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  1. They don't want Kyler Murray, but want the team to trade for Case Keenum? You know who they deserve? Blake Bortles, straight up.
  2. Blitz The League sucked so bad on PS2 that if 2 was ever released for the same system, I don't remember it. The only PS2 game I ever took back to the store for a trade within a month or two of getting it.
  3. It was fine after they patched it. The game was released unfinished, and they added a third option and added an extra cutscene or two. Before that....it stunk.
  4. Oh, he'll be absolutely fantastic...at holding the ball for the field goal kicks.
  5. Best and truest thing said in this thread so far. Champions Online had the potential to surpass City of Heroes.....until the devs stopped giving a crap. The game is still running, and hasn't any significant content updates in years.
  6. A Salary cap ceased being an option around the same time free agency was implemented. Which sucks, because Bud Selig was full of it back when he said parity works. Larger market teams laugh at the existing luxury tax, and they can easily afford to take the smaller market teams' stars away when their contracts run out. Lack of a salary cap also means that a lot of players are also going to be overpaid. ie, Bryce Harper. I don't want him going to a team that I like simply because he'll be taking money that could be better spent elsewhere. His offensive output doesn't justify what he'll be getting. If MLB ever does decide to have a salary floor, then the smaller market teams should decide what it is, with the large market teams having no say-so. Because their input would probably cripple those smaller market teams.
  7. I liked to use the same thing for dealing with Fire Giants that I also used for Trolls, if I was playing a spellcaster: Melf's Acid Arrow. Single target and less dmg than a fireball, but what good is a fireball against fire-resistant monsters? I'd generally use Delayed Blast Fireball, but not the regular version, since DBF can be used as a trap.
  8. Yeah. I'm stunned on this, bigtime!
  9. LaVar Ball is once against showing how full of it he is by saying the Lakers and LeBron need Lonzo to win a championship.
  10. I know the DH thing is goin g to happen eventually, but I hate it. I like that the NL has to use a different strategy and decide when/if they should yank a pitcher in favor of a pinch hitter. And the DH rule ceased being used the way it was originally intended way too long ago. It was supposed to extend the careers or players too old or busted up from injuries to field but that were still able to hit. The miminum batter rule idea is just plain stupid. A mimimum number of at bats rule for a hitter would be just as stupid. And a 20 second pitch clock? lol. 30 would be a good starting point.
  11. Sadly, this might also apply to the Cowboys, if Garrett is still their head coach.
  12. Raiders will be playing their home games in San Francisco next season.
  13. Hey, if the Pelicans can get anything decent for him from a team other than the Lakers, good for them. As long as its not the Clippers.
  14. AD has said he'd be willing to sign long-term contracts with the Lakers, Clippers (fuck that!), Bucks or Knicks (why?!). So why would the Celtics be willing to give up Tatum for someone they might only have for a season? I don't see him going to the Bucks or Knicks, because neither team really has anything to trade. And if the rumors I've heard that the Pelicans want FOUR first round picks for him are true....lol.
  15. Maybe they think all Broncos defenders were dirty, like Bill Romanowksi. But Atwarter definitely deserves to be in. Also, I was hoping that Mayfield would win ROTY, but I can't really argue against Barkley winning. And Chris Long definitely deserved the Man of the Year award.
  16. I could see him *maybe* sitting out for the rest of this season, but not next season as well.
  17. We may be looking at a strike (or lockout) at some point.
  18. The blue and white are my favorite.
  19. I get why fans won't let it go, but they really should. In fact, the Saints fan I mentioned watching the game with is actually for the Rams in the Super Bowl. That said, there does need to be something in place to prevent that from happening again. And as I've said already, if they make it a challengeable situation or automatic review, it should be a booth review. Not the refs down on the field who completely blow it in the first place.
  20. See, that's why I have no problem with him going in as a blank cap. He was equally as good with both of those teams. As I said before, he was one of my favorite pitchers. I tried to draft him whenever I could when I played fantasy baseball. In fact, he was more often than not the first pitcher I'd go after. (Except when Chapman was with the Reds.)
  21. Apparently Halladay is going in with a blank cap, according to his widow. He was one of my favorite pitchers, and I have no problem with that. What I hate is that players don't always get to choose.Gary Carter and Andre Dawson went in with an Expos cap, because I guess the Hall decided they needed to have HoFers from that garbage. Carter wanted to go in as a Met, and Dawson a Cub. The Expos did Dawson dirty, so going in as an Expo was severely disappointing to him.
  22. Fair enough. Haven't read Cryptonomicon, so I can't say anything about that book.
  23. At some point in the future, I want a Bills-Vikings Super Bowl.

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