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  1. I would think Punk, or whatever he would using, would be a good call on the announcer tab. I doubt he would ever return to the ring. And it makes sense to ditch Lucha Underground because of the amount of workers they have and that other people have, too.
  2. And it also makes sense since Ryback might be coming back to WWE next year or something.
  3. nice update mkpunk, but quick thought, long ago I mentioned that Dewey Foley's backstage was set at 25. I thought it was fixed in the past, but it hasn't. I am not sure if this was mistake made in the past by someone who did the updates.
  4. And Impact needs a staff overhaul, too. They got no refs in-game! 😂
  5. I could only imagine that was a big headache and Enzo.... sorry, Real1 is one big one already.
  6. I have no idea why, but that speaks so much to me.
  7. Enzo should be named Real1 in the game, as he's going to be using that as his indy name. Also Big Cass was released from the WWE.
  8. From what I've seen, its Matt Camp and a wrestler, which last time I saw was Dan Maff. Anyone who watches or knows HoH could explain better.
  9. House of Hardcore has a Twitch TV deal, airing shows Wednesday nights. But I don't know if these are old taped matches from past shows or newer ones.
  10. Yeah, that's what I mean. John Morrison (Johnny Impact, etc.) has a wage cap around 60 or so grand which makes sense in the WWE, but in LU or Impact, it should be lowered a little less.
  11. I have a question about wages in the game, a lot of these smaller or regional based fed have workers who are making 50 to 60 grand a month, something of which is normal for national sized or well-known fed. Is this going to be change? Or kept as is?
  12. Yeah, that's understandable especially when TNA... Impact tapes two months worth of shows in a week.
  13. Gotcha. I am never really too sure how EWR always worked, either in real time or something else.
  14. Remove Alberto from IMPACT, he got fried and maybe tweak his backstage too for that manner. As well as a lot of Impact wrestling roster tweaks like Scott Steiner.

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