the truth. She breaks our pact, I arranged an assassination attempt. People were fucking lining up to help, got to 279% plot power. First attempt (archers) failed, wasn't implicated. Second one (wine poisoning) went without a hitch. Brother takes the throne of Hungary, and apparently I fell asleep at the wheel, because parts of my turf became part of Hungary. Now it's HIS turn to be assassinated. Met the exact same fate as our mom. All I wanted was my turf back. TL;DR: Emperor Zelibrat, bitches.
  11. I especially emphasize picking up Sunset Invasion. Back to Poland, King Boleslaw II is a dick. Had an eleven year old assassinated so he could get around a truce, all for a single holding.
  12. Greeeeeeeeeeat Mosley had to be carted off and we might as well hand Brady the Super Bowl MVP award.
  13. Every time I tune in, the Ravens do jack shit. Clearly I shouldn't watch next year.
  14. Stamford Bridge. Ended up deleting and am redoing the save.
  15. Current Game: Date is June 26th 1102. Playing as King Swietoslaw of Poland, son of King Boleslaw II, who died in battle in 1083 trying to conquer Pomerania. Would've won the war had the fucker I was fighting not converted to Catholicism. Lost both Silesias to the HRE, Ciezyn to Hungary, and apparently Opole became independent while I wasn't paying attention. Speaking of the Holy Roman Empire, it's not as big a blob as it was after Bohemia split off. Have every intent to marry off my daughter to them (might have a few issues since she's a legitimized bastard I had with a courtier who appeared after a random narrative) Pope Benedictus X called the First Crusade in 1097. Didn't go well, called off in 1101. I think the pope owes me a solid, considering I gave him literally the sole Catholic victory in the war and I had to literally walk my armies over considering I haven't figured out boats yet. I'm not sure why, but my wife Zdislava was jailed at one point. Briefly contemplated execution, but I need a male heir. If my daughter and I die now, everything goes to my half-brother over in Scotland (which I will apparently inherit his holdings in his revolt there if I'm correct not that I'm contemplating planning anything )