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  1. If you're catching up to Infinity War and just want to watch the essentials I'd suggest... Avengers, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Civil War, Spider-Man, Ragnarok, Black Panther. Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange and Guardians 2 are also pretty important but I wouldn't say they're essential for following the plot of Infinity War, but none of them are directly setting up Infinity War like the first lot are.
  2. Finished playthrough 2 yesterday. Still bonkers. Still no idea what's going on. Still one of the best games I've played in years. From all I've heard, the third playthrough is a lot different than the first two, And based on the preview that plays at the end of the second run, I think I'm going to enjoy it a whole bunch. Can't recommend it enough, it's a very special game.
  3. Play with us. I mean, Play with people here, I barely ever play with these reprobates.
  4. Picking up Friday 13th when I get paid, so I'll be able to jump on with y'all from next Tuesday.
  5. Finished my first playthrough of Nier yesterday and started playthrough 2. Absolutely bonkers game, one of the most satisfying gameplay loops, and the characters (especially the machines) are wonderful. Looking forward to the second playthrough just so I can start to figure out what the hell was even going on because so far the story is basically indecipherable.
  6. To be fair we've gotten every other marvel film a week earlier than the rest of the world, it's a fair enough compromise.
  7. *their Anyway. Tiny Ghost are rad. Shame they're a bunch of sizeist pricks.
  8. I'm about 5 hours into Nier Automata and there's a very serious chance that it might overtake Bloodborne as my favourite game of this generation. It's absolutely bonkers.
  9. I can now tick 'audibly whoop in a cinema' off my bucket list. I think my marvel cinematic universe list has a new number 1.
  10. Just as an aside, Antman and The Wasp is set directly after the events of Civil War and Captain Marvel is set in the 90s, so the only film we know to be a sequel of Infinity War is Avengers 4.
  11. https://youtu.be/SzhU4QzvPys Unleash the Dragon.
  12. September 7th. I'm all in.
  13. Ollie

    Far Cry 5

    PS4 - WHTGLT
  14. Ollie

    Far Cry 5

    Yo @Kaney, wanna go on a killing spree? We can turn friendly fire off and I'll pretend I thought you were a zombie. Also that's an invitation to anyone but I know a few of you are miles ahead of me because I've only played like, 2 hours so far.