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  1. MHA is really knocking them out of the park this season. Of course, the story they're adapting is amazing in its own right, but they're doing it justice and then some.
  2. So, has anyone seen the latest MHA episode yet? So, so good you guys. This was one of the episodes I was anticipating the most and holy shit, it did not disappoint one bit. One of the best episodes this show has ever had, period!
  3. So next week I have Avengers on Friday and MHA on Saturday... I think I'll just hibernate this entire week away. Can't wait!
  4. Thanks! I don't usually buy manga, but some series I just have to have. So far, the only ones I had (or was collecting) were Death Note (the all-in-one edition) and the original Dragon Ball (the 3-in-1 volumes; I'm up to the sixth right now, which makes 18 of the regular ones, I think), but I absolutely fell in love with MHA and had to have the books as well. I'll probably go to a store that has manga tomorrow, I may end up buying more (I have severe impulse control issues ).
  5. The second episode of MHA's 3rd season was great! I was a bit disappointed by the first one as I'd hoped it started the story immediately instead of doing a recap, but this one was everything I'd hoped for (well, Mineta was still as annoying as ever, but I can live with that). Also, in anticipation of this season, I got this (spoiler'd for size):
  6. I don't think there's a specific date yet, just that it's supposed to be in July. Speaking of AoT, last Friday I went with a friend (who likes anime, but isn't that big of a fan) to a mall, and we stopped by a store that has manga. I picked up the first volume of AoT and told him the show was great. I talked a bit to him about the story and showed him the intro, and he said he was gonna check it out. Long story short, he saw the entire first season during the weekend, finished the second season yesterday, is now considering buying the manga, and is telling me to wake him up when June ends (since the third season is supposed to start in July and all that), all the while cursing me for introducing him to the show. So, mission accomplished Now I'm going to get him started on My Hero Academia.
  7. Not just Bulma. Didn't he grope at least on one occasion #18 and Videl as well, during DBZ? I mean, sure, Bulma's his favorite target, so to speak, but she's been there since the beginning, 18 and Videl were there for a cup of tea in comparison.
  8. Nightwatch was pretty bad, yeah. Also, apparently there's a rumour that Sony is interested in making a movie about him... with Spike Lee directing.
  9. Just finished watching tonight's DB Super. What an episode! What a fight! Kudos to everyone involved in this episode!
  10. Ryan Ottley's gonna be drawing the Amazing Spider-Man books. On the one hand, I think it's great, because I love Ottley's art. On the other hand, it will be extremely weird to see his art on anything not related to Invincible. Now I wanna track down that Invincible/Spider-Man crossover (I know, I know, he wasn't the artist on that book, but still...)
  11. Both FMAs, definitely. The first FMA has an anime-only ending and Brotherhood, which is a more faithful adaptation of the manga, can be somewhat redundant for the first few episodes, but they're both excellent and two of the best anime shows ever, IMO. Fate is... eh. If it was Fate/Zero I'd tell you to watch it, definitely, but for F/SN, maybe watch 2-3 episodes just to check it out. As for the rest, Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are usually highly rated, but they weren't my cup of tea (Bebop is considered a classic), and while I enjoyed SAO, it's far from perfect and I can understand the criticism it get from a lot of people. The first season does go downhill for the second half, but I feel it picks up in the second season again. EDIT: Oh, and Code Geass is definitely worth watching as well, especially if both seasons are available. I never watched Bleach, so I can't talk about that one.
  12. The first Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer is here! Did I see it right? The villain is the Ghost? Looked like it, but I thought he was an Iron Man villain? (Now that I looked further, it seems it had already been confirmed... must've slipped my mind)
  13. I watched it a while ago, don't quite remember the story or its twists and turns, but I remember that I enjoyed it enough to buy it