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  1. To be fair, I didn't catch the Microsoft or EA ones, just the Sony and Ubisoft. I had higher hopes for Ubi as I'm generally a fan of their games and they always kinda get a little weird, this was just not as interesting as it could've been. I do love Youssef Maguid though, one of my favourite personalities in the gaming space right now, so it was nice to see him get the hosting gig.
  2. That conference was, uh, not great. Watch Dogs looks like it's leaning into Saints Row territory, and I can't decide if that's good or bad. I don't care about Brawlhalla, either of the Battle Royale games their doing or any of the other guff they announced in the middle. New Assassin's Creed looks a fair bit like the Witcher, and I'm sure it's gonna be great but also I'm still on Assassin's Creed III so I doubt I'll play this for a long while. Far Cry 6 had an excellent reveal, dampened massively by the fact it leaked a couple days ago. It's a damn shame this was their 'and one more thing' because if it hadn't of leaked, it would have been great. Mostly I'm just disappointed we didn't get a totally bonkers Zoom-based Let's Dance trailer.
  3. You could sue with the amount they've ripped off your every day life.
  4. I way preferred the second half.
  5. And that's the beauty of open-endedness. I don't necessarily agree with the theory I posted, but it's a decent talking point. I have my own thoughts and theories, as I'm sure you do. There's no definitive answer though, and that's totally on purpose and totally rad. Man, this game is just the best.
  6. Can Xbox play with PC/Gamepass? Because I have that.
  7. I would also like to be considered for the wormsing.
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