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  1. Poneglyph added a post in a topic What Did You Read Today?   

    [i]The Savage Detectives[/i] by Roberto Bolaño. It was one of the best reading experiences I've had in a long time - it was like the book was written by Bolaño specifically [i]for me[/i].

    I'm reading some of Leopoldo Maria Panero's poems, but I can't wait to get my hand on [i]2666[/i].
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  2. Poneglyph added a post in a topic General Movie Thread   

    I didn't, but I read some reviews from Venice's Biennale and pretty much everybody agrees its great. I wasn't expecting that from a movie starring Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato.
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  3. Poneglyph added a post in a topic General Movie Thread   

    So apparently [i]Spring Breakers[/i] is really good. Who would've thought?
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  4. Poneglyph added a topic in The Scott McFly Memorial Lounge   

    Spanish grandmother restores painting
    [quote][b][size="5"]Bungled restoration attempt destroys painting[/size]

    The 19th-century Spanish artwork was ruined after an octogenarian decided it was deteriorating.[/b]


    A 19th-century Spanish fresco by painter Elias Garcia Martinez has been destroyed after an octogenarian grandmother decided it was deteriorating and attempted to fix it.

    Spanish news EFE reported that Cecilia Jimenez, a resident of the Spanish northeastern town of Borja, entered into the church where the fresco of Christ was exhibited and decided "of her own accord and at her own risk" to repair the work.

    The woman was reportedly not happy with the way the fresco had deteriorated.

    She later confessed to the damage she had caused, but told state television TVE she had been given permission by the church's priest to fix it.

    To make matters worse, a donation had just been received to have the fresco repaired professionally.

    Experts are now trying to work out whether they can restore the restoration.[/quote]

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  5. Poneglyph added a post in a topic What Did You Read Today?   

    Just finished books 1 and 2 of [i]1Q84[/i] by Haruki Murakami. It took forever to get going and hook me and it didn't help that the perspective changed between chapters - when I got invested in a character, the chapter ended and I had to read about the other one. I can't even say that I could have skipped the first 400 pages, because they were important, but they didn't feel like that while I was reading them. Also, the dynamic in the dialogues was really weird, but I think that's more of a cultural clash.
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  6. Poneglyph added a post in a topic BFI Top 10 films   

    Wasn't the butler in the room when he said it, though? IIRC, when Thompson interviews him, he's all "Oh, I know what you want to know - it's about 'rosebud', right?"
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  7. Poneglyph added a post in a topic BFI Top 10 films   

    [quote name='Sausage!' timestamp='1343900577' post='2688411']Sight and Sound's critics and writers go for older, obscure, and/or foreign language films as they are the ones normally described as 'intellectual'.[/quote]
    Or because films have been made for 100+ years all around the world. I think it's not as much going for "intellectual" films as critics having a global vision of the medium they are analysing. Of course older films or non-American films dominate, there's more material from 1898-1970 than 1970-2012 or from the rest of the world combined than just the US.

    [quote name='Sausage!' timestamp='1343900577' post='2688411']It reminds me of how music criticism disregards everything remotely new (that is not Radiohead) when looking at the 'greatest of all time'. If The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin started today, would they get instant recognition of being 'the greatest', or would they too fall for the underlying argument that "everything was better in the good old days"?[/quote]
    That's just how critic works. Once you get to judge a piece of art as a part of the canon, you need some perspective. The Beatles, Hendrix or Led Zeppelin are regarded as the greatest because they have proved to be time-proof, which is something you can't say for any modern band or singer - just because you don't have that perspective. Also there's the fact that when you look at the past, there's already a defined list of what's "worth remembering", so most people have listened to Led Zeppelin.
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  8. Poneglyph added a post in a topic What Did You Read Today?   

    I've just read [i]The Great Gatsby[/i] after I found a really cheap edition. Well deserved fame, although the finish is kinda convoluted - the fact that all the factors are introduced in advance redeems that, though.

    Before that, I read Yasunari Kawabata's [i]The House of Sleeping Beauties[/i]. I have this weird thing with Japanese prose where I struggle to completely [i]get[/i] it and I don't know if it's because of the translation or Japan's culture. I liked it nonetheless.

    Speaking of Japanese prose, I'm starting [i]1Q84[/i] now.
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  9. Poneglyph added a post in a topic General Movie Thread   

    So, I watched Was Anderson's [i]Moonrise Kingdom[/i] today and it was pretty good. I loved the first half of the movie, especially
    [spoiler]the scene at the beach with the earrings and the dance the day before the kids are found. The storm was cool too.[/spoiler]
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  10. Poneglyph added a post in a topic Stupid shit you believed as a kid   

    I slept in a bunk bed - one like [url="http://www.elositoazul.es/archivos/img_litera_escalera_con_armario_2.gif"]this one[/url] - and I was always afraid of falling in the gap between the bed and the walls, because I was sure I would get trapped there forever.
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  11. Poneglyph added a post in a topic iDOM 1990   

    WinZip or WinRAR should work fine.
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  12. Poneglyph added a post in a topic iDOM 1990   

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  13. Poneglyph added a post in a topic EWB's Favorite Movie 2011: The Voting Thread   

    [list=1][*]The Tree of Life
    [*]The Muppets
    [*]The Skin I Live In
    [*]Le Havre
    [*]Attack the Block
    [*]The Artist
    [*]Guilty of Romance
    [*]The Double Steps
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  14. Poneglyph added a post in a topic Good versus Evil   

    I usually try to be a good guy. However, it isn't easy when you're playing Total War and your population start thinking it's a good idea to revolt against you. Once you kill half the people in the city, the survivors won't feel so tough
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  15. Poneglyph added a topic in The Scott McFly Memorial Lounge   

    Anti Feminist

    Just... just... I...
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