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  1. And that's EXACTLY why the Nets (or just about any team, really) should be wary of him.
  2. I can't even remember the last decent QB the Browns had. Hoyer looked like he might be, but we all know how that turned out.
  3. Civil War had several issues: First of all, Reed Richards being perfectly fine with the government ruining his uncle's life = Reed is a dick. The whole Sally Floyd saying Cap wasn't up to date because he didn't watch NASCAR, use MySpace, etc. was a word class load of shit. Everyone involved with the creation of Ragnarok should have had their asses handed to them by the real Thor later on, and no one was really held responsible for Bill Foster's death. Bill's nephew later denoucing Reed and Tony doesn't really count.
  4. Jackals. I wish I hadn't watched it. Recommend avoiding it. Its one of those horror movies where everyone is a fucking moron. And the ending sucks.
  5. Bright idea there. Is he supposed to be Reverse-Hobgoblin?
  6. Ah. I played through all 3 games as Vanguard first, but also had an Infiltrator. Only ran that one through 2 and 3, though. The Soldier class was pretty good in ME3's multiplayer, but once I unlocked the Devastator class, I rarely used it any more. Fun story about ME2 (contains some spoilers):
  7. So with the Browns trading Josh Gordon to New England, I have one question: How many Browns players are going to start smoking weed now?
  8. Yeah, the first game does have a few screwy moments like that. One question, though: What class is your Shepard? Some classes are more fun in 2 and 3 than others. Also, has anyone played any of the Axis Football games? I heard there were some issues with either 16 or 17, but I just put the latest version on my wishlist. Not that I'll be buying it any time soon.....
  9. How about that Vontae Davis retirement, huh? If he gets into the Hall of Fame, any chance they make his induction the halfway mark?
  10. What they need to do is use my secret weapon play: The Reverse Flea Flicker Hail Mary.
  11. I'd love to see anyone knock off Alabama. But I just don't see LSU being the team to do it. Of the opponents you mentioned, I only see Alabama and Georgia being real threats to LSU. The Vols should beat Florida this coming weekend, will lose to Georgia and probably to Auburn also (I give them a very slim chance to win that one), and will get probably annihilated by Alabama. Rest of their schedule is pretty much cupcake. Kentucky is getting better, but their last two wins over the Vols happened due to key injuries and shitty coaching. Not Kentucky being a better team. Which they still aren't.
  12. Jacob deGrom will be playing elsewhere once he can either demand a trade or his contract is up. David Wright could have just used "playing for the Mets" as grounds for retirement. More than acceptable.
  13. Going off what damsher said, I think he's accurate about the Lions when it comes to managing the cap and building depth. I think they want to build a winning team, but are clueless about how to do it. Compare that to the Browns, though: They're either beyond incompetent, or simply don't care about winning as long as they're making money. The fact Hue Jackson wasn't canned halfway through last season and still has a job clearly means it is more likely to be the latter.
  14. That's actually a pretty good assessment.
  15. I'm not saying they should have signed someone else. I'm saying that they should have offered him something like about 15 to 20 million less, but told him they were going to spend that 15 to 20 million on acquiring some better players for him to work with.

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