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  1. The Bucks will give the Warriors a good run for their money, but the Warriors will still win. Unfortunately. I am so sick of Golden State, its not even funny.
  2. Ownership, general manager, scouts.... It is unfair when a manager suffers because everyone else picks the roster, and even the best manager can't win if most of his roster was picked by brain-addled, imcompetent morons. (Or is some cases, is managing a small market team that can't afford to spend big.) At least in pro football, the coach has some say in who is on the team.
  3. This season of Arrow spent far too much time on the future part of it, and I see no real point in it unless its setting up yet another DC show with those characters. If so, I doubt I will watch. I didn't really like this season of Arrow or Black Lightning. Definitely agree that its time to end Arrow. And yes, Arrow seemed to be setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths. At least watch the season finale. If you don't watch the others you've missed, you won't really miss a whole lot.
  4. Its not Smith's ability. Its his maturity and attitude.
  5. The Lakers will be contenders in a couple of years, barring a catastrophe. The Knicks probably won't be contenders until James Dolan is no longer their owner.
  6. ^ What he said. If the Pelicans draft Zion and could somehow convince Davis to stay, they'd probably be contenders in a couple of years. Depending on who they acquired. But I just don't see Davis staying. Hopefully, he ends up a Laker. But as long as Davis isn't a Clipper or Warrior, I'm fine wherever he ends up. If he goes to the Knicks, it's all about the money. Not winning.
  7. My sympathies to Seahawks fans. Also, if you don't believe in the conspiracy against Kaepernick, Geno Smith being signed to a team should make you reconsider your opinion on it now.
  8. Go read John Byrne's unfinished The Last Galactus Story. Yes, it never got completed, but still well worth the read.
  9. Unfriended: Dark Web. Total shit, and a waste of my time. The first movie at least had an interesting twist. The sequel is just torture/snuff pr0n. I could have been watching new episodes of Lucifer on Netflix, instead.
  10. Since there's no Survivor thread, I just want to say two things; 1. I want Devens to win. 2. I hope they don't do Edge of Extinction again. It has been underwhelming, and no one currently exiled there deserves to win except for Wardog, and I don't like him.
  11. So, basically, they'll be dead after 3 years.
  12. Tebow had a 67.1 completion rating in college; Jones, 59.9. Tebow: 88 TDs, 16 INTs. Jones: 52 TDs, 29 INTs. Sounds to me that if one of them can't throw the ball, its Jones, not Tebow. Jones should have been a second-round pick, at best. He's going to be a third-rate QB. This is your next Mark Sanchez, not Eli Manning.....unless you mean Eli as he is now. Tebow's NFL completing rating was 47.9. Jones' will likely be worse.
  13. My big problem with one part of the show:
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