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  1. Demon Clowney sounds like someone doing a combo of Kane and Doink's gimmicks.....
  2. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    Have you forgotten that Eagles fans are assholes?
  3. GhostMachine

    Doctor Who

    I like that they portrayed Edison as the moneygrubbing douche he was in real life. We'd be better off if someone had believed in and backed Tesla.
  4. Regarding Schilling, he belongs in if you base it solely on what he did as a player. And if they kept players out for being douchelords, there are several who would not be in. Most notably, Ty Cobb. I don't like his views, but he should be inducted.
  5. GhostMachine

    Cover Songs

    Well, if you're going with Trent Reznor, then allow me to present: (My favorite Billy Idol song that isn't White Wedding, by the way.)
  6. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    By the way, I really don't care who wins, but I'm predicting the 49ers will. Should a good game regardless of which team walks away hoisting the trophy.
  7. Before he was outed as a cheater, Clemens was my favorite starting pitcher. I have absolutely no problem with him not getting in the Hall. To me, cheaters like PED users and signal stealers belong in the Hall less than someone like Pete Rose or Shoeless Joe Jackson. For me, the Bonds threshhold is when he moved to the Giants. Because he did not begin to bulk up until after he was with them. No comment on McGwire and Sosa. Because they're part of the reason Baseball dropped to my second favorite team sport behind Football. And Jeter getting as high a percentage of the vote that he got is straight up bullshit. He deserved to be in first ballot, but there's no way he deserved that many votes. Mariano Rivera deserved unanimous induction because he was the most dominant closer ever. Jeter got votes based on popularity and likeability more than skill. Jeter is not the greatest shorstop of all-time. Larry Walker having to wait so long, then barely getting in, is also bullshit.
  8. GhostMachine

    Cover Songs

    PostModern Jukebox does a lot of good covers. Robyn Adele Anderson has also done quite a lot of them both with PMB and by herself. Also, a few really well known songs that people do not realize are covers. i'm posting the originals: This last one is kind of creepy:
  9. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    I don't own any Dallas Cowboys clothing or accessories.... Aside from a hat, dri-fit shirt, pajama pants, two different necklaces, and a lanyard keychain. Plus a knit hat I've had since I was 5 or 6. I can actually still wear it, but its a tight fit. I have a Tennessee Titans t-shirt I rarely wear, and a cap that one of my aunts gave me.
  10. GhostMachine

    Doctor Who

    I like Ryan and Graham, but they could get rid of Yas and I wouldn't even care. Other than Demons of the Punjab, she hasn't shown much of a personality. And three companions is one too many. If it was a Paternoster Gang type situation, it would be different.
  11. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    The 49ers ran all over Green Bay. Derrick Henry would have destroyed the Packers.
  12. GhostMachine

    Doctor Who

    Oddly enough, I'm glad the companions were pointless. Because most of Thirteen's episodes so far, the companions have had more to do than the Doctor. Edison was an asshole who only cared about money, something the episode got across well. I believe that if people had believed in Tesla's vision and backed him financially, we'd be better off.
  13. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    Not exactly happy the Titans lost, but I'm beyond ecstatic that the Packers did. Fuck the Packers, and fuck Aaron Rodgers. Don't care who wins the Super Bowl but it should be a really good game. (I also know from that performance, that if it was Titans-Packers, Green Bay would have been seriously hosed.)
  14. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    Hopefully he can see them lose just as well at home as if he was in the stadium.
  15. What I think should be done, after reading various reports: 1. Lifetime ban for Cora for being involved in both the Astros and Red Sox situations. 2. All coaches and players still active that were on the teams (Astros 2017, Red Sox 2018) fined every single dime they made for postseason play those years + $10,000. The extra 10 grand from each fine goes to a charity of the Dodgers' choice. 3. Postseason ban for the upcoming season. Any player currently on the Astros or Red Sox that was not on the team during the season in question for each can ask for and has to be granted either an unconditional release or a one-year contract extension. Any player that was on one of those teams and still is cannot be traded or released. (Or alternatively they cannot be traded, but if are released are suspended for a season) 4. All awards given to those teams, including Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, and especially Altuve's and Springer's MVPs stripped. Regardless of what does or doesn't happen, I'm betting a higher than normal amount of players that were on those teams end up facing chin music or getting intentionally hit with pitches this upcoming season. And I have absolutely no problem with that. I also have a feeling any players on those teams who are future Hall of Famers can kiss getting in on the first ballot goodbye.
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