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  1. I can't wait to tell lightning dodging in Final Fantasy X to fuck itself.
  2. What's your computer specs like? How recent was the installation? How much custom content do y'all have in-game?
  3. All y'alls storylines make so much sense
  4. Also knowing what date your armies will do battle if they meet up with opposing forces is useful. I missed it after rolling back to the 2.6.3 patch.
  5. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when" and "how".
  6. Fuck you guys for making me want to drop good money on physical copies of Sims 2.
  7. Nothing insanely beefy IIRC. Have it running on an AMD A8 and haven't had any issues. Just as I predicted, lost the HRE upon Boleslaw's death. Worth it, funneled most of the money I was making from the dual empires into improving Krakow. Lost interest in the save and deleted it.
  8. When I thought I couldn't love this scene anymore
  9. Nope, gave Jerusalem/Lombardy/some other Italian province freedom. Spun my 50% threat down to nothing within a few years. Gonna most likely lose the HRE upon Boleslaw's death but whatever I did it. Gonna miss those free Templars, abused the CRAP out of hiring them to fend off raiders.
  10. Got my green tea, the game open, realized I had a great run with it, never had a reason to use this GIF before. EDIT: Update.
  11. Ease up there, mein lieben.
  12. Right now that's the current plan once I work out how long I can afford them for.
  13. Situation: I'm Emperor Boleslaw II of the Wendish Empire. Not entirely sure how I managed to do it (I think it was through marriages a generation or two back), but I have acquired a claim on the Holy Roman Empire. I want to press it SOOOOOOOO badly, but he's got 4x the troops. Plus side, he's off in Jersualem defending against a jihad (yes Jersualem is part of the Empire I don't like to talk about it because it could've been mine had I gotten their earlier.) and trying to revoke one of the Duke of Bavaria's holdings. He has 179 gold to my 1642, but earns more per month. Question here is do I push my luck and go for it?
  14. Most? Final Fantasy X-2, three times. PS2, PS3, PC Games I bought twice (that I remember): Final Fantasy X-PS3, PC Minecraft- PC, PS3. Skyrim-PC, Xbox 360 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4-PS2, PC Tony Hawk's Project 8- Xbox 360 (local Gamespot fucked up and ended up w/PS2 version), PS3. Mario Kart 7-copy for me when I bought my 3DS, one for youngest sister's ninth birthday.