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  1. Boxing profiteers and benefits from the working class, wether it be the majority class the boxers come from, or the consumer who is interested in it. £50 or whatever it is to buy legally to watch is not attainable for most.
  2. So, Puscas looks a quality signing for Reading no? First time I’ve come home from a game excited in years. Ejaria looks to be dripping in confidence too.
  3. He's been dreadful. Kinda too late. Lord knows why we didn't get shot in January. Sleep walking into relegation, especially if the Paul Clement rumours are true...
  4. For the past 25 years of going to Reading games, I've been fortunate to experience the club grow massively. From 6/7,000 a game at Elm Park to 24,000 in the prem at a new ground. In that 25 years, I've witnessed 4 promotions (3 of them as champions, including a record breaking points total for the championship) 6 failed play off campaigns out of 6 attempts ,( the first one we had finished 2nd, but only 2 teams went up to the premier league as they were reducing the amount of clubs from 22 to 20) twice finished 7th on last game of season missing out on play offs, a season that we were in the relegation zone at Christmas and finished 8th, 3 relegations, an FA Cup Semi Final, 2 FA Cup Quarter Finals, and 4 owners. Random matches include losing 7-5 to Arsenal in the Leauge Cup after being 4-1 up at half time, losing 7-4 to Portsmouth and setting the highest scoring game in premier league history, and a 6-4 defeat to spurs. Mostly really been 7 or 8 forgettable seasons, so there's always been something going on for the most part, especially since all the history before that consisted of a sole Simod Cup win and 3/4th tier obscurity for 100 years. Bad omen is in 1988, 1998 and 2008 we have been relegated, and this season could end up that way too
  5. I think they are like Newcastle fans, if this article is anything to go by... http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-pol-whitehall-man-punched-police-horse-eagles-game-20180116-story.html
  6. Pretty stoked, I picked out Saints about 10 years back as my adopted team. Squeeky bum time now though
  7. No team worth their salt shouldloose to Reading at home this season. We have no strikers and we are shite
  8. Non league day meant I paid Maidenhead Utd a visit for their game against localish Aldershot. Big crowd. Good to see 2,500 for a team fresh out of the conference south. Atmosphere was pretty much the sizeable Shots away fans vs the Reading fans out on a jolly
  9. I haven't even bothered nor noticed our entire qualification campaign. Im a Reading fan though, so I'm used to apathetic (auto correct changed that to pathetic, should of kept that instead) support
  10. Blasting Ghost all morning. I love how they don't have a set sound, apart from the cracking melodies
  11. They are everywhere in Reading, partially due to the sponsorship
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