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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    To be fair I can't have it until Saturday as it's a birthday present. Which is good because otherwise I definitely would call in sick tomorrow.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    96 on metacritic, 98 on opencritic. I feel a sick day coming on.
  3. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Sunshine is better than Galaxy. Mario Party is more fun than Mario Kart. Brawl is better than Melee. Uncharted 2 is the worst in the series. Final Fantasy XV is a really bad game. Pokemon stopped being good after Red/Blue. Fight me.
  4. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    If you dislike Zelda or The Last of Us or Red Dead or Bioshock, you're straight up just a bad person.
  5. WWE 2K18

    All this thread has done is make me want to play UFC 2 more. That game is pure fire.
  6. Final Fantasy

    It's like Star Wars, but if Chewbacca was a sexy rabbit. This just popped up when I went to reply, I don't know if I posted it before but it's too good to not post again. Also what I came here to say is that Project Octopath is the absolute bomb. Between that and Lost Sphear next year is stacking up to be the best year for games that should be called Final Fantasy.
  7. Final Fantasy

    It's like Star Wars, but if Chewbacca was a sexy rabbit.
  8. Well I have a new favourite poster of all time.
  9. The game you've bought the most?

    Y'all are pussies. I've bought FFVII three times on psone (twice original and platinum) and then again on PC, steam, twice on iOS (mine and Snowball's account) Android and PS4. Nine times for the same game. Final Fantasy VI is probably second having owned it on GBA (I think), psone, steam, Android and iOS. I'll pay a lot of money for a lot of final fantasies yo.
  10. The PS4 thread

    I've only played a couple hours or so, up until the end of the first mission where you... ...but it's good. It's really good. Like I'm getting the same vibes as I did from the likes of Bloodborne and Last of Us. This is going to be a really special game with a lot if water cooler moments that I think we'll be talking about for a long time.
  11. The PS4 thread

    Yeah, it's been preloaded on the PS4 since yesterday and I've just been watching the countdown for midnight tonight. The hype is real. I've also booked tomorrow off work because I've worked the last 30 days in a row and this couldn't have come out on a better day.
  12. The PS4 thread

    Horizon comes out tomorrow (today in America). Who's hyped?
  13. The 12 in 12 Challenge

    And that's February done. This month I actually managed to start and complete four games, which is insane and unprecedented and a feat I doubt I'll replicate the rest of the year. I already covered Mirror's Edge Catalyst and enjoyed my time with it. Finicky, frustrating and with a pretty chap story but the core mechanics were super fun. Next up I finally sat down and played through season 2 of The Walking Dead and holy fuck what an emotional roller-coaster that was. I think I preferred it slightly to the first season, as I always thought the first season was more a collection of small, self-contained moments whereas this seemed more like a cohesive narrative throughout. Some of the choices were downright impossible and that last choice especially had my gawping at my tv, hands shaking and tears streaming down my face for a good 10 minutes. Definitely worth playing if you've not already. I went a fair bit lighter after that with Gravity Rush Remastered and hot damn, that game is ludicrously fun. The story is bonkers with so many loose ends but the writing was brilliant and at points genuinely funny. Combat was fun, flying around the city was excellent and all the challenges, side quests and DLC was excellent too. Definitely not a 10/10 perfect game by any stretch but it was waaaaaay more fun than it had any right to be and was absolutely worth the £9 or so I paid for it. Last and, -if I'm being honest- least was Ether One, a Myst-esque puzzler that came free with PS+ last year. First couple areas were good, with some genuinely interesting puzzles but the second half was filled with some of the most stupidly obscure stuff I've ever had to deal with in a game. The story, a journey into the mind of a dementia sufferers memory was nice and the last act was a real visceral gut punch but this one was purely for die hard fans of the genre. It's good that I doubled my target this month because there's only one game I'll be paying any attention to in March, and I can't God damn wait for it.
  14. The PS4 thread

    Coming out August 22nd apparently. I should really give the first one another shot
  15. Indy/download games that focus on story and human condition

    Gone Home! Sweet jesus Hammy, go and play Gone Home right the fuck now! You'll adore everything about it, I'll stake my reputation on it.