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  1. This happened quite a few times with me. Daughtry - the whole "American Idol contestant" title was always misleading. He blew me away. Staind - their dominantly-acoustic radio singles definitely don't show how hard they rock. Atreyu - I had one of their albums but after seeing them at Taste of Chaos, they stole the show, even with my two favorite bands there.
  2. I read the first few posts, and remembered this: Anyone? Anyone?
  3. Thanks a lot! And actually no it wasn't, but we have been getting a lot of those responses. One guy thought it looked like ovaries and a uterus...
  4. Would you happen to have a really large dimension'd version of the blue eye? It'd make an amazing wallpaper. Really nice work
  5. http://i43.tinypic.com/2w54zth.jpg I just linked it because it's a pretty big image.
  6. Is it common for the UMD/PSP to slightly jitter, making a buzzing sound when it's loading? I'm sure that's the case, but I just wanna be safe.
  7. UPS just came with my PSP and SDvsRAW09. I can't say I'm disappointed.
  8. Would anyone happen to know how many CAW slots are available on the PSP version? Thanks.
  9. giveemwar

    XPW Requests

    Yeah, no problem. I'll have it to you tomorrow, I'm heading to bed right now. Glad you liked it!
  10. giveemwar

    Folie à Deux

    I just read this on Wikipedia. It's Pete Wentz's response to the "I Don't Care" video. I don't...get it.
  11. giveemwar

    XPW Requests

    Is this fine? If you like this, I'll continue with the others.
  12. giveemwar

    Holy Diver

    Or be the 'violent drunk' judge on American Idol. Punch someone if they suck at auditions, a dollar a person.
  13. This thread converted me to Judaism.
  14. I GOOGLE'd it to see if it was true, and it was, so I facepalm'd until my nose bled.
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