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  1. My personal feelings about Leto aside, it just looks so generic. I feel like I've already watched the movie from the trailer alone. It's a shame, because it's kinda awesome that a Mobius film exists, but yikes, there's nothing about that trailer that suggests it's going to be anything more than resoundingly okay. Also Jared Leto is a dick.
  2. Well I'd happily play Dying Light with you! I've already completed RE2 but only the once. I got about half way through the second playthrough and dropped off. It's not a priority but I do want to play through the rest before I get RE3 later this year. REVII is a game I'm determined to play in VR. I made it about half hour in last year before I wimped out. Arkham City I started playing last year after I'd completed Arkham Asylum. People always rave about it but I didn't like it being open world, I thought Asylum's metroidvania style worked way better. I've never even touched sticks on Bastion but I've always wanted to. It definitely looks like a bit of me.
  3. I don't like anyone on this year's so far. Leanne is super hot, and seems like the most genuine, but she's not really done anything yet. The twins are fucking dreadful. Siannise is literally the worst. Paige is boring. Shaunagh is rad, but that might just be because the rest of them are total drips. Sophie could be great, but again, she's not really done anything yet. As for the lads, I thought I liked Mike but he's clearly a fucking snake. Callum seems alright. Connor has the stupidest teeth. Nas is bloody lovely but no one will ever love him and Ollie is literally the biggest cunt going, legit fucking livid that I have to share a name with that absolute jebend.
  4. Yeah, they're rubbish. What made them worse is that in the DLC there's two trophies for doing specific sequences without dying and they're so ridiculously precise. I think I've decided that Control is next, because I've been aching to play it. I played the first couple hours when I first bought it and loved it but I wasn't really in a gaming mood at the time. Plus, by all accounts it's not a particularly long game. 10-15 hours and that's the sweet spot, especially after a collectathon slog like Assassin's Creed.
  5. Yeah, my excuse is I'm marrying an entertainment journalist. It reminds me of early Big Brother in that the contestants mostly seem like real people. They're not just caricatures, and most of them can actually string two sentences together. Plus, yeah, fit girls and hunky beefcakes.
  6. Aaaaaand that's the platinum on Assassin's Creed Revelations, a very good if not totally rushed and flawed entry in the AC franchise. The gameplay was every bit as good as II and Brotherhood, the storyline was fun but woof, all the current day stuff was an absolute drag and it was capped off by one of the most infuriatingly pointless DLC's ever released. I was going to jump straight into Assassin's Creed III, but the DLC of Revelations legit killed my interest in carrying the franchise on right away. I think Control is calling to me, but I might switch it up and play something first person, because the last, like, four games I've played are all third person adventure-y type games. Maybe Far Cry 5 or Titanfall 2. Y'all are free to throw out suggestions.
  7. I fucking love Love Island. Totally unorinocally. Turns out a villa full of fit girls and absolute beefcakes is a cracking thing to watch. You should watch it too.
  8. Yeah I've not picked up any of the shiny recent games I said I'd play next, instead I've started Assassin's Creed Revelations again. I absolutely adored the AC games, with the first one being one of the sole reasons (the other being Fallout 3) that I got an Xbox 360 in the first place. I played it at a friend's house and was hooked immediately, it truly felt like a massive step up from the previous generation. In hindsight, the first Assassin's Creed has aged like milk, but it still cemented itself as a cornerstone of my gaming history. When Assassin's Creed II came out and introduced us to that lovable rogue Ezio Auditore da Firenze, it changed the game entirely. It was a gigantic improvement on every aspect of the first game and it joined the ranks of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear as one of my favourite game franchises ever made. Brotherhood improved the formula even more, streamlining everything and adding some extra finesse to an already stellar game. Then Revelations came out and the cracks began to show, it was, for all intents and purposes, a carbon copy of Brotherhood, and whilst it was still a brilliant game, all it seemed to do was add an awkward bomb mechanic, an even more awkward tower defense mini-game and a yellow hue over everything to make it look more middle Eastern. The story wasn't particularly engaging, and although it was nice to see and play as Altaïr again, it never quite hit the highs of the previous two games. So even though I bought it day one, I never finished it. And even though I was super interested in the following year's Assassin's Creed III, I never actually bought it because I was so invested in the story that I refused to pick it up until I'd powered through Revelations. Eight years later and I still haven't finished Revelations, which means I'm now sitting on a pile of unplayed Assassin's Creed games (curse me not being able to say no to a decent sale) just waiting for me to finish doing runny jumpy stabbies throught Constantinople. Last year I replayed II and Brotherhood, and although technology has come a long way since their humble beginnings, they've held up pretty well. That may or may not be nostalgia speaking, but Ubisoft absolutely nailed the open world collectathon that can be seen in basicay every franchise now. I'm currently about 5/6 hours into Revelations, and I'm appreciating it a whole lot more than I did originally. It's flawed, but it's still video game crack in the most shameless sense. Seeing the map open up and greyed out icons turn white and having my army of assassin's level up and bring me money is just an absolute joy. Also, I think this is what this thread might turn more into. Not just me telling y'all about completing games but also just telling stories and shit about why these games mean so much to me. I just fucking love talking about video games, you guys.
  9. An update! I just got the platinum on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (my 4000th trophy, no less, I bet Niner will be livid) and oh boy, what an absolute brilliant shame that game was. It was every bit as good as God of War from 2018, yet completely marred by dreadful performance issues, occasionally dreadful AI and Fallout level glitches. It's clear they wanted this game out before Rise of Skywalker and/or the holiday season, because it seriously could have used six more months in the oven. And that's such an incredible shame because if not for that, it would have been a genre defining masterpiece and one of the all time best games of this generation. The story, characters and general gameplay are all phenomenal, and yet if it wasn't for the Star Wars branding, I doubt I would've seen it through to the end. I won't go into spoilers but there's an extended sequence where you're without your lightsabre, except I had mine. I couldn't use it but it was just glowing, on my back, making all kinds of noises. It was the worst kind of immersion breaking. But when the game was working and everything was happening as it should have been, oh boy, it was some of the hypest shit I've ever played through. I would 100% recommend for anyone who's a fan of Star Wars, Uncharted and/or Dark Souls, but I would also press everyone to wait until it drops in price. I'd also totally recommend avoiding any and all trailers because holy shit, they're spoilerific. I also played and completed Ori and the Blind Forest on the Switch, and that has recently joined the very short list of games which have brought me close to tears. If you enjoy 2D metroidvanias or precision platformers, I implore you to pick this game up either on Switch or Xbox, because it was an absolute joy from start to finish. The combat left a little to be desired, but as far as carrot and stick games are concerned where you're constantly and continuously getting more power-ups and skills, and yet always being taunted by not having the right tools for the job are concerned, this is up there with the best of them. It's also incredibly adorable, the art style and sound design are unforgettable, it's a game you can just stop and stare at for hours. I will say that the combat left a little to be desired, it more often than not came down to just mashing the Y button until whatever I was up against blew up, but in the grand scheme of things that didn't matter, because everything else was just so tightly held together that it kept its appeal throughout. It was also a tad tough to play handheld, purely because of how small everything looked, but that's more a hardware issue than the game itself. It's absolutely one of the most joyous games I've played this generation, and I can't recommend it enough. I've not yet decided what's next. I'm considering jumping back into Control because I loved what I played but was in no mood to play when I started it, although I worry it's a little too close to Fallen Order as far as gameplay is concerned. Instead I might spend the day in a VR coma, because Blood and Truth has been calling out to me recently. As far as handheld is concerned, I started playing Hollow Knight yesterday, although only the first thirty minutes or so. I'll definitely be jumping into that more over the next few days, because oh boy, it's a bit special.
  10. Of the ones you've got Astro Bot and Resident Evil 7 use the regular dualshock and they've both wonderful so start with them. Of the ones I mentioned, you can use the dualshock for Tetris, Moss, Trover and Wipeout.
  11. Tetris Effect is literally just regular Tetris, but it's absolutely one of the best uses of VR I've ever seen. It's truly one you need to experience because it's just stunning. Accounting+ is by Justin Roiland. It is very, very funny. Job Simulator is a game set in an automated future where humans go to museums to experience what it was like to do regular jobs in the past (ie current day). It is very, very funny. Surgeon Simulator is a game where you perform surgeries with a variety of tools. It is very, very funny.
  12. Blood & Truth, Moss, Batman Arkham VR, Superhot, Tetris Effect, Accounting+, Trover Saves the Universe, Job Simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Surgeon Simulator, Wipeout and Beat Saber are all brilliant.
  13. If you're having trophy problems because Road Dogg sucked, son Cause I got 72 platinums and I preferred Billy Gunn.
  14. I've got 72 platinums and Road Dogg was shit.
  15. I'm a massive trophy nonce (72 platinums and counting), so if I like the game enough I'll try and do everything. Jedi Fallen Order is absolutely that kind of game, and I'll absolutely be gunning for 100%.
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