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  1. Going to see it tomorrow, so avoiding spoilers.
  2. Clancy Brown's performance in Pet Semetary 2 was the only reason I could tolerate watching it.
  3. If there's any positions that have no room to make demands, its the punter then the kicker. Both are easily replacable. Hope Gould likes being umemployed.
  4. I may be wrong, but I've got a feeling the Warriors aren't going to repeat. No clue who will actually win, but a gut feeling says it won't be them. (Would love to see whichever team wins the OKC-Portland matchup in the Finals, but don't see that happening, either.)
  5. I know Diaz is a closing stud, but you're going to have situations where you need a guy like him to go out there and get more than 3 outs. Heaven help the Mets if they have a lot of extra innings games that go 12 innings or more, let alone 11, if the manager isn't willing to let him go longer.
  6. I'm not happy that Dallas hasn't made any major moves beyond signing some players already on the team to new contracts or extensions. But....that's par for the course. Will have to wait for the Draft, where they're more than likely to pick up more players that they don't really need than ones that they actually do.
  7. He wasn't suspended, but he was fined two game checks and put into an accountability plan. That includes counselling, community service and other things. I actually like that, because its more productive than him just not playing football for a while.
  8. I agree about Cat's Eye, Cloudy. I wish King and Romero had done another Creepshow. There is a Creepshow 3, but neither was involved. I didn't know it existed until recently (was made in 2006, released in 2007), haven't seen it, and don't believe that I want to. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and don't believe I've ever heard of any of the cast. Any opinions one way or the other on Maximum Overdrive? King thinks its the worst adaptation of his work (maybe why its the only movie he ever directed?), but I think some of the tv adaptations were worse. *edited to add, since Gabriel and I posted about the same time* I'd love to see a remake of Salem's Lot...provided its a theatrical release. As I've said plenty of times, most tv adaptations of King's work have stunk.
  9. Its easy to forget, because they changed the name. The story it was based off of is Cycle of the Werewolf. `Salem's Lot hasn't aged too well, either. And I like to forget they made that sequel Return To `Salem's Lot. I saw it years after it came out, and was severely disappointed. Not at all worth the wait. In fact, I recommend skipping it and forgetting it exists. Adds nothing to the story.
  10. Hopefully the Seattle Seahawks.....
  11. I'm thinking "Rise Of Skywalker" might point to Luke. Or, in a massive swerve, Anakin (NOT VADER!) somehow comes back to life. (I hope I'm wrong on that one....) Or Rey being a red herring and Luke's actual kid popping up and kicking ass. This trilogy should not lead to Kylo Ren being redeemed. He crossed the line of that being acceptable when he killed his own father in cold blood, and taking the Skywalker name would be crapping on his father's grave. What Kylo Ren deserves is to die by lightsaber enema.
  12. Walton was a scapegoat. He didn't deserve to be fired. Their next head coach is going to be Lebron James. (ie, they're going to sign someone who lets Lebron do whatever he wants.)
  13. To those who gave up on Abby's, this week's episode was actually pretty funny. Still giving it one more episode before I decide whether to keep watching or not, though.
  14. Man, I hope so. And you're 100% right about the Knicks. They're not going to do squat as long as Dolan is their owner. I maintain my argument that anyone who willingly signs with the Knicks either cares more about money than winning, REALLY loves New York, or is delusional. (Or no other team is interested....) It makes me wonder why Anthony Davis listed them as a team he'd be willing to go to in a trade, when he wants to play for a contender.
  15. If its against the Yankees, I'm all for it.
  16. I'm giving it two more episodes, then calling it quits if it doesn't get better. I like the cast, but that's not enough justification to keep watching. Heidi and I gave up on The Enemy Within, and stopped DVRing it. We deleted the latest episode without even watching it. The only new show I watch that Heidi doesn't is The Village. Anyone watched or DVR'd The Code?
  17. His stats the last few seasons have been horrendous. Could it actually be that there's something wrong with him, either mentally or physically?
  18. What position has he been taking in the batting order? Because it sounds like he should be bunting. Even if there's no one on base and/or he's the last Out.
  19. I had Elvenar on my Kindle, but removed it and run it through my computer, instead. Have an Android emulator on my computer, and run Marvel Contest of Champions, Future Fight, Puzzle Quest and Strike Force on it. But I rarely log onto Contest of Champions any more, and Puzzle Quest has gotten boring. I also have King's Raid, and the aforementioned Elvenar on ther., But King's Raid I only log into about once or twice a week. What I need is a decent mobile game that works without Wi-Fi, for when I'm travelling with my Kindle. I had Doctor Who Legacy and Smashy City. But DWL shut down, and Smashy City sometimes freezes, with a wipe and reinstall being the only fis. Unforuntately, doing that requires starting all over again.
  20. If I gambled, my money would be on Texas Tech.
  21. Glad that happened, but I am not thrilled with what happened with Randy Gregory. Didn't want him signed to begin with.
  22. No Cleganebowl, we riot.
  23. I will have to give him another shot, but I couldn't get through NOS4A2, which someone recommended. Didn't even make it halfway through. I'd say I gave up roughly 35 to 40% in.
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