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  1. This. Those were their best uniforms, period. Though the all-teal hats looked better than the black ones. I do not like the Miami Marlins uniforms at all. They look too much Minor League for my tastes.
  2. I have a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds from Wal-Mart. If I'm not in the mood to wear them or want others to hear what I'm listening to, I've got a JBL Clip 3 speaker. My `portable' music is loaded onto my Kindle. Same with podcasts. If I'm at home, I do have a stereo, but I mostly just listen to music through my computer speakers. (Out of habit, because I DJ'd online for several years, though I used headphones back then.)
  3. Sorry about your mom. The Marlins' old uniforms when they were the Florida Marlins and didn't look like a minor league or create-a-team were pretty nice. I liked their original all teal hats.
  4. Saw him pitch against the Reds at Riverfront Stadium (R.I.P.) when he was with the Marlins. It was a forgone conclusion who was going to win going into the game, as the Reds' starter was crap. (Marlins won 3-1, in Cincinnati)
  5. If I wanted to mock someone and wonder how they don't get laughed out of the room, its OBJ. Not Cam Newton.
  6. Honestly, at this point I'm surprised someone hasn't signed him yet. And I just didn't like some of the anti-police things he did, because he seemed to be lumping all cops in together, and I have police in my family. I also believed there would be too much of a media circus following him, which wouldn't make it worth the hassle. (I can't see Kap in Dallas because I doubt very much that Jerry Jones would be willing to sign him.) To be honest, I was against Randy Gregory AND Greg Hardy ever being on the team, and wasn't exactly thrilled about that Josh Brent invite, either. Care to guess how I feel about Aldon Smith and all his issues? My biggest criticism of Jerry Jones is that he tends to look only at talent and ignore attitude problems and legal issues when it comes to players, and keeps people around that he really should get rid of them just because he likes them personally. He supposedly was stopped from drafting Johnn Football by his own son, and Jason Garrett lasted as head coach about 3 seasons longer than he should have. As for Newton's attitude, I meant since he was released by the Panthers, so all those links TCO posted are irrelevant. I think he'd do well with the Patriots - He's 2-0 against them - but they seem to be dead set on going with Jarrett Stidwell. He's a better option than either of the Steelers' two backups. And I have a feeling that Goff won't be the Rams' starter much longer if he doesn't step it up a bit. The only teams I've heard rumblings about regarding him that I don't think would be good choices are the Jaguars and Redskins. I don't wish going to the Redskins on anyone due to their owner being a world class douchelord, and the Jaguars don't exactly have a great track record with QBs lately. (That douchelord comment also applies to the Colts.) And @DMN - What kind of a Winesap are you? You clearly won't be attending any Galas because you have no Empire to speak of. You couldn't even make a Discovery of a Northern Spy named Jonathan! Its my Liberty to tell you you won't be King of the Pippins. More like a Bloody Ploughman. But I don't need to be a Golden Noble to tell you that, do I? (Sorry, but I'm an apple aficiando.)
  7. I think he deserves at most somewhere in the 25 to 28 million dollar a year range, BUT I kind of want to see how he does under McCarthy before they shell out that money. At any rate, if they do sign him to a new deal and don't reach the Super Bowl by the time its over, he can go pound sand no matter what. Some people believe they should either start Dalton or sign Cam Newton. Dalton isn't as bad a QB as people think. The Bengals sucked as a whole. And Dalton's main issue with them was fumbles, which souldn't be as big a problem behind Dallas' O-Line. However, I don't want Newton in a Cowboys uniform because of his attitude. *edited to add* A lot people on Facebook who claim to be Cowboys fans and say he should get what he's asking for are either idiots, trolls, friends and/or family of Dak, or just plain out of their mind. They're ignoring that a good chunk of that money could be spent better elsewhere than on a QB who obviously cares more about his bank account than winning a championship. Use some of that money on defense, instead.
  8. @Maxx what's your take on the Dak Prescott situation?
  9. Other than the Buffalo Bills losing 4 Super Bowls in a row (hence why I call them the Buffalo Bowlchokers sometimes), I can't think of another sports team at all that came that close.
  10. MMA-wise, for me its McGregor. Love to see him run his mouth, and love it even more when he loses. Before him, it was Bisping. But I got over that once I found out he lost an eye. He's actually pretty cool whenever he's on one of ESPN's shows as their MMA expert. Before that, Tito Ortiz. Tito was always a whiny, excuse-making bitch. But if Bisping or McGregor fought Ortiz, I'd be for one of those two over him, easily.
  11. The whole One More Day/Brand New Day bullshit ruined the mainstream (Esrth 616) Spider-Man franchise for me. I think there was a mandate to fuck up MJ so people wouldn't mind their marriage being undone, and its stuck. However, the biggest piece of shit Spider-Man storyline is "Sins Past".
  12. @Tigerstyle the one thing from the books I was pissed they didn't do was , but I understood why and got over it once they started making Arya into a badass. I don't think it would have worked as well on tv as it did in the books. But Cleganebowl outdid my expectations.
  13. Another thing I hated that I forgot to mention: Cersei got a better death than she deserved. After all the horrible things she did, she should have gone out more like the way Baelish did, rather than just being instantly crushed. The fans got robbed big time on that one.
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