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  1. An EWR Scenario idea.

    I've been flirting with the idea of having Shane win NXT as per court order or something. I don't want to do a WWE Domination as I like the idea of WWE failing, i.e. fans go away in droves after many years of not getting what they want.
  2. An EWR Scenario idea.

    So I'm a big fan of iDom's NWA Domination series and recently I have been thinking of doing an updated version. However instead of the WWE falling after Wrestlemania I want to do one that's built around NXT breaking off from WWE and becoming an NWA prototype. For example some "territories" I was thinking of including would be NXT: Canada, NXT: Asia, NXT: UK, NXT: Hardcore Heaven (CZW) as well as a few others. WWE would still be in the game, Triple H would be the figure head of NXT, the McMahon's controling WWE. Would this be something people would be interested in? And if so would people be willing to give me ideas for a backstory, as well as building rosters? I'm looking to start planning this asap, and creating the mod after March 1st.
  3. Fear The Walking Dead

    I've had the same thoughts for Chris...every episode I find myself just wishing he would step in a bear trap or something.
  4. EWR 2010 Stats Update: May

    I don't know if this promotion is in the game but seeing as how it actually has a network deal maybe it should be added? Here is a link to their website if Bill adds it to the june update http://www.wfxwrestling.com/ROSTER.aspx
  5. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Can I get a Dustin Diamond pic on the kyky background. And can somebody upload it as well?