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  1. See, I think I would be quite interested in XIV and may actually play it more if World Of Warcraft ever dies. I like the idea of FF in a MMORPG setting, but the combat is so slow. The story and shit has the potential to be amazing though.
  2. 12? Really? I will say I've never played it but I've never heard good things about that one.
  3. Always use guides. I've beaten 7, 8 and 9 multiple times and still use guides because it's so easy to forget little things
  4. Fucking Borderlands is messing with my Twitch feed. Why the fuck is everyone playing this?
  5. That image of Shiva coming together gave me chills
  6. Was it Waters to Strength? I know it was one to Strength and one to HP and you were set. You could basically draw Waters in about 5 minutes from some of the enemies around.
  7. One of the best things is getting the Diablos card and turning it into 100 black wholes within the first 10 minutes of the game....junctioning it to Strength and then wrecking shit for the rest of the game.
  8. You wash your filthy whore mouth out with soap! FFVIII is the greatest!
  9. Sometimes I feel like it had 2 different writers. Someone wrote the first disc and then passed it to the next person who only read the last paragraph and then did the entire rest of the game. Kind of like what happens when Reflecto gets involved in a mass project in the dome
  10. @Paton @Howdy Cloudy @Mick If any of you want a half motivated Hunter in your guild, let me know. I haven't yet signed up but I'm probably going to play Hunter. Let me know what server and Alliance/Horde you are. I'll play with just about anyone.
  11. Knight is good. I haven't yet finished it. It's probably not the best of the series (mainly because I hate the batmobile shit) but definitely worth playing, especially for free.
  12. While I don't really have a whole lot of interest in Classic (though I may try it out once the server queues die down a bit), I have enjoyed watching it on Twitch. What I haven't liked is the people playing Classic who are orgasming about things that they would bitch about in Retail BFA. Like my buddy who has played now for probably a good 20/25 hours and is like LVL 20. This is the same guy who hates the grind of BFA. You just spent 20 fucking hours grinding to lvl 20. Do you know how many levels I can gain in 20 hours in the Retail game? 240 or the equivalent of 2 full characters. I mean, if you're enjoying it then great. All the power to you. But it makes no fucking sense how this is considered amazing while doing the exact same thing in BFA is considered to be too much.
  13. O....M....G! Method is going all out on this shit!
  14. Yeah, I don't get the appeal but so many people are excited for it so good on them. There is a reason that they did the QoA changes over the years. Vanilla was a slog. But hey, that means that retail servers for people like me should be blazing fast :)
  15. It's Classic Day! I don't give a fuck about Classic but some people who used to play WoW may give a shit so if you don't know, now you know....It's Classic WoW day!
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