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  1. I just wish DLCs had an option where you could do a quick tutorial on the game before playing. I've never got round to the Spider-Man, Horizon or Bloodborne DLCs because by the time I gave them the chance I'd forgotten how to play the actual game.
  2. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Yeah, showing the voice actors was a weird choice for E3 and screamed to me that they didn't really have much else to show. Don't get me wrong, I love Troy, Nolan and Laura as much as the next guy but I didn't need to see them trying to explain why I should be excited for a game that really should have sold itself. For me I think it goes a little something like this: Nintendo Square Microsoft Bethesda Ubisoft But really that's not saying much because even Nintendo didn't hit it totally out of the park. As far as games I'll be purchasing from E3, I think Link's Awakening, Cyberpunk 2077, 12 Minutes, DOOM Eternal and Final Fantasy VII Remake are all day one purchases. I'll probably also begrudgingly buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on day one because fuck it, it's a single player Star Wars game and that's an unfortunately rare commodity these days. I'm interested in Outer Worlds but that can wait for a sale. I'm super interested in whatever Deathloop is but don't know quite enough about it yet. Watch Dogs Legion and The Avengers haven't sold me yet, and I'm hoping they can convince me otherwise because I'm a big fan of both franchises. Overall, a kinda lacklustre E3. It's a damn shame.
  3. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Oh Link looks like such a pure cute boy. I am so ready for September.
  4. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Not going to get a chance to watch it live, but will watch this evening. Hoping for some Metroid news, a release date on the Link's Awakening remake and some new Smash DLC. Honestly, even one of those three and Nintendo will have won this year's super lacklustre E3.
  5. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Honestly, all the conferences have been somewhat underwhelming so far, which is a damn shame. I was super hyped for Microsoft whilst it was happening, but that conference should have had everyone coming out of it wanting to invest in an Xbox. Instead all the games I'm interested in from it are available elsewhere and it was very much a case of them telling us to wait until next year. Bethesda wasn't great. The Fallout 76 additions have me interested and I'll probably finally pick it up at some point but it's still very much down the totem poll as far as excitement is concerned. DOOM Eternal and Deathloop both look phenomenal, but only DOOM is coming this year. Ubisoft was bad. Legion looks promising (if it works) but there was literally nothing else that hyped me up. The Division 2 DLC looks okay, and I might jump back in for it but it hasn't totally blown up my skirt. Square was a 2 game show. FFVII looked absolutely stonking, but it seems like the first part is only going to be Midgar, which makes me think it's either going to be a very underwhelming part 2 or it'll be split into 700 parts. I don't want that game to be as top heavy as it seems to be. Still, that trailer was pure fanservice and I loved it. I'm not sold on Avengers yet. I don't like that it sounds like a service game and it looked a little dated. Fuck, E3 hasn't been great this year.
  6. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Yeah, the whole conference wasn't great. Honestly, none of the conferences have been that good so far. Hoping for big things from Square and Nintendo. Also if you like dumb indie games, Kinda Funny have an indie showcase with 60+ games streaming in 2 hours on youtube, Square is in 3 hours so it slots in quite nicely:
  7. Ollie

    E3 2019

    There's a mobile game with Sam Fisher in it which means we're probably not getting a Splinter Cell reveal today. Just Dance commercials are always my favourite. They're always absolutely bonkers. Just Dance 2020 confirmed for the Wii. Yes, the Wii. I'm pretty sure it was 2018's version of Just Dance that sold better on the Wii than any other platform. There's some fun trivia for you. For Honor has been killing it and I don't know a single person who's ever actually played it. Good for them I guess. Rainbow Six Quanartine comes out March 2020. Three player co-op. Sounds like a scary zombified version of Siege. For a dead lad, Tom Clancy's doing alright for himself. Division 2 is having a free weekend between June 13th and 16th. I urge y'all to play it, I fucking loved every minute of that game.
  8. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Watch Dogs 2 was good!
  9. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Mac's new show is a mockumentary about a game development studio, Ubisoft are consulting. It looks like it could go either way. There's a new guy in Rainbow 6 Siege. He looks like James Bond with a moustache. I'm sure R6 fans will love it. Adventure Time are coming to Brawhalla. It makes sense because it's 5 years too late to be relevant but so is Brawlhalla. Also the voices of Finn and Jake aren't the real voices and it's, yeah, it's not good. Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a trailer and Jon Bernthel's in it and now he's on stage and he has a dog with him. The dog is adorable.
  10. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Watch Dogs Legion looks ambitious as fuck. If it works, it's going to be amazing. If it doesn't, it's going to fall apart. Still, I'm totally getting a team of old ladies together and that's going to be dope. And now Mac from Always Sunny is on stage. E3 is just the best, you guys!
  11. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Thinking about it, there was no gameplay for Gears 5 even though it's coming out in 4 months. That's concerning.
  12. Ollie

    E3 2019

    I can't see myself jumping over to Xbox anytime soon. I love Gears (although I haven't played one since 2), Halo has never done anything for me and as phenomenal as Gamepass is, I'm far more invested in anything Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica does than any of the Xbox studios. Still, Xbox came out swinging (yeah I'm assuming this is the last thing, they're not closing out with anything other than Halo) and anyone invested in Microsoft's platform has a really bright future to look forward to.
  13. Ollie

    E3 2019

    New Halo is launching with the new Xbox.
  14. Ollie

    E3 2019

    Pretty games go fast
  15. Ollie

    E3 2019

    X Box One X Two X confirmed.
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