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  1. It really doesn't though....again...we're talking about a scripted sport over a real combat sport.
  2. Ultimo held those all at the same time though. That's the J-Crown plus a couple of other belts he had just before he entered WCW
  3. You've got to be kidding me. Chester was amazing.
  4. I wouldn't say that any of those women are more popular than the men he has ranked above D. I'm not saying they don't have the potential to be but I don't think they are at this point with the way they've been booked. Charlotte I might argue for, as well as maybe Alexa Bliss but I don't think he's too far off on the rest of them. In the way the game works, Jinder would be more popular than The Hardy's due to him being higher up the card. It's a game so it can't work like real life and you have to take card position into account here.
  5. For anyone who has beaten the original Watch Dogs game, is there any reason, outside of being a completionist, to complete all the little side quests? Is it going to open up the story more for me or is it just pointless busy work that will keep me from beating the game and moving on to the next one?
  6. It's something for the trophy case.
  7. I'm pretty sure they give him a new belt after each title fight. He doesn't just retain...he gets a new one each time.
  8. Two wrongs don't make a right HTTK
  9. The new Laurie was a complete bitch and not in the amusing way that Lisa Robin Kelly was.
  10. It gets worse for the final couple seasons but I did really enjoy the series finale of it. It's still one of those shows that I throw on in the background when nobody is home and I'm doing other stuff,
  11. I had never seen the gambit system so I decided to watch a video. Yeah, I don't like the look of it to be honest and with all the other games out that I still haven't purchased, and the games coming out, I think I'm once again going to give this game a pass.
  12. When did Mayweather accuse McGregor of being racist? Everything I've seen has the news media claiming what Connor said was racist while Mayweather has insisted that it's not.
  13. He got the Vince McMahon treatment
  14. Got Watch Dogs 2 and Batman: Return To Arkham in the mail today. Thought I should probably fire up the first Watchdogs and work my way through it before playing the second one. Holy hell did I suck. Haven't played it in awhile and honestly never really played it even then since I'm still only on Act I. I know it's gotten bad reviews but I've enjoyed what I've played although I don't quite remember any of the story from before I started today.
  15. What type of battle system does it have?