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  1. Picked up Tetris Effect and Astro Bot today. I've not played Astro Bot yet but Tetris Effect might be GOTY material.
  2. First Spyro platinumed. Back to Red Dead for a bit.
  3. The soundtrafk is fine, but there's an option to have the original Stuart Copeland version and as soon as I realised that existed, I switched it over.
  4. I'm already at 80% on the first game 😂 It's bloody lovely. I'll likely jump back into Red Dead before I move onto Spyro 2, but i love it. It's just one big nostalgic hug.
  5. Spyro remaster is lovely! I'd totally forgotten I'd pre-ordered it until Sunday night when it popped up on my PS4 dash. Played the first couple levels this morning and the best compliment I can give it is that it looks exactly like I thought it did when I first played it 20 years ago. Can't believe this is the game that's made me stop playing Red Dead but fuck me, the nostalgia is delicious.
  6. Celeste! It's probably my game of the year. It's perfect. Also The Messenger.
  7. Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale! Annoyingly I never played the game on PC, having only ever watched LPs before it came to PS4, but I'll absolutely play Deltarune before it gets spoiled for me.
  8. ....what reviews are you reading? Everything I've seen has been glowing praise.
  9. 97 on Opencritic. I think it's gonna be alright guys.
  10. Yup, game carries on after the last boss.
  11. Playing through Assassin's Creed II from the Ezio Collection on PS4 and I'll be damned if this isn't still one of my favourite games ever. There's a bit of jank as is to be expected from a 9 year old game and it doesn't feel as fluid as it did way back when but fuck it, I still love the story, the setting, the collectibles and the gameplay loop is just so damn satisfying. Can't wait to go back to Brotherhood as that was the pinnacle of the series for me and middle aged Ezio is probably up there as far as my favourite protagonist is concerned. I dropped off the series with Revelations, never completed it so never played 3 or any of the others (apart from the first couple hours of Black Flag) but with the news that 3 is getting remastered next year, I'll finally have have a chance to get all up to date.
  12. Yeah I've basically been doing it in batches. So I downloaded all the RAW roster, then organised them, then Smackdown and so on and so forth. I've now got all of Raw, SD, NXT, 205, ECW and WCW as well as a bunch of 70s, 80s and 90s legends. Planning on getting all of Lucha Underground, ROH, Impact and a bunch of independent guys too.
  13. Last night I'm pretty sure I downloaded everyone who's ever even thought of being a wrestler. This game is wonderful.

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