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  1. I was able to log on last night for about 30 minutes. Gave me enough time to set up my talent bar again now that I no longer have Titan Strike or Dire Frenzy. I also went and bought my free Legendary, attached a gem and an enchant. I probably won't get a chance to actually try anything in terms of action until tomorrow night after work. I had planned to go to a friends house but I think I'm just gonna go home and play this instead. Hunter is really the only place I'm going to notice changes as I really haven't played much of my other specs.
  2. I haven't had a chance to log in yet. How are the changes. I might get a half hour before I go to bed tonight to try and play a bit. I like the idea of War Mode mainly so that I can join any server I want and not have to partake in PvP because I hate it.
  3. Oh that's just BS! I paid a lot of money for those expansions. As for the game issues, I still can't get in. I was able to see the opening video for BforA which was awesome but I want to get going so I can get those damn Wakening Essences for my legendaries.
  4. The problem is, who is he going to face? I assume the winner of Gus/Oezdemir but if Gus wins that, Cormier has already beat him and if Oezdemir wins, does anyone really want to see that?
  5. Booo! After that it's Fillion or nobody.
  6. Ray Emery died this morning in the Hamilton Harbour.
  7. @Mick@Cloud Was A Racecar Driver Pre-patch next Tuesday!!
  8. Much to my chagrin, James Neal is on his way to Calgary. That seems to be where some of my favorite players go to disappear
  9. You're not making the argument better. There's a lot of "Can's" in there, which is kind of what I'm getting at The Jays are decent in the field but we really need some people to step up with some hits.
  10. Happ is probably the only bright spot on a cursed Jay's roster right now. I hate that he probably won't be there next year but we've got to do something because we can't compete with the roster we have now it seems. Edit: I also said this without realizing that Happ lost big today
  11. I don't play my playstation much lately but I'll grab Heavy Rain. I hear it's pretty great.
  12. Pens are trying to sure up their defense which is where they lacked last year. Hell their best defenceman was one of the worst players in the entire series sadly.
  13. Son of a bitch! What the hell did we just do?! Clears up a bit of cap space but for what exactly? Tavares? That would be awesome but doubtful.
  14. Got my first legendary today from an Emissary Quest with the Court of Farondis. I didn't even realize that I could get them from that. There is still so much that I don't know about this game. It's crazy. I figure I'll be able to do a whole lot more once I have flying. I tried my first Raid that wasn't simply the last phase of Emerald Nightmare, which was the first one called Darkbough. Had no idea what I was doing and our whole raid party got slaughtered by Il'gynoth.

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