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  1. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    Oh, he'll be back. He'll probably get drilled next time he plays the Steelers, but he'll be back. Unfortunately. Personally, I hope the motherfucker never plays again. *edited to add* Deion Sanders is saying Rudolph should have been fined for starting or escalating the situation. Was he watching the same thing as everyone else? And apparently OJ Simpson has a video on Twitter where he gives his opinion. Will not watch it and do not care what he has to say about anything ever.
  2. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    Some people even believe there should be criminal charges filed against Garrett. Considering he could have caused serious injury...or worse...with that helmet, I could see it. Don't think it'll happen, though. When he is suspended, I bet it extends into next season.
  3. That would make sense, as long as its a heavy fine. Like at least 25 percent of their salary next season.
  4. I wouldn't even suggest that at all. What's done is done. Just punish the hell out of them so they think twice about ever doing it again.
  5. Or they could really send a message designed to make teams knock it off and think twice about doing it. How about suspending coaches without pay for a season? Or shipping prospects to the teams they played in the postseason without any compensation?
  6. General Custer's Dances With Wolves would have been better.....
  7. GhostMachine

    NFL 2019

    If a team loses one game and wins the Super Bowl, they're still better than the `72 Dolphins. Because the season was 3 games shorter back then.
  8. Pat Sajak had to have surgery, so Vanna White will actually be hosting some episodes of Wheel of Fortune airing in early December. That should be interesting.
  9. Alabama has a fairly weak schedule this season. All of their non-conference opponents are nothing to write home about. LSU at least played Texas. I don't think they should make the playoffs even if they win the rest of their games. If they lose one more (the only game they *might* lose is to Auburn) and everyone Meacon mentioned wins the rest of their games, there is no way anyone can justify them being top 5, let alone a playoff team. Glad Penn State lost. Doubt it'll happen, but I hope someone puts it to Ohio State before the season is over.
  10. 1, My sympathies to Cloudy, whose Razorbacks got whupped. 2. Fuck Alabama. Hopefully they get another loss before the season is over, and someone beats Ohio State also. 3. Surprised Georgia won by shutout. I expected Missouri to at least get a field goal. 4 to 130. Fuck Alabama.
  11. He has since passed away, because they had a thing at the end of the last episode.
  12. When it comes to college basketball, I honestly pay more attention to the women than the men. But that's probably because the women's team was better than the men's here for quite a long time.
  13. How about Electric Company Spider-Man and 70's tv show (Nicholas Hammond) Spider-Man?
  14. *MAJOR* shocker on NCIS New Orleans!!!
  15. Genisys should have been the final Terminator movie, period. It was a great way to wrap things up.
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