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  1. Take a page out of Nascar's book. They're doing iRacing on Twitch.
  2. Yes, this right here is my favorite Kenny song. He had an amazing voice and much like Johnny Cash, even if people didn't like country music, they usually enjoyed Kenny.
  3. Spent 4 hours today playing the newest God Of War and I can't believe I've put it off this long. It's been so good already and honestly, I'm pretty sure there is still a long way to go.
  4. I think it starts at the draft but I could be wrong.
  5. Tomorrow is the beta for XXI. Offical release is the 24th I believe. Just in time for all the baseball fans to be going nuts and getting ready to buy!
  6. Cross Country Canada Final Fight (SNES) Double Dragon (SNES) and then in my teens I put a lot of time into WCW vs NWO: World Tour and the Raw, Attitude and ECW games by Acclaim.
  7. From what I've seen he doesn't have a cam. I can't watch people with no cam. It's a weird caveat that I have.
  8. Dude, your cam is messed or at least the little circle is. Square or fail!
  9. It can be fun but as long as you don't expect a huge following from the getgo. I did it for a bit and will again once I have a house where I can actually stream without people walking behind me every two minutes. I followed you so I'll check it out when you do decide to stream.
  10. I've been saying that for years.....it won't
  11. There's been a lot of delays. FF Remake was also delayed but that was only a couple weeks
  12. I'd be willing to try it. It would give me a reason to actually use OOTP XX since I bought it and then never actually fired it up ever.
  13. Trying to watch 10 hours of wrestling in 2 days is masochistic as hell!

    1. C-MIL


      I take it you're skipping New Year's Dash then?

    2. Sir Fork Windrunner

      Sir Fork Windrunner

      No, that's the even bigger problem. I've still got about 2 hours of WK, then NYD then the rest of the weekly stuff that I planned to watch. How the hell do people do this shit all the time?

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