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  1. 1) Kefka--The first game that I played that had a boss execute his plan. While I was putting my party back together, I remember thinking "Wow, he actually got what he wanted." I had NEVER seen that before. 2) Doctor Cid (FF12)--If Cid had been the main villain in 12, I would have loved him even more, instead I had to battle Vayne. 3) Squall--I never got the hate for Squall, maybe because I kind of relate to the guy personally. 4) Sephiroth--VII was the first Final Fantasy I played, and I played it for two years before I VIII came out. I loved chasing after Sephiroth, and Aries' death is one of the more shocking things that I had seen in my (young) life. 5) Hope--I mostly played Final Fantasy XIII during a snowstorm earlier this year, and I was sitting on the edge of my couch or pillow when I was working toward his big story arc with Snow. 6) Shadow--He was a true mercenary when you met him. If you wanted him in your party, pay the man. Then he'd leave. 7) Balthier--During 12, I loved his whole "leading man" shtick. 8) Brahne--She represented just about everything a video game boss should be: fat, ugly, and evil. I would have enjoyed more story with her. 9) Quina--I loved her credo at the beginning of the game: "I do what I want, you have problem?" 10) Maechen--Unconventional pick, but I loved his history lessons just for his voice.
  2. I was playing Final Fantasy IX earlier, and I'd love to know what the relationship is between Kuja and the auctioneer in Treno. When you get to Treno with Garnet, Steiner, and Marcus, Steiner catches up to Garnet in the auction house. Sometime after she leaves, Kuja and the auctioneer have a conversation about recent events. If he's Kuja's ally, why does he auction things off to Zidane and company? It seems that he knows at least something about Kuja and his plans. Why would Kuja tell anybody his plans? Anybody know anything about that?
  3. The high scoring system is so the drivers can have points even if they had a penalty. You participate in the race, you get some points. If you get 43rd and then have a 25 point penalty, then you would still have 9 points. More points than somebody who didn't race. From 43rd to 12th, the points go up in incriments of 3. The reasoning behind this is that you don't notice the difference if your favorite driver comes in 33rd or 34th, so there is no need for the difference there. From 11th to 7th, the points go in incriments of 4. The thought is that this group is more elite and harder to pass in, causing the more points to be awarded. From 6th to 2nd, the points go up by 5, because it shows you are one of the best drivers on the track that day. First place gets 180 points so that he will be assured the most points at the end of the day. Five bonus points are awarded for leading a lap. Five extra points are awarded for leading the most laps. In the past, if second place lead the most laps, they would end up with the same amount of points as the winner.
  4. Did anybody else notice that Bubba Ray Dudley is listed as a light heavyweight in this game?
  5. THAT is something to agree upon. The storyline has just enough holes to leave us wondering about parts of the story, and we are still discussing it, 7 years later. That is why this game is considered a great game.
  6. What I think happened was that all the other people who were turned into clones were weak people. The Mako had a instant effect on them, with Cloud being one of the weak ones. Zack managed to resist until the shooting, which I believe weakened him up enough for the Mako to take effect on him.
  7. I understand what you are saying Arsenal, and I am just saying what I believe happened in the game. If you look at Report 3, then you will see that the Shinra people are lazy tards. It says that Cloud escaped while Zack was resisting and Cloud was just laying on the ground. Yes, while there is nothing in the games that makes it clear that Zack got the number 2, the events that happened point to Zack getting number 2. -He was one of the first people to get experimented on -He, like Sephiroth himself, showed no effects of the Mako or Jenova -He was shot down outside of Midgar. -Then, there happens to be a person in a tunnel with a tattoo that shows the effects of Jenova and Mako poisioning. According to my theory: You said that Zack showed no effects of the Mako before he was shot. Cloud himself showed all the effects of Mako until he Tifa recognized him and his brain was put into its reckless state. Oh, and the reason I feel that the other survivors didn't put their number in the escapee report was because they didn't escape from Nibelheim and stayed within the town, with the Black Cloaks, which brings up another question: If the tattooed men are all wearing Black Cloaks, then why doesn't #2 wear a cloak? Also, Square is a genious for making a game like this. About seven years after its release, people still don't understand the story completely.
  8. From what I have understood from the game, then the original Sephiroth (the one that Cloud killed in Nibelheim reactor) is the original Sephiroth. Hojo created him by injecting Jenova and Mako into Lucrecia's womb, creating Sephiroth. After Sephiroth burned down Nibelheim (sp?), then there were at least fifteen survivors: Cloud, Zack, Tifa, Zangan, and at least eleven other townspeople. Zangan goes to the reactor and gets Tifa to take her to Midgar for some medical treatment. After Shinra restores the town back to normal, Hojo begins the experiments on the townspeople. He creates one really successful Sephiroth clone (one of the townspeople I assume), who gets the tattoo #1. He then turns his attention to Cloud and Zack. He injects Zack with Mako and Jenova, as well as Cloud. Cloud was reacting to the treatment as if he didn't know anything, with the unghhhh...... or something similar to that. Zack was reacting as if nothing had happened, like the man with the #1 tattoo, so that is why I am assuming that Zack got tattoo #2. Cloud never recieved one because he reacted so badly to the injections. Also, Lucrecia says that she wanted to die and to disappear. Do you think that after 30 years of trying to kill herself, injected with both Mako and Jenova, that all of a sudden, a SOLDIER 1st Class, who was also injected heavily, would die so quickly and easily? I am just saying that the clues add up. Cloud was all set to become #3, but was considered a failure because of his response to the injections. Hojo wanted to work on the people who survived the Nibelheim fire, because he felt that they wouldn't be missed. He got the the man with the #1 tattoo, and made a darned good clone of Sephiroth, and gave Zack a number because of his response to the treatment, but before Hojo could do anything else to Zack, Zack and Cloud escaped. The soldiers shot and left Zack outside of Midgar because they didn't know of these experiments and only knew of the fact that those two were wanted. They left Cloud because they assumed he was either dead or on the brink of dying. Cloud took Zack's sword and went to Midgar where he met up with Tifa again. Some passer-by found Zack alive, but showing symptoms of the Mako,on the ground and brought him into Sector 5.
  9. After going back to the Shinra Mansion and viewing the cutscene with the truck, then go back to the room with the desks. There are four reports scattered throughout the room. In those reports, A is Zack and B is Cloud. Those reports say that both Zack and Cloud were injected with both Jenova and Mako, but on the journey only Cloud showed the symptoms of Jenova. Also, if you notice, the man in the pipe does the same things that Cloud did in the back of the truck and in the hospital in Mideel. The first time in Sector 5, Aeris says "This guy are sick. He passed out nearby and someone must have helped him here." We all know that Zack was shot on that hill overlooking Midgar, and we know the only way to enter Midgar on foot is through the Sector 5 gate. Cloud would not recognize Zack because, if I remember correctly, Cloud didn't remember his own name until Tifa told him his. Aeris wouldn't recognize Zack because the Mako changed him. Remember during the Kalm story, there was a monsters in the reactor. They were exposed to a high amount of Mako, and Zack was exposed to the Mako as well. Aeris could not recognize Zack because of the Mako. After escaping from the Mansion, then this is my guess of Zack's life: -Ride to Midgar with Cloud -Get shot down on a hill overlooking Midgar. -Get helped to Sector 5 by a nice person. -During game Disc 3, go off to the reunion.
  10. I always thought that Zack was the man that was in the tunnel in Sector 5 where Aeris says "This guy are sick." I also don't think that Zack could die easily with the Jenova injected inside of him when he was in that tube in Nibelbeim. (http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/final_fantasy_vii_script_d1.txt) The Jenova would not allow the injeted people to die off easily. Zack, who I believe was the man in the pipe, tunnel, whatever it was had the tattoo #2. Zack acts the same as Cloud did when he came to Midgar. Cloud, who was in line for #3 was considered a failure by Hojo. Then Hojo moved his experiments onto Midgar. There is just one thing that I question about this: why isn't Red XIII, who has tattoo #13, affected by Sephiroth?
  11. FF7--better music, storyline, and sidequests, lots of minigames FF9--good music, somewhat confusing storyline to me, some excellent sidequests, and few minigames. FFX--excellent graphics, one good minigame, nice story, (I was expecting something else in it) FFX-2--about the same as FFX, except that it has more minigames, and a worse story.
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