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  1. Lemme do the math. THE STREAK ended April 6th, 2014. 4+6+20+14=44 THIS NUMBER IS RELEVANT. Cubs record: 103-58. Equals 45 Indians record: 94-67. Equals 27 Therefore, the Cubs win. Cubs last appeared in the World Series in 1945. 1+9+4+5=19 Indians last appearance was in 1997. 1+9+9+7=26 Not a clean sweep. 2+6+1+9=18 18 and 45 are both divisible by 3. 18/3=6 and 45/3=15 1+5+6=12 Divide by the two teams in the World Series and The Handsome Luchadore Athletic Commission picks the Chicago Cubs to win in SIX games.
  2. I'll include the (Portland) Bears.
  3. I'm gonna think positive: Maybe the Browns and Jags win enough and Week 3 was our last win of the year. NUMBER ONE HERE WE COME
  4. They gon tie.
  5. Joe Flacco has nice hair today.
  6. So far, eyeing this as a "first few weeks" purchase. What it could do with is a wrestling game or two.....OHMIGOD SOMEONE GET IN CONTACT WITH SERIOUS PARODY
  7. 3-0?
  8. Oh dear.
  9. "I wish I hadn't left my franchise in my other tuxedo."
  10. Yeah, Danger Zone is the best. It's basically become my unofficial wrestling theme song.
  11. I like 5 Star Wrestling better.
  12. I wouldn't object to a new Spy Fox game.
  13. This is the one time I'll pull for Tom Brady, if only to see the single game passing TD mark fall.
  14. Rob Dyrdek and Tom Brady on the list? ACTIVATE MAXIMUM TRIGGER MODE