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  1. The thing about Stadia is that it's all based on "I sure hope other companies will adapt" and that's basically the easiest way to fail at something like this. You can't base your business model around something other companies might do to support that.
  2. Check out my buddy playing Spiderman dressed as Spiderman!
  3. Fuck that shit. If that were the case then I'd never complete it. You just basically have to get them done and pass them to get everything.
  4. That's what the US Sony site said anyway so I'm hoping for it. I'm not sure where I'll fit them in with everything else I've got on the list to play but I mean games I like will have to dry up sooner or later right?
  5. I was surprised to see him traded but honestly I'm okay with it because he'll still be on one of my top 3 teams in the league. On the other hand I really liked Barrie and Kerfoot so I'm sad to see them leaving Colorado. I watch a lot of Leafs games though so I'll still see them play. That's pretty great. I thought for sure he was going to end up going somewhere else. I'd like to see the Isles have another good year.
  6. Apparently it's not just EU. I'm okay with it as I'm more interested in Detroit than playing a Soccer game anyway. Plus it also comes with Heavy Rain which I have not played.
  7. I didn't realize that Ward was a free agent as well so that makes more sense. As good as Lehner was this year though I don't see him as a number 1 goalie. Then again I didn't see Crawford as one in the beginning either.
  8. I'm not sure why he chose to go to a team that already has Cam Ward and Corey Crawford. He's an upgrade for Ward I guess, but Chicago is going to have to move Ward in order to fit him in.
  9. 27! And he just pitched on Saturday. Insane.
  10. It's free agent frenzy day. I honestly don't think there is a lot on the market outside of Duchene, Bobrovski. A lot of the UFA's this year are quite old so we're probably looking at one year contracts for a lot of them. The big news so far today is a trade between Toronto and Ottawa. I honestly don't like it but I guess if it means more room to sign Marner than that's a good thing. I'm not surprised they moved Zaitsev as I believe he wanted to leave but the Connor Brown trade definitely surprises me. Edit: I forgot about Panarin and Lee when I mentioned top free agents. I don't think my team is going to be all that active today to be honest unless it's trades but we'll see.
  11. How long till you move the kids out and just move him in?
  12. My issue is that despite their personal differences, Kessel has produced. I haven't paid attention to Gally in Phoenix but he was kind of disappointing during his time in Montreal.
  13. I'm not sure how I feel about this? I was never a huge fan of Kessel before he came to Pittsburgh but he kind of worked his way into my good graces. I know he and Sully didn't have the best relationship but he still had decent numbers.
  14. Final Fantasy VIII It's honestly the game that made me fall in love with video games. Is it perfect from a technical standpoint? Probably not but it's my perfect game.
  15. Forky

    Music hot takes

    John Mayer is amazing....I don't really know if that's a hot take but I feel like on this board it would be. I think he has amazing song writing ability and his voice is amazing.
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