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  1. I am absolutely fine with Blonde being number one. Such a stunning album from start to finish, and easily a modern classic.
  2. I used it when it was in beta, it's a solid service. I remember it wasn't great back then but it's apparently improved ten fold since then. Plus the new price drop means it's totally worth it. I would totally suggest trying it for a month, because unless you're someone who buys a bunch of stuff on day one, you're going to have a lot of good stuff available.
  3. All depends how familiar you are with the original. For me, going in blind having never played the original it took about 20-25 hours. If you played the original and know where you're going then it's probably half of that, because a lot of my time was spent figuring stuff out. It's definitely worth it though, easily one of my games of the year so far.
  4. You could've said 'when you get in the swing of things'. Poor form.
  5. I have! 18 times, no less.
  6. Just finished Link's Awakening. I'll be damned if that's not a near perfect game.
  7. Knowing Naughty Dog, it's almost definitely misdirection. In other news, Death Stranding has gone gold, which means it's not getting delayed which means Sony's first party studios are going to hit their initially announced release date for the first time in about a gazillion years.
  8. I'm about six hours into Link's Awakening and I never want it to end.
  9. Totally depends on the game. A lot of those PS1/2 era games where developers were first working with 3D modeling and open world design are incredibly rough to play now purely because of how much innovation came afterwards, we're only recently hitting the point where 10 year old games in those sort of genres are still playable. The likes of Bioshock and Dead Space are still playable and feel just as good as they did when they first released, whereas if you go ten years before that and the likes of the the early Resident Evil's or Grand Theft Auto III/VC/SA have aged pretty terribly. However, some games are ageless. Super Metroid or Super Mario World still hold up as well as they always have done. The first few Sonic games are excellent. As you said, a lot of strategy games have aged very well, because the innovation for them came earlier and thus the mechanics were perfected very early on. Same with a lot of RPG's, Final Fantasy I is a bit of a dumpster fire now but VI and Chrono Trigger and a few others are still 9-10/10s. The same will be said for the current crop of VR games, they're amazing now because we don't know any better. But when that better comes in the next decade, they'll be relics of the past. The last twenty years have been the awkward teenage phase of gaming, and it's only in the last five years or so that they've matured into something that I believe will stand the test of time.
  10. Yeah, I'm surprised there's no League or Dota2. I've not played either of them but there's no denying their scope, and considering this entire list leans more on influence rather than actual quality, those two should absolutely be present, likely even in the top 10.
  11. As far as industry influence goes, I think that list is mostly pretty spot on, especially the top 10. I'd have put the Last of Us and Silent Hill 2 way higher and I would've switched out MGSV for basically any other MGS game (probably 3) but other than that it's a pretty solid list.
  12. Link's Awakening is ADORABLE! I only played the first 20 minutes or so last night because I was too tired to do more but holy shit, it's bloody lovely.
  13. Went with Link's Awakening and Ultimate Alliance. I still really want to get Astral Chain but from all I've heard Ultimate Alliance is a much bigger time sink and that's exactly what I'm after.
  14. Fun fact, up until about a year ago I thought they were called the Manic Street Peaches. Also yeah, what the fuck @Naitch!?
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