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  1. I've just picked up an original 89' Fender Sunn Mustang for 50 quid which I'm very happy with. Lovely piece of kit for playing straight up doom and drone music. Only downside is it's at my parents in UK and I can't get my hands on it until December.
  2. I've only just realised I missed my EWB 10th Anniversary in May. Oh well.

    1. fourstarfizzle


      What's more traumatising is that this time 10 years ago I was at University. My how time flies.

    2. Forked Out

      Forked Out

      Mine was in June. That seems like a long long time.

    3. fourstarfizzle


      Same here, since June I've travelled around the globe in one complete circle for the first time. Quite a journey.

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  3. That end part reminded me of the torture/death scene from Gangster No.1 with Paul Bettany. Especially the bit where he takes his clothes of to not get blood on them. Very dark indeed.
  4. My American travels saw me see a fair few gigs, got to see Run Westy Run/BNLX in Minneapolis, and in LA I got to see Babymetal, The Hold Steady, Wolves in the Throne Room, Municipal Waste & The Shrine. Damn awesome holiday.
  5. Boreman was awful. Great baker just no flair. I'm top 3 are Richard, Chetna and Martha. This also still tickles me:
  6. True story, I was on a flight from Los Angeles to London about a month back and got sat next to Marilyn Manson in 1st class. Nice chap for the 5 minutes I spoke to him.
  7. I've now also got Wolves In The Throne Room during LA stay. Very excited. Haven't seen them live since Hellfest 2010.
  8. I've landed myself tickets for The Hold Steady at the El Rey in Los Angeles whilst I'm travelling, so I'm stocked for that. Hopefully find some other decent gigs as I'm in the country for 6 weeks.
  9. Just invested in a new craft brewery in Mongolia. Exciting times.

    1. LUKIE


      What is it called?

    2. Sousa


      It's not easy to sack every microbrewery from the Gobi Desert to the Levant... unless you are the Mongols.


    3. fourstarfizzle


      We're still working on a name, beers are now in fermentation so we'll see how the first batches come out. "Scoperta Street Brewing Company" is a strong favourite though.

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  10. Just got hold of The Hold Steady's "Teeth Dreams" album. Been a few years since they released something and I have to say it's top notch. A real guitar driven album and probably one of their strongest albums to date.
  11. If you stare close at it and move awaw, it's actually a magic eye picture of Adams snapping a player.
  12. Watched "Snowpiercer" last night. Fantastic sci-fi film with such a Terry Gilliam vibe to it. Probaby the best acting role I've seen Chris Evans in. Definitely worth a watch.
  13. Hellyeah should actually be called Hellno. They're fucking awful.
  14. DC Thomson, the publisher of Bananaman, has confirmed a live action movie is in pre-production.
  15. Looking at the companies involved, it's looking like a solid British production. I'm not sure the US would get Bananaman.
  16. Also one of the greatest superhero themes that also sounded very sad.
  17. I hope this isn't a hoax... http://www.bananamanmovie.com/
  18. fourstarfizzle

    The Punk Thread

    Been listening to these chaps again recently. I'd never heard of them, until they actually crashed as my mates house during their UK tour. Lovely chaps, and Devin took no offence when I drunkenly greeted him with "Holy fuck it's Ted Dansons son!". Good stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9ARqQxWh14
  19. I don't normally use the button graphics. I'll drum something up this week.
  20. I've been on a pretty big board game kick since moving to Mongolia (it's not that fun going out in -35.). I picked up Through The Ages and Arkham Horror when I headed home for Christmas. Arkham Horror, though it took me and fellow teachers some time to get a hang of the game, it was a really good game once it got going. But sadly, we constantly get hammered by the Ancient One. Ticket To Ride is on my list as well as Luchador. Should be interesting to play Luchador as myself and a business partner are currently working through the last part of our wrestling based trading card game.
  21. I got bored, and jazzed up the graphics for my game this afternoon. Use them if you like and enjoy. TItle page: Loading Pages: Internet Banners: PWInsider replaces EWRevenge.com aka Wrestle Circle Replaces The Battleground
  22. Yeh. Tony is a good buddy of mine and he stopped the a lot of studio shots now as they get stolen and used without his permission. And I totally agree its just a real bitch for those of us just wanting to use 150x150 pixels of said images, before this the main problem was "who the bloody hell is this random UK wrestler" Completely understandable. Even more amusing when you see a picture for a UK wrestler, and it just isn't that person but some complete random. I think Dirk Feelgood still has that issue in most EWR updates.
  23. Sort of old Bloc Party meets Interpol meets Talking Heads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_DAbxasYDc
  24. Yeh. Tony is a good buddy of mine and he stopped the a lot of studio shots now as they get stolen and used without his permission.
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