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  1. Two quick notes, Tessa and Tully Blanchard aren't still ticked as blood relatives nor is Katie and David Arquette (niece and uncle).
  2. This seems to be their staff, per Wikipedia and various NWA Powerrr episodes that sorts out their staff: Referees: Brian Hebner, Robert King. and Mike Posey Broadcast team: David Marquez, Kyle Durden, Joe Galli, Stu Bennett, and Sean Mooney (not sure if counted as announcers but Durden and Mooney are backstage interviewers, as well as commentators themselves when called up) Corporate staff: (production maybe?) NWA President Billy Corgan Billy Trask Director of television Dave Lagana Vice president and Executive director Krista Wayner Accountant of Lightning One Maureen Tracy Director of Operations And Bill Behrens & Matt Conway are listed as their being their main producers/road agents
  3. Excalibur and Taz are commentators for AEW Dark for the past month or so, would it be time for Excalibur to be added to staff since Taz is Brian Cage's manager and Excalibur has been retired since 2007? Also, Ken Anderson has been gone from NWA since Into The Fire; apparently, he left over some personal issues regarding himself. And speaking of NWA, the staff needs an update, mostly from a production/writers standpoint.
  4. No worries, mkpunk. Get work done at work since this is the weirdest times right now.
  5. I can't wait for senior semester to end and college to be over and done with. Few more weeks to go and I'll be a BA graduate. 

    1. Ct1021


      I'm graduating in a few weeks, too!

  6. I say keep him under an open contract, but then again, I feel like Drake's gonna be fired once you pass day 1 anyway. Also, I happened to see by chance a few wrestlers with 0 stats overall. Damian Angel Eric Cairnie (sp) Lana Austin Laredo Boy Molly McCoy Shane Sabre Sterling Riegel
  7. Got a good point. Also, some notes: Kylie Rae's finisher is called Smile is The Finish, her STF, at least in Impact Wrestling. Allie Recks is listed as a male, and her finishers should be set as Recks Effect and Rexecution, both impact. Amber Nova's finishers are Nova Driver & Nova Lights Suplex both impact.
  8. Got a question, is WWE's public image going to take a hit as well? 40 is good, but I think 30 is manageable since for the most part, they have been getting a lot of negative press for the past year or so.
  9. Glacier is a name I haven't heard in years...or last year really since All Out battle royale thing.
  10. Malenko is a road agent, last time I checked, that I swamped out to become a trainer for the camp, which worked out just nicely. Lynn and BJ could work as other trainers and the the other Coaches can be road agents under their real names since all I did was make Tully, whose an active worker, into Tully A. Blanchard. Its a nice way to work around that factor in-case someone retires and suddenly there's two of the same workers. Also, Tully and Tessa should be related but aren't in the update.
  11. Thank you for this, MK. Quick note, AEW does have a training camp called The Nightmare Factory that Cody owns since Feb. He says its not affiliated other than him owning it, but I feel like The Nightmare Factory should or could be set as their training camp in the near future, maybe Good with Dean Malenko as the head trainer. Or perhaps as a developmental territory since Sadie is an active wrestler.
  12. So, a recent Dark episode oddly enough that shown that QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes have been regularly tagging as a team called (The) Natural Nightmares, so set a tag team with them with 5 exp along with Brandi being their managers. They have a finisher, but not sure what its called; Dustin does a Dominator and QT hits a cutter/neckbreaker along the way.
  13. Those look a lot more clearer and nice.
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