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  1. No, I totally understand the Jailer is the big bad of this expansion but who is the jailer. I've seen many people speculating that it could actually be Terenas, Arthas's father. There was also another name mentioned that I can't remember right now that it could also possibly be. There is also the issue of Sylvanas's ultimate plan. I'm hoping we don't get something as trite as her being a double agent (which has been mentioned by a few people) and that she is straight up evil. I also want her to have another plan in mind. Maybe even an attempt to usurp the power of The Jailer and become the ultimate evil. I don't want a story where all of a sudden she becomes good and we see her redemption. We have enough redemption arcs. Just allow her to be pure god damn evil. I love the linear aspect of it as I feel like it will allow people to keep better track of the story. I started playing this game with all intents of simply looking at end game content but if I'm being honest with myself, I'm never going to be a mythic raider. I may eventually be able to push some high keys but I need to really pick a class and learn that class in order to do that. I'm working on that but while I work on that, I find myself sucked into the lore of things. Unfortunately there is so much I've missed since I only came in Legion, and the stories were so disjointed because of how you could progress through the game. I've managed to learn things through reading articles and such on WOWHEAD but I feel like it would be so much easier if the game was a bit more linear. Once you're 120 then by all means, open it up to everything but while you're trying to track the story, I like the feel. The tower for this expansion looks amazing. The fact that I can solo it is great for me. I mean I have a couple friends that I like to play with but they're not into pushing keys and shit like that, so I feel like this will give us something we can do together. I'll want to do it to build my legendaries for keys and they'll want to do it for....well just because they like the game. I also like that even though little is known about the expansion so far considering we have about 10 months before we see it, it feels like they're listening to the playerbase somewhat. I mean players need to understand that the game cannot be balanced around Mythic Raiders. They make up about 5% of the game. But they look to be trying to find a happy medium with this xpac and as long as they aren't just paying lip service, it should be amazing. Edit: Mure'zahn or however you spell it is the other name!
  2. I guess that kind of answers my question...sort of. It looks like she's paired up with one of the covenants. Money is on those god damn vampires!
  3. The style reminds me a lot of Command & Conquer in a way and I wasted way too much of my teenage life on that game.
  4. I've honestly never played Diablo.....but I just might after watching that trailer
  5. I may have already pre-ordered this Also, I too will side with the Vampires!! On an unrelated note, did you see how fucking fast Sylvanas whooped up on Bolvar? She has someone who has given her that kind of power. The question is....who?
  6. If that trailer doesn't get you hyped, I'm not sure what will. That was not at all where I thought Sylvanas was going to go with that....
  7. I'm hoping that this leak is true. I didn't get a chance to experience the original Wrath Of The Lich King, and honestly the leveling experience for me was pretty boring around this time but I've enjoyed the story surrounding Arthas and the Lich King. I assume that it's going to lead to Sylvanas attempting to usurp Bolvar's powers and us actually assisting Bolvar/Lich King to stop that from happening.
  8. I think if you’re a regular gamer, it would definitely be worth the price. As someone who doesn’t console game as much, I didn’t feel like it was worth it.
  9. Ewww you're alliance scum?! Gross! While I didn't unlock it as early as you, I'm actually impressed that I even have it with as much as I've jumped between characters this expansion. I've got my neck level to 49 in the 3 days and I'm up around 360 for ilevel on my warrior. I'm going to try to do some more dungeons tonight and on the weekend. Hopefully by Sunday/Monday I'll be ready to do some lower keys. I need to be ready for 9.0!
  10. That's more Mage Towerish from Legion than it is a new Dungeon. I mean that will still be fun I think but it's not quite what I was hoping for. A Nyalotha (sp?) dungeon to go along with the raid would have been cool. Honestly though I still haven't done all of the BFA regular dungeons yet, and haven't stepped foot in Mechagon Dungeon so I have enough to keep me busy as a Non-Raider.
  11. I figured it wasn't going to happen but I was hoping for a new dungeon to go with the new raid but alas, no such luck on this one.
  12. For the three of us who might care! Hyped!
  13. Since the Jays aren’t in, I’d love Atlanta to take it. However even though I’m not a Yanks fan, I do enjoy GM crying.
  14. My first normal dungeon went okay....but it's normal so it's way too early to tell. It's still quite hard to make sure that I'm keeping threat on everything but I think it's just going to take some practice.
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