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  1. Spoiler about Wonder Woman's origin in the movie.
  2. Not anymore. She and Quicksilver were revealed not be mutants but (I think, not too sure on this whole mess) they were abducted by the High Evolutionary when they were babies and experimented on, I believe that's what gave them their powers. Oh, and they're not Magneto's kids anymore; this was revealed in Axis when Wanda was "inverted" and tried to kill Magneto, Quicksilver and Polaris, and she cast a spell attacking her bloodline; only Quicksilver was affected, but not Magneto or Polaris. Their mother has been revealed to be Natalya Maximoff, and Django and Maria were their uncle and aunt who posed as their parents. This was probably done to better fit with the MCU.
  3. Dunno if this has been posted yet, but Amazon is having a sale on loads and loads of Marvel comics (Kindle edition).
  4. Yeah, it wasn't a very popular arc or decision. I mean, I've never read the books, and I'm sure that, in written form, it's completely different, but in animated form, it really misses the mark.
  5. IIRC, the arc is called Endless Eight, and it lasts 8 episodes.
  6. So I blind bought Your Lie in April as I had heard wonderful things about it, and from what I knew, it seemed like it would be a show I'd enjoy. The second set finally arrived wednesday and I started watching Friday, finishing the show yesterday, and I absolutely do not regret it in the least. Incredible show, I loved all the main characters, the story was funny, it was moving, it was tragic, and even though I'm not actually a fan of classical music, even the music segments were amazing. Now if I could only get these fucking onions away from my eyes...
  7. So I finally got around to watch this, and now I'm wondering what took me so damn long. I echo the sentiments around here, this was an amazing show, all the characters were brilliantly written and acted. If the kids manage to keep their heads on straight (unlike many, many, MANY child stars), I really think they'll have a bright future. I loved it all, and all I can say is bring on season 2!
  8. There's gonna be an Invincible movie!
  9. I took that scene as... Then again, I'm probably wrong.
  10. There's an event tonight in Lisbon, and Greg Nicotero, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln were announced. It's being streamed in facebook here for anyone who wants to see it, although I dunno if the whole event's gonna be streamed or just the red carpet part. At least the red carpet should have begun already, as it's past the hour it was announced for, and the Q&A/conference is supposed to start at 7.30PM GMT, although with this delay, who knows when it'll begin. I actually went there, but I was in line and people from the organization told us there was no more room in the theater, and I ended up coming home, because I couldn't see anything for the red carpet event, so... it really sucks, as I really wanted to be able to see it there, but hopefully they'll do this regularly. And just when I was about to post this, they cut the feed and replaced it with a "We'll be back in moments" logo >_> EDIT: Another link
  11. EDIT: Well shit, that was fast. Sony blocked the trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. Here's the international one, with spanish subtitles. Hoping it doesn't get pulled down, at least as quickly. OK, found the one from Kimmel's youtube page, so this won't get pulled down.
  12. Ho. Lee. Fuck. Guys, I really don't know how to feel about this. The first Last of Us is quite probably my favorite game of all time. I consider it to have a perfect story. That said, on one hand I'm kind of afraid that the sequel doesn't live up to the first one and they end up screwing up Joel and Ellie's story. On the other hand, I feel incredibly excited for it. Well, at least graphically it's beautiful. I'm going to trust Naughty Dog, and it'll be a day one purchase, for sure.
  13. Apparently Benfica also has offered to loan players for free.
  14. That was... wow. Brutally uncomfortable, in a good way. I was honestly extremely disappointed in the way the Governor was adapted, and Negan, in one episode, at least to me, looks way more menacing than the Governor ever did in the show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a brilliant casting choice, and I can't wait to see what comes next.
  15. Every time someone talks about videogame soundtracks, I always have to mention any Silent Hill soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka.