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  1. Ollie

    The 2019 Music Thread

    New Kevin Abstract ep came out today. He's an incredibly sad boy. I just want to give him a hug.
  2. Cuphead is out now! I am counting down the god damned minutes until I get to go home and play that bad boy.
  3. After the Croc fight Asylum goes from fun to annoying, it's actually soured me a little because it does that fake difficulty thing where instead of being fun challenging it just puts you in a room with 20 dudes over and over again and it gets super annoying. It's a damned shame, because it's otherwise a near flawless game (with the 10 year caveat, obvs)
  4. Remember when I said the 10 year old mechanics rarely get in the way? Well they really get in the way when you're fighting a titan and 20 mooks in a small room and the camera gets in the way and you can't see what's going on and people are hitting you a bunch. Proper rage inducing.
  5. @Kaney you're thinking of Knight. City is the middle one.
  6. I just couldn't get into the open world. I way prefer the more metroidvania-esque layout of Asylum.
  7. Oh yeah, the rest of the game has been fantastic. There's a few mechanics that haven't aged all too well, like how slow the movement is and some frustrations with the controller layout but that's to be expected from a game ten years old and it rarely detracts from how much you feel like a badass. I'm going to pick up City again in a few months, hopefully I enjoy that more than I initially did.
  8. I remember the Killer Croc fight in Arkham Asylum being way more intense and way more interesting than what it actually was. Huh.
  9. Been playing through Arkham Asylum this weekend. Got about half way through. Damn I forgot how tight this game is. I could never really get into City or Knight because they just both felt too big and loose and far less interesting but Asylum deserves its place as one of the best superhero games of all time. Fuck I miss linear narrative games.
  10. @Liam it's in my top 5 games of last year and easily one of the most visceral and impressive VR titles I've ever played. It's also every bit as good outside of VR if you just wanted a rad Tetris game. It doesn't do anything particularly new with the core gameplay but it has possibly one of the best soundtracks in gaming and looks absolutely stunning. If you already enjoy Tetris it's an absolute must have.
  11. My reaction to the trailer and the name and basically everything at this point is just a resounding 'huh'.
  12. Ollie

    The 2019 Music Thread

    New Martha album came out last week. @Rich probably already knows about it but signal boost if he didn't!
  13. Same. I've never played X-2 and have never had any desire to. I figured I'd pick it up when I got the X platinum. And then I never did because that platinum almost killed me and if I ever have to look at a fucking sphere again I might just end it all.
  14. I can finally get rid of this shit name and become the xX_69_pussydestroyer_420_Xx I was born to be.
  15. In a group. Solo is totally possible though, it's just not nearly as fun. If you're going to play solo, there's a handful of skills that are essential, otherwise it's borderline impossible. I'd say if you've got friends who have it, it's a must buy, otherwise it's probably worth waiting for a sale down the line.
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