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  1. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    No team worth their salt shouldloose to Reading at home this season. We have no strikers and we are shite
  2. Vanarama National League 2017/18

    Non league day meant I paid Maidenhead Utd a visit for their game against localish Aldershot. Big crowd. Good to see 2,500 for a team fresh out of the conference south. Atmosphere was pretty much the sizeable Shots away fans vs the Reading fans out on a jolly
  3. The England thread

    I haven't even bothered nor noticed our entire qualification campaign. Im a Reading fan though, so I'm used to apathetic (auto correct changed that to pathetic, should of kept that instead) support
  4. What music are you listening to?

    Blasting Ghost all morning. I love how they don't have a set sound, apart from the cracking melodies
  5. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    They are everywhere in Reading, partially due to the sponsorship
  6. Gigs gigs gigs

    @Jericode I went too, mostly for The Hives and Rancid. Left half way through Green Day as I find their shtick grating
  7. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    0/4 play off final record. 4/4 times I've had heartache. we were bloody dire though. Sorry to anyone who watched what will go down in history as probably the worst play off final so far.
  8. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    Up in the nosebleeds for the play off final, as I'm not a current season ticket fan. We've sold a fair chunk of the tickets it looks like as I only had that option
  9. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    80,000 fans need to bring tinpots to Wembley
  10. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    @Lineker Actually it's a Smyths
  11. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    The ground is outside the town centre so it's a bit of a nothing place, until the proposed 500m Royal Elm Park Developlent around the stadium is built, which I think will bring business and bars to the area (also a separate train station on the London line)
  12. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    Off to Wembley to see Tinpot Fc
  13. Gigs gigs gigs

    Recently Saw Deftones at Ally Pally and CKY on friday. CKY was suprisingly rammed. Crowbar about a month back was awesome too!
  14. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    that's true, although I feel we did what we had to do to stifle you, especially since we have been written off, despite finishing 3rd. It's gunna be interesting, as our home record is very strong also. 16 wins 5 draws and 2 loses, I think we will come out with a different approach this game, as our record when we score first is something crazy like 94% of the time we win. We have a weakened defense so I don't think Stam will rely too much on sitting back and absorbing pressure.
  15. Sky Bet EFL 2016/17

    So Nervous for tommorow night. McShane being banned means our defense is weak. Also Obita may now be out too. Not sure I like the Idea of Blackett at LB against Fredericks.....