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  1. Some of my favourite comics over the last few years that got me back in (and kept me into) comics: Supergod by Warren Ellis The Boys by Garth Ennis Saga by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra Batman (reboot) by Scott Snyder Moon Knight (reboot) by Brian Michael Bendis Uncannt X-Force by Rick Remender The Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron & Mark Silverstri (fun little run) Über by Kieron Gillen
  2. If they bring in Mar-Vell and kill him off. And beat Thanos. I'd be fully up for a Thanos Imperative movie with the Cancerverse Avengers. Thanos would be loved as an anti-hero /w the GotG.
  3. For anyone interested, leaked footage of the Avengers: Inifinity War teaser:
  4. Loved the look of concern on Thor when Cap moved it just a little. The announcements are awesome, though I'm hoping it's the last Thor for a while, 3 films is enough to put him just in Avengers now. Civil War will hopefully bring in a lot of smaller characters and give Stark something to work with. Inhumans intrigues me, hopefully this gives the chance for World War Hulk down the line and maybe the Illuminati (though they obviously can't use Richards of Professor X). The Black Bolt/Hulk scene in WWH is one of my favourites of all time.
  5. I'd also throw in Joker by Brian Azzarello. Great read.
  6. Watched it the other night, not too bad, CGI was a bit shoddy, and the re-shot ending annoyed me a little....
  7. Yeh hotter pick ups and the shorter scale gives me a bit more freedom to play it how I want.
  8. Just picked up a Gretsch Jet Jr to mess around on. Hopefully start demoing after Christmas. Exciting times.
  9. And touring the UK in March. I hate living in Mongolia sometimes
  10. Finally watched Shut Up And Play The Hits last night, a great documentary on the final 48 hours of LCD Soundsystem's final show at MSG. If only all bands could end on their own terms.
  11. Give the Micro Terror a look. It sounds huge for a 20w head. Especially if you link it up with a bigger cab, plus it's only 99GBP. Good little review of it here, bigger cab test is at around 6:05
  12. So I've managed to land a final SJBJ-1N for $40. Very happy to get the 3 pups in for 100GBP.
  13. Nice! I've been researching a good set up for travelling and recording, came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9BjcmV7QWY, whilst it's not really what I'm looking for, it's a nice little set up with Redcabinet 3 and can be adjusted, plus I've just picked up a Tube Screamer copy and I've already got an Audiobox usb on the way from my bassist.
  14. Well so far on the Sunn build I've managed to snag a Seymour Duncan SH-6 for the bridge at 30GBP and a SJBJ-1N for 40GBP. Not bad considering they're about 70-80 each in the UK. Just need to find anothe SJBJ-1N and I'm away. Also picking up an Orange Micro Terror so I can get some playing done whilst travelling. It's just not viable shipping a Sunn amp to Mongolia.
  15. String wise I'm usually tuned to C# or B so I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms, does the job for me.
  16. Abel Teller is the worst actor in all the world of child actors. That's all I have to add. He grates on me.
  17. The annoyance of guitar pickups costing double in the UK compared to the US. Damn you Seymour Duncan. Damn you to hell.

    1. VerbalPuke


      I just tried looking around for you but came up with nothing other than Andertons for the UK, which doesn't help your price. 66..pound was the cost. Musiciansfriend ship to the UK but for some reason does not have the pick ups you want for UK customers.

    2. fourstarfizzle


      Yeh, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and fork out about 150 for the Sh-6 and 2 JB Jrs.

    3. fourstarfizzle


      I've realised I can get a cheap SH-6 from the US and ship it to Mongolia, saves my almost half the price.

  18. Fleshed out my look for the Sunn, all black. Things always sound better in all black.
  19. Yeh, the shrillest I will go metal wise is the Boss HM-2, that's mainly because I love Entombed and the chainsaw guitar tone.
  20. I'm also looking at picking up a Mountainking Megalith. Monsterous. http://www.mountainkingelectronics.net/megalith.html
  21. At the moment I've got a Hyper Fuzz, ProCo Rat and a Big Muff, I'd eventually like to pick up an original Super-Fuzz and maybe an Earthbound Supercollider, they are crushingly good. I'm running through an Sunn Studio Lead at the moment, eventually want to get hold of a Model-T but with my travelling it's not adequate to be lugging around. Plus this combo is pretty awesome as it is.
  22. Here's my new toy. Not bad for 50 pounds including the hard case. Next up is to check the wiring and replace the pick ups. I'm torn between a Dimarzio Super Distortion for the bridge or going with a Seymour Duncan set, SH-6 Duncan Distortion for the Bridge with 2 JB Jr singles for the middle and neck. This bad boy is mainly gonna be for some stoner/doom work.
  23. Yeh, they do have a slightly rounded body base but the back isn't as rounded as a standard Strat, it's pretty squarish, just a nicer 4 pickup setup with the 2 singles and a double on the bridge and as you say they're built well and also heavy as fuck for a Strat copy, they re-released it with a model made in china but they're even cheaper and not very good. Always a great bargain when you can get an original 88-91 model.
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