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  1. Has anyone picked up the Remastered Arkham collection for PS4? I hear that there were some issues with the frame rate and was just wondering if it affected the enjoyment of the actual games. I have Arkham Knight but I'd much rather play the first two games before going through Knight.
  2. That was a fun show if I've ever seen one. If anyone expected a classic out of the main event then they should have been disappointed...and probably questioned their own intelligence but god damn I thought it was fun. I'm a huge fan of Chael's win or lose. He's one of those guys who will say just about anything to piss people off and never really takes himself all that serious outside the fight. Also I like Fedor but Meathead knocking him out was great. Especially the post match interview.
  3. "Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and asks the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer."

  4. I like Jesus but he loves me, so it's awkward

    1. SeanDMan


      You have to take The Lord inside you.

    2. Forky


      That's the same thing he told me...then he put his hand on my leg....then it became awkward.

  5. Two goaltenders even before they get a chance to pick Fleury, if they do. His asking price might be a bit too much when I think about it but it seems crazy not to pick him. I was not surprised they grabbed Neal though. I knew it was going to happen and I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to him but it's still quite sad to see Fleury go.
  6. So Vega's first round is full of a lot of young players. That's a pretty good thing to do but they're going to need some veteran influence as well. I imagine that Pickard is going to be Fleury's back up next year.
  7. I'm not sure why they didn't just introduce the title by handing it to Cyborg. I mean that's really the only reason it's actually around.
  8. Which was better than at least 90% if not more of the rest of the team though.
  9. I figure they take Fleury as well and probably a younger goaltender that Fleury can mentor into a number one. Oshie and Shattenkirk are also up there for grabs as well as Marc Methot. I don't know what their budget is but they've definitely got some great options.
  10. It's probably a good thing that Vegas can only take one player from each team because there's honestly a lot of good to great players that are going unprotected into this thing.
  11. I would have loved for Drouin to come to Pittsburgh but we just have too many players that we need to lock up or do something with that I don't think there's any room for him. Since Montreal is the other team we cheer for in this household, I'm okay because I'll get to watch him play a lot. I still can't figure out why the Habs have not locked up Radulov though. He should honestly be one of the top "To Do" things of this offseason for them.
  12. Yeah I think it's always been pushed as a boxing match. That's why Conor went and got his boxing license. I don't know about commissions and all that but I think it's kind of crazy that this even got sanctioned.
  13. We need more Superheroes in the vein of the Batman/Spiderman games. Give me a Green Arrow or a better X-Men game!
  14. Well that's a little rude ...says the Canadian who doesn't cheer for a Canadian team
  15. This is amazing! Hainsey finally getting the cup....what could possibly be Cullen's last game. The only dark cloud is the off-season because I think the Pens are going to be gutted during this offseason.