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  1. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

  2. The Anime Thread

    DId you watch it in a cinema? If so, I can only imagine the spectacle it must've been, I really wish we got anime in cinemas over here, I would definitely have gone to watch it.
  3. The Anime Thread

    Last night I watched two movies back to back, blind bought as well. First off, it was Your Name, it had arrived the day before. I had heard about this one a lot, like it was this great masterpiece, so I took the chance and purchased it. Now, I don't regret it one bit, as visually the movie is astonishing and the soundtrack is brilliant as well, but the story, though... I feel like it had potential to be so much more. I still loved it a lot, but after all the hype, I couldn't help but be just a tiny bit disappointed. I would have liked to see more of the characters as they lived their other lives, and I think that, at about 1h40m, it felt kind of short for the story it was trying to tell. The second one was A Silent Voice. This one was actually my second viewing, as I had watched it for the first time exactly a week before. This one's case was a bit different than Your Name, as I hadn't ever heard about it, just saw that Anime Limited (my favorite UK company for physical releases) was selling it. I took a look at the synopsis and it sounded really interesting, and the blu-ray edition itself was beautiful. Damn, am I glad I bought this, I absolutely fell in love with the movie. It was funny, it was brutal, it was charming, it was painful, and at 2h10m, I almost wish it had been 3h10m. While visually impressive (Kyoto Animation at its best), it's not as good as Your Name (nor is its soundtrack), but to me, the story blew Your Name's away; I felt invested in the main characters in a way that I just couldn't with Your Name, and given that I didn't know anything at all about the story it's based of (I also ended up getting the manga after I watched it for the fist time, and I think the movie does a great job at cutting some unnecessary stuff, although it could have benefited to add some other things from the book, mainly how the male main character ends up being accepted by the female main character's family, and maybe some more stuff to make a couple of secondary characters more important in the movie - in they books they have fairly biggish roles, in the movie they're relegated to glorified cameos, but I digress), I felt real fear during certain events that happen near the end. Just a beautiful movie that, when all's said and done, I wholeheartedly recommend to just about everybody. Has anyone here seen these two?
  4. The Anime Thread

    I honestly didn't know whether I should post this here or in the Weinsten etc. thread, but... Rurouni Kenshin's creator arrested on child pornography charges. Fuck's sake.
  5. The Anime Thread

    I just found out about that and was about to post it. That is awful, 57 is way too young to go. I really liked her voice, and she voiced 2 of my favourite anime (Dragonball and Ranma, as well as Trigun), and it was a shock reading about this
  6. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    My only comment about this episode is .
  7. The Anime Thread

    Yeah, Mineta's shtick gets really old really fast So as I've said before, I've been reading MHA's manga, I'm currently in chapter 102, and... To sum it up, this series makes me feel like I felt when I was a kid, and I can't thank the author enough. I also can't wait for the stuff I mentioned in the spoiler to get animated, hopefully in the third season.
  8. The Anime Thread

    Oh, no, I remember perfectly the different animation during DBZ, that's why I mentioned the Cell Saga specifically, the way the faces were rendered during parts of this episode, particularly around the mouth and eyes, reminded me of the way they were during that string of episodes. To be honest, Super's animation style doesn't really do it for me, it took me a long time to get used to it, but now it's... passable to goodish. I agree that the lack of blood hurts the show, it just doesn't feel the same.
  9. The Anime Thread

    I couldn't, for the life of me, fighre out how the hell to edit the above post so as to be able to write under the damn spoiler tag, so I have to create a new one. Hope that's OK. So, having just watched the latest DBS episode, I have to ask, did the animation studio change or something? I noticed some real improvements in the animation at times, especially in the faces, during the fights. The way the faces were animated really reminded me of the animation used during the Cell Saga in DBZ. I really liked it, though. As for the content of the episode itself...
  10. The Anime Thread

  11. The Anime Thread

    Also, I blind bought My Hero Academia's first season blu-ray. I had been hearing about it for a long time, I really liked the edition, and since I like to collect blu-rays and DVDs (it's one of my hobbies...), I took the dip. Holy crap, am I in love with the series. I immediately looked up for season 2, watched it, and am now in the process of reading the manga to prepare myself for the eventual season 3.
  12. The Anime Thread

    I honestly can't stand Ribrianne, I tolerated her well enough for her first appearance or so, but I feel her shtick (and her team's) got really old, really fast. The latest developments in the last couple of episodes were amazing, and I feel this fight was the best I've seen in Super.
  13. The Anime Thread

    Isn't the legal age of consent in Japan way lower than in the West? Like, 13 or something like that?
  14. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Amazon is having another Marvel sale for Kindle.
  15. Comic Book Films & TV

    Thanks, New Gods stuff isn't my strong suit, so I got mixed up. Still, the villain in JL is Steppenwolf, I just got his relationship with Darkseid wrong