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  1. Anyone watching the U.S. version of The Masked Singer?
  2. Lebron has been cleared to practice. No word on when he'll be able to play, though.
  3. Well, its official. Because the Raiders are experts on sucking.....
  4. When Brady and Belichick do finally retire, it should be made a national holiday. Because most of New England will be in mourning, and most of the rest of the country will be celebrating.
  5. Patient Zero. After some sort of super-Rabies type pandemic infects most of humanity (6 billion+), survivors in a military facility try the find the first victim (the patient zero of the title) in order to affect a cure. The twist is that one of the survivors was bitten and is not only immune, but is able to communicate with the victims. Starring Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones), Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones, Cressida from the Hunger Games movies), Clive Standen (Rollo from Vikings, Bryan Mills from the short-lived Taken tv series), and Stanley Tucci (Caesar from the Hunger Games movies and a shit-ton of other stuff). Smith and Dormer are the leads. Funny thing about the movie is that of the British cast, Natalie Dormer is the only one not playing an American. So if you've ever wanted to hear Matt Smith with an American accent, here's your chance. The movie is pretty good, but apparently it was filmed in 2016 and unreleased until August 2018. Originally it was going to be a zombie movie called Patient Z, and its a good thing they changed it to a pandemic. It is actually a pretty good film, but the ending is kind of meh. (Leaves it open for a sequel that will probably never happen.)
  6. Its been moved up, then. Because they were saying April 21st for a while. So I get an early birthday present instead of a late one now.
  7. The Patriots have the advantage of being the only consistently good team in their division. No one is scared of the Jets, and the Dolphins and Bills flip-flop a lot. Also, all the Patriots' Super Bowls of the Brady-Belichick era have been close games, win or lose. Color me impressed when they win the title in a blow out. I'm absolutely sick of the New England Patriots.
  8. Obviously, you're not familiar with Skip Bayless.....
  9. I want that matchup because I think it'll be a damn good game, let alone the history. Oh, believe me, I know. Was just using that as an example. I watched a good chunk of that beatdown, and enjoyed it immensely.
  10. Keep living under that delusion, Meacon. The joke calling me a Yankees fan has been beaten more than the dead horse. Congrats to the Rams. But if the Saints beat the Eagles, I hope they beat the Rams. I've been predicting the Saints going to the Super Bowl for a few weeks now, and there are more players I like on the Saints than on the Rams. If we end up with Rams vs. Eagles, though, I'll be for the Rams. I want a Chiefs-Saints Super Bowl. But I'll be fine as long as we don't get Colts-Eagles or a Patriots-Eagles rematch.
  11. To me, its on par with applying the franchise tag to a player more than once.
  12. The Mets will be vieing with the Marlins for the NL East basement. The Brewers made the playoffs as NL Central champs last year, and could very well do so again.
  13. It's Risk vs. Reward. And just maybe he's one of the rare players who cares more about winning than money.
  14. How is that a `settle'? He's gone from one of the worst teams in the league to a team that made the playoffs last year and is likely to do so again. And while its only a one-year deal, it is more than he'd have made for one year under that contract the Mets offered. $60 million divided by 4 is $15 million. Sure, it's a 1 year deal instead of 4, bu t he could very well sign a new one with the Brewers or even another contender afterward if he performs well.

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