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  1. The stupid code doesn't work for me. I'm gonna have to buy it
  2. Will Sims 2 play on Windows 10? I want to buy it again but I'm worried it won't play.
  3. Who actually thought it was going to happen after that first half though? I figured there was no way that Atlanta was losing that. Nothing seemed to go right for the team throughout three quarters even.
  4. I played about 20 minutes of this game and ended up turning it off. I do plan to go back to it but it felt weird after going from Black Flag (which I still need to finish) to it. The controls were a bit jarring.
  5. I checked out his facebook to see if he had really said anything about it but he's too obsessed with his Star Trek crew shirt....that only has the code name for the show on it. He's still geeking out about it. Artists, pffft!
  6. I have a buddy from high school who's actually working on set designs and such for this.
  7. I would have called it the Terry Funk of the Wrestling Simulators. Just refuses to be retired.
  8. Well I might be able to fit that in too. Along with the other 3000 shows I have to watch.
  9. See, I need to watch Gossip Girl. Yes I enjoy teen dramas.
  10. So I watched the debut episode of Riverdale and I don't really know what to think at the moment. It felt like Veronica Mars but not as good. Plus it felt like a really long hour which television shouldn't make you feel.
  11. Good thing I just started getting back into baseball. At least I'll have something to watch when I inevitably hate this format.
  12. I want to be hyped, I really do but Square Enix has not incurred a lot of goodwill lately.
  13. Yeah this shit does sound terrible. I'm still going to give it a shot but it just does not sound like something I'm going to enjoy. I think Carl Edwards retired at the right time.
  14. I barely watch Football but when I do, I'm all for the Pats since it's the closest team to where I live. I know that's not the popular opinion but I gots to support my local-ish team. From what I can see, Atlanta vs New England should be a fun game.
  15. It wasn't even under the chin at all. I mean maybe it was due to the back pressure but still, I feel like Chael could have held off until they were stood back up.