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  1. Minecraft!

    I've got enough iron I can give you to build up the rails again. Just went in and put it all in my inventory so I won't lose anything if they do find my place.
  2. EWB Game of the Year 2013

    1. The Stanley Parable 2. GTA V 3. DmC: Devil May Cry 4. Papers, Please 5. Batman: Arkham Origins 6. Payday 2 7. Football Manager 2014 8. Smite 9. State of Decay 10. Outlast
  3. EWB's Favorite Superheros

    1. Batman (Bruce Wayne) 2. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) 3. Rorschach 4. Flash (Barry Allen) 5. Captain America 6. Hawkeye 7. The Comedian 8. Luke Cage 9. Deadpool 10. Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
  4. Game Recording Stuffs

    I've had the Roxio and you've got to be prepared to do a lot of editing and have huge amounts of space if you want HD files. I have the Hauppage now and while it costs more it's worth every cent for how much room it saves and the quality difference. There's a bunch of cheaper ones out now though that are USB based and you just record straight to it then plug it into your computer.
  5. 1. Odelay by Beck 2. CAMP by Childish Gambino 3. At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash 4. Of the Blue Colour of the Sky - OK GO 5. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin 6. Me Against the World by 2Pac 7. Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles 8. American Idiot by Green Day 9. Distant Relatives by Nas and Damien Marley 10. Cheer Up by Reel Big Fish 11. Everything Goes Numb by Streetlight Manifesto 12. Life After Death by Notorious BIG 13. Babel by Mumford and Sons 14. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean 15. Entertainment! by Gang of Four 16. Transcendental Youth - The Mountain Goats 17. What We Saw From the Cheap Seats - Regina Spektor 18. Toxicity by System of a Down 19. In Utero by Nirvana 20. Bitches Brew by Miles Davis I usually have a hard time with albums because I generally pick and choose songs I like but I got lucky with these all being full albums I've enjoyed. Any more than this and I probably wouldn't have been able to fill the list.
  6. I've got to say my favourite album from this year would be 'Babel' from Mumford and Sons. I just loved every track on that album and it was really easy listening. 'Transcendental Youth' by the Mountain Goats runs a really close second and Regina Spektor's 'What We Saw From the Cheap Seats' is only just behind that. It's been a pretty solid year for music for me, even a few old bands I hadn't listened to in forever released some good stuff like Green Day and the All-American Rejects.
  7. TEW13 Demo released

    Error 3021 is a language based one from what they've been saying in GDS' tech support. So check that your language settings are English or the game won't run correctly. You might need to re-install after you change language as well. I'm loving it at the moment, the new interface makes it so much easier to find the exact right worker I've got in mind for a spot on the roster.
  8. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2012: The Voting Thread

    1. The Walking Dead 2. Community 3. Supernatural 4. Suits 5. Chuck 6. How I Met Your Mother 7. 30 Rock 8. The Colbert Report 9. Pawn Stars 10. Storage Wars 11. New Girl 12. True Blood 13. Parks and Rec. 14. The Office 15. The Big Bang Theory
  9. They're essentially the same thing. "Whilst" is just the word that many middle-classed English people used instead of "while" and it hasn't really lived on. Most of the time it's considered old-timey or "proper" to use but it is really the same thing as while, just a more obsolete use of the word.

  11. Halloween

    I'm Australian and I trick or treated when I was a kid.
  12. I'll sign up if you're running short on people in it.
  13. Don't usually post but I've got to complain about what's just happened. Just went out to a club with my girlfriend and a guy she knew from school came up to her. I was talking to a mate at the time and the guy led her off to the upstairs bar with his arm around her. I was pretty annoyed at that but I know I can trust her so I sort of let it slide, my friend didn't though. They all got pumped up to teach the guy a lesson in hitting on another guy's girlfriend and I had to try and talk them down. Meanwhile, my girlfriend's friend has gone and told her that I'm angry and trying to get my friends to beat up her guy friend. So I got confronted with being angry and not telling her when something's bothering me. I tried to explain that I trusted her and it was my friends who were looking out for her and me and it wasn't anything to do with her it was just the creep she went to school with. Night's ended with her refusing to talk to me outside the club and having another friend of hers pick her up. She texted me when I got home telling me that she has a problem with me not opening up to her and treating her just like every person in my life (I'm not the most open person) and then said she has a problem with how girls look at me and talk to me and how casual I am back to them. I don't honestly understand what she's talking about because I don't flirt with other girls I just treat them the same way I'd treat anyone who's talking to me. I was about two seconds away from telling her to talk to me when she's sober before deciding that may not be the best move. Not sure how to explain how much she means to me though when she's just going to throw everything she's already said back up. Ugh. Needed to vent.
  14. I live in Wollongong so I figured it was about there.