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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    I actually felt like he did well with what he was given, which honestly with that movie was not much. I found pretty much the entire movie boring outside of a few spots with Will Smith who I will never not like.
  2. Complete Your Collection

    Question for you "Trophy Nonces" (TM Niner), do you guys use Guides to complete these? Cause I don't think I've ever completed a game, collected everything and not used a guide. I mean I can beat games without them but I don't think I could ever gather everything without a guide.
  3. What Did You Watch Today?

    Watched Lego Batman which I expected to enjoy more than The Lego Movie based on being a huge Batman fan but it just wasn't as funny to me as Lego Movie was. It had it's moments but not what I expected.
  4. G1 Climax.

    Buy TEW 16...turn on the EWR features and then you can run the G1 every day.
  5. General Gaming Thread

    Managed to do quite a bit in the last couple days. Went through Wonderland, The Coliseum and Tarzan's jungle. Got me a jungle key and a piece for my gummi so that I can go to other worlds. God the controls suck worse than I remember but I think I'm doing much better than my original time through. I hate not being able to carry my whole inventory in battle though. Especially when Donald and Goofy fuck with my potion supply.
  6. General Gaming Thread

    Traverse City...I just got the story from "Leon"...so absolutely nowhere yet.
  7. General Gaming Thread

    So I fired up Kingdom Hearts tonight. Two hours in and I've gotten absolutely nowhere substantial yet. I've been spoiled by how much current games lead you around by the hand because this one does not. I think that's what originally stopped me from playing too far into this when it first came out. Hopefully since I'm a bit older and possibly more mature, it won't give me as hard a time as it did back then.
  8. General Gaming Thread

    Finally just finished Watchdogs and while I didn't hate it as much as I've seen some people hate on it, it definitely had many many flaws. I also probably should not have played through part of Act 1 then not played it again for over two years because when I came back to it, I was completely lost. I'm not even sure I know exactly what happened but I got the gist out of it. They also really should have given you a reason to do the side quests because I left a lot of them undone. Ah well....now I get to fire up Kingdom Hearts on Thursday
  9. 2017 MLB Thread

    Who can throw away wins better than the Blue Jays? NOBODY! This team really needs a kick in the ass but I'm not sure what's going to help them. That management shake-up last year seems to have done them in at least for now.
  10. Nintendo Megathread

    Are there any good exclusive games for the Switch? I want to buy one but right now only Mario and Zelda have got my attention. I don't like Splatoon at all and I'm not a "Play with friends" type of player either.
  11. What Did You Watch Today?

    Just watched the new Power Rangers movie. It was a little too serious for me and just not cheesy enough. It had some funny moments like the bully slap coming full circle but most of it just felt like another remake.
  12. General Gaming Thread

    I rage at all video games. I don't why but it makes me feel better to yell at the television. Even if I know that the reason I died is because "I" made a stupid decision.
  13. The Left Turn Thread (And Occassional Right Turn) - NASCAR Thread

    I generally do not like road courses because they're long and boring but I think stage racing will make it much better.
  14. General Gaming Thread

    To be fair, it's a fucking video game! Run and gun mother fucker!
  15. 2017 MLB Thread

    Man, that grand slam was framed so beautifully. Jays might not be doing much this year but when they do something, they make it count.