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  1. That's basically what Mick mentioned above. Todays players (myself included) have no idea what Classic is all about. It's one of the reasons I won't really play it. I played it in Cata and that was bad enough to me. BFA has been bad so far but the QoL things they put in are there for a reason.
  2. A lot of the "We want Classic" people have already began to realize they didn't actually want Classic.
  3. How about that Tampa team.... ....and my team
  4. I actually felt like the Isles played really well in this game. They came out like a team that knew they needed to get the early momentum and then went out there and took it. I'm not fearful of the Pens losing this series but the Isles definitely came out and gave me an "Oh shit" moment with this game. I think that Pittsburgh will definitely take Game Two. As much as I'd love to see Colorado pull the upset on Calgary, I feel like that's not going to happen and that makes me sad. I feel like my two Western teams (Colorado and Vegas) are in for a bad series.
  5. Ohhh Taylor. Funny thing is, I did a PVP match for him just so he could see it. Never PVPed in my life and won the 3vs3. I actually enjoyed it so he might very well be the reason I do a bit more PVP here and there. Plus, he's now talking about coming back to WoW after watching me play last night. I like to inspire more people to return....mainly for my own selfishness so that I can possibly put together a Dungeon team.
  6. I was talking about this last night on my stream with a couple viewers (That's right, I had 2 viewers at once...and 3 altogether..thanks Cloudy 😛) and I'm excited for 8.2. I haven't been as disappointed as some people have but for someone who doesn't raid, I do feel like I've got nothing left to do in BFA. I mean there are still mounts to get and pets to get but those are repeatable things that I just have to do a shitload of dungeons. It's not anything new but after watching Taliesen and Evital talk about this last night, I'm very excited for the end game type stuff of BFA.
  7. Going live shortly at www.twitch.com/omdraevyn83 

  8. I've been told X-2 is good cheesy fun. I played like 5 minutes of it back when it first came out and I own it as part of the remastered collection but haven't taken the time to actually play it.
  9. Just quick scan so far. Curt Hawkins should be a face. Should be in a tag team with Zack Ryder. Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan should be a tag team, Individuals. You could put all three in different combinations but I think for now Ruby is the singles woman. Bayley and Sasha Banks should be a tag team, individuals Boss N Hug Connection Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight should be Heavy Machinery tag team
  10. Yup. My plan is to level a Warrior and a DK for tanking purposes. I've got my Hunter for DPS on Horde and I'm working on leveling an Alliance Boomkin. I really only want to run Mythic+ because Raiding just isn't really for me though I did that a bit with Sean's second guild. I'm just not into it. I'm mainly just doing Transmog stuff and farming for mounts and toys right now on my Hunter since they aren't really good for much of anything lately.
  11. Yeah I have my Horde characters on Area 52 and my Alliance characters are on Aerie Peak. I get M+ Carries from TMSean of Wildcard Gaming once in awhile but I'd like to be able to learn this shit better to not have to actually be carried through them. I did manage to talk my buddy into rolling a healer while I roll a tank and we're going to kind of level together and learn how to play both. We've pissed off a couple DPSers because we've been taking things slower than people expect in dungeons just to make sure we survive.
  12. I need to find a regular group of people who like to do Mythic+. That's where my heart is but it takes finding 5 people who enjoy that stuff so that you can learn and improve together. Too many people are all like toxic and of the mind that you should be good from Day 1 and not need to learn.
  13. I unsubbed last time my 6 months was up and was like "Okay, I'm done. That's it.".....I think I lasted two weeks before I resubbed again.
  14. I feel like this is going to be another one of those times where Tampa dominates the regular season and then falls short once more in the playoffs. I'm, of course, going to cheer for the Penguins to win it this year but I'd also be okay with a Winnipeg win as well. Definitely not Calgary. Never Calgary.
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