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  1. I like Imagine Dragons. But I hate Creed. Scott Stapp has a band call Art of Anarchy now. Haven't listen to them, because he was the main reason I didn't like Creed. Don't hate the band, but I am so sick of 5 Seconds of Summer's song "Youngblood". One of the local radio stations here plays it way too much.
  2. I like a lot of Nickelback's stuff, but I can't stand "This Is How You Remind Me" or "Photograph".
  3. Blake Bortles may be the new backup QB for the Rams. Rams fans, you have my sympathy.
  4. Should have been about 50 to 75% larger than Harper's, considering the difference in talent. But I'm glad it will shut up the Phillies fans. Until they start going after some other superstar, anyway.
  5. Finished Dark Hollow, and I definitely recommend it. It is pretty creepy but entertaining without going over the top. Not much gore in the book until the characters head toward the final confrontation with the monster. My only gripe is that I saw part of the ending coming a mile away, but it doesn't detract from the story at all. Also has the most....interesting....way for the monster to be unleashed: *edited to add* Here's what I've read, so far: https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/14652821
  6. Trying to find the name (and author) of a book I found a few months back and wanted to read, but I lost the info and all I have at the moment is a description: A detective (not sure if he's police or a private investigator) who is a vampire is trying to stop a serial killer who is also a vampire, without vampires existing being exposed to the public. Its a modern times setting, and I believe it is also the first book of a series that has a few more volumes. I believe there is some fire (possibly a flaming pentacle?) on the cover, but I may be thinking of a different book. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 1 play away from winning the Super Bowl doesn't mean much when his last two seasons were relatively bad. And I'd think that him turning down possible job opportunities and his girlfriend making a racist post on Twitter that might have cost him a job with the Ravens could possibly have been enough for the NFL to win the lawsuit. There have been plenty of QBs who have had trouble getting jobs after bad seasons. He's no different. I agree somewhat about Trump and the racist fucktards, but Kaepernick isn't totally blameless when it comes to him not having a job in the league. My take on it is that the NFL doesn't want him, but at the same time he's a prima donna who is full of himself and thinks he deserves to be a starter right out of the gate with any team. He's more likely going to land a job as a backup with an opportunity to compete for the starting job. And if he's not willing to accept that, tough luck. Brandon `The Human Statue' Weeden getting a job over him was bs. I'm stunned the Broncos took Joe Flacco over him, and it'll be a crime if Blake Bortles starts again before Kaepernick does. Bortles should be practicing holding the ball for kickers. Now, if Mark Sanchez ever becomes a starter over Kaepernick, then I'll know for sure something's up. (Sanchez should be playing Arena Football at this point. Would probably end up a Hall of Famer there.....)
  8. Imho, Cheers doesn't get going until about halfway into season two. Then it really gets good once Diane is gone. That's season six, I believe.
  9. Kaepernick is still toxic at the moment. I think its about the controversy and media circus he would bring if someone signs him, plus owners still being sore over his collusion lawsuit. However, I'll be very surprised if he isn't either on an NFL roster or at least given some looks/tryouts by a few teams for the 2020 season. I still think Eric Reid had more of a case, and that Kaepernick would have lost had his suit gone to trial. *edited to add* Kareem Hunt being suspended doesn't surprise me, but 8 games isn't long enough. His ass should be out for the entire season.
  10. Currently reading Dark Hollow, by Brian Keene. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2042248.Dark_Hollow So far, it is....interesting, to say the least. Reading it on my Kindle, so I can't say what page I am on, but I am roughly 29% in.
  11. Ingram, yes. Lonzo, no, unless he learns to play more aggressively. And the reason you've not heard LaVar much is because most of the media has stopped listening to him. TMZ and a few other places still listen to his shit from time to time, but fortunately he's mostly learned to keep his mouth shut. Westbrook deserved the fine he got for his actions after said racist jackass yelled racist shit. And I find it laughable that the banned asshat is threatening to sue.
  12. I hate the three batter rule. As for putting guys on base....HELL NO. If you implement that, then how is going to affect the pitchers? Since they didnn't put them on base, it should have no effect on their ERA. And I could also make the case for them not getting a Loss on their record if that runner is the only one who scores. The `winning' pitcher shouldn't get the Win on their record in that situation, regardless. I'd rather that for regular season games, they just go to the tie after 15 innings that they have in Japan, with postseason games going until there is a clear winner. Or, at the very least, go with games going until there's a clear winner for what could be deciding postseason games. I prefer baseball as it is now. I know they'll eventually add the DH to the NL, and I hate that. I prefer the NL's strategy of having to decide whether or not to have to yank a pitcher for a pinch hitter, and like seeing pitchers actually bat.
  13. JaMarcus Russell is probably ready for another go. And I hear Vince Young is looking for work.....
  14. So.....how do you really feel? I like the moves the Browns are making, but the Giants are SCREWED. Granted, they already were somewhat, since Eli doesn't seem to be going anywhere (including retirement or the bench), but at this point I think its safe to say they're a lock for the NFC basement.

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