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  1. NETFLIX! WOOT WOOT! It looked like Amazon Prime might have picked it up, but thankfully (to me, anyway, because I don't have Amazon Prime) Netflix acquired it.
  2. Apparently it was suicide by hanging. Damn. Loved just about all his shows, except that shitty competition series The Taste. And that would have been much improved if they had dumped Nigella Lawson. R.I.P. (I highly recommend tracking the Dublin episode of The Layover down.)
  3. Nah. I doubt if he has much basketball experience. Would be a bad move for the Knicks, really.
  4. Sick of both teams. Won't be watching the finals, but hope Cleveland wins.
  5. Spoiler for the next season of SURVIVOR (not giving away the theme): Spoiler for the season of SURVIVOR that just ended:
  6. Well, we just dropped our Netflix subscription. Guess we'll be getting it back if they pick up Designated Survivor. (We don't watch enough on Netflix right now to justify the subscription due to their price increase, which makes streaming cost what both streaming AND dvds together used to at one point.)
  7. I'm really hoping DESIGNATED SURVIVOR and LUCIFER get picked up by other networks.....but not holding my breath. *edited to add* NBC is moving all 3 CHICAGO shows to one night. Great, except I don't watch MED unless it's a multi-episode crossover.
  8. Exactly. Even if you have to hire a college coach or give a shot to an assistant with no head coaching experience, you're better off taking a shot on the unknown than sticking with a coach who has proven they suck. You can't get much worse, but you most definitely can get better. Hue Jackson is hot garbage who absolutely has no business being a head coach.
  9. I'm pretty sure Jackson is still the coach because ownership doesn't give a damn if the team sucks, as long as they're profitable and they can hoodwink the fans by appearing to try and improve the team. Anyone who is drafted by or traded to the Browns should be given a medical marijuana card, because having to play for them should be a valid condition. Willingly playing for the team (ie, signing a contract or not blocking a trade to them), however, should result in a psychiatric examination. All kidding aside, though, if the ownership actually is trying to make the team better, they're doing a piss poor job by retaining Hue Jackson, who has no business being a head coach. Even if they do somehow manage to win a game or two, Jackson should be gone after next season, if not during it.
  10. Yeah, they're sending over one of the greatest teams in baseball.....and the Yankees.
  11. Power Girl should be in the mix somewhere.
  12. I have no idea what the hell the Reds are thinking, acquiring Harvey in a trade. My guess is that if they don't end up releasing him, he ends up being a middle reliever.....after going to the minors for most of the rest of the season.
  13. Witten is my second favorite Cowboy ever, after Emmitt Smith.
  14. Saw Rampage yesterday. It was awesome.

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