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  1. Loving the quick fix update, but as for NWA, outside of the staff already there, who else is missing?
  2. I think Kylie Rae is back as a worker, since she's been working shows again. Although I am not sure if she is retire-ish or just working fully again.
  3. Looks good, also Aubrey Edwards has signed a full contract to AEW so next update have her's set as written and bump up her talent, too? She's remarkable for a ref at a young age, and she's already main evented or at least, upper mid-card slot a couple of times.
  4. It is, but a couple of wrestlers like Disco and Sabu. Also, it says that Deaner's redneck gimmick doesn't work because he's Canadian so switch out to Cowboy since it's the same thing? But the staff needs a major overhaul.
  5. Great update as always, though I feel like Impact needs a major staff and wrestler overhaul.
  6. Its sad to see Impact as a cult level promotion, but sign of the times I guess. Also, I am not sure how much overness should be raised for him but in terms of "Hangman" Adam Page, should we raise it a bit so he could be in upper mid card range? He seems to be over with the crowd and he's already in the world title picture. Granted, I don't know how AEW is going to be frame their world champions in junction to how EWR is played.
  7. I think it might be that, actually, but Ross & Excalibur could work for large events since they both seem to do the bulk of the talking.
  8. In terms of AEW's broadcast team, I think it would make sense for large events to have Jim Ross & Excalibur and Ross & Alex Marvez for the TNT show once it airs.
  9. Also, I know its normal for fed to have TV shows, but I think Tues. Night Dynamite should be nixed until the time is right to add into the game since the next couple of events are either PPVs or charitable AEW are hosting. I only say that since TND isn't premiering until late Oct. I think.
  10. I haven't checked it already, but is Mox going to be on the NJPW-A roster in the future updates? Edit: Nevermind, I saw he already was. But also, where is Celeste Bonin in the game? Under as Kaitlyn?
  11. Cable networks like FX, SyFy, and TNT have been pretty lenient on violence, cursing, and the like for the past few years. On FX and SyFy alone their shows have uncensored F-bombs.
  12. In terms of Cody and Brandi, both could be Tweeners since Cody is going to be teaming with his brother the next PPV.
  13. I think he's just going by Dustin similar to Cody unless Cody is named under Cody Rhodes or Runnels.
  14. A current Ultimately Fed Warfare would be awesome with the amount of wrestlers now.
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