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  1. Und die Sprache in der hier kommuniziert wird ist Deutsch. Fällt dir "Dominion Mitglied" eigentlich auf wer hier vom Thema ablenkt und einen streit provoziert? Hör auf dich wie ein fünfjähriges, dickes, Kind zu benehmen das andere herum schubsen muss um das angeschlagene Ego von den eigenen Problemen abzulenken und erfreue dich am tollen Tor. <3
  2. Germanies Goal of the Year 2015 This is 3. Bundesliga Soccer. https://youtu.be/fdaVymJKphg
  3. On the same page here. Looks realy good, but it´s a bit high priced. The guy talks about 700 puzzles, 30-40 hours of playtime.
  4. They could do that as part of the game. Starcraft just started having Tournaments of part of the multiplayer. It´s were you get your ass handed to you even harder.
  5. So Primavera Sound released their LineUp this morning. I had to impulsbuy a ticked and now am planing a barcelona vacation around that Festival. Holy shit what a lineup.
  6. (i think that was a K1 Event and not MMA, but close enough )
  7. Connor desperatly tries to piss Dos Anjos in the press conference right now. For now Dos Anjos is mildly anoyed at most. Holy Holm is about as booring as can be and tate is like "We are frinds." Hard Carry by Connor. He also anounced that he will beat Dos Anjos in under a minute (he is a slower Jose Aldo) and move on to fight at UFC 200. "Me and Jesus are cool. Gods recognise other Gods." You realy shoud not have Holm and Connor talk back to back. Shes so so boring.
  8. Introversion talks about the Console ports of Prison Architect and how it fits in their history as a company. Very interesting, short and to the point read. I would go as far as to call it touching. It´s very sad that it´s only a post on their forums. http://forums.introversion.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=59291
  9. http://videogamemanholes.tumblr.com/
  10. I think several games use it like a another button (or two, left and right). It´s hard to do more with it because if you do actual swiping you have to get one hand of the grip. At least it makes my White Controlers look Stormtrooper Style.
  11. http://www.geek.com/games/sony-is-trying-to-tradermark-the-term-lets-play-1644157/
  12. Well, prices will drop fast. Sony already anounced theirs will be at the price of a console so thats at most half of the rift price. My google cardboard was 2,50 on ebay. >_> Punch Club up for preorder now. THe game will get sold as soon as twitch beats it. Hopeing for tomorrow.
  13. Dos Dragonage include the DLCs? Seems like a pretty solid list.
  14. Probably try something by TellTale as the last express is more of a narative than a game. Walking Dead Season 1? Wolf Among us? The raven - legacy of a master thife. Grim Fandango.
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