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  1. Karo Parisyan vs. Dustin Hazelett has been booked for UFC 106. Awesome match-making by Joe Silva.
  2. I had completely forgotten this one came out... glad to hear though it was better than the second one. I thought the first was great and a real good throwback to Futurama episodes, but Beast with a Billion Backs was pretty meh for me.
  3. I can't imagine they would. He has a good record in the past, but in the last couple years he's been nothing short of disappointing. Granted he's lost against three top 10 talents, but I don't think he's going to get the Silva or Rampage treatment. His last three wins are against two overmatched Korean fighters and Marvin Eastman, not terribly impressive.
  4. Agreed, "I'm so... startled" was the line of the night. And Craig hating their group was good fun.
  5. Marlon Sims versus... was it Noah Inhofer? Or something? Noah put Marlon in a triangle or armbar or something and Marlon powerbombed him onto the ground, causing a big cut.
  6. Diego Sanchez is pulling out of his fight with Thiago Alves due to a rib injury. Josh Koscheck is stepping in to take the fight. Of course he was scheduled to fight Yoshiyuki Yoshida at the fight night for the troops, so we'll see what happens to Yoshida now.
  7. The worst part of this weekend is that Texas Tech will likely be #4, and at least top 5 in the polls. The Red Raiders are seriously not that good, Nebraska absolutely handed them that game today.
  8. Not a good start. A really bad episode. It wasn't even about being uncomfortable, because that's what South Park is about, the content just wasn't funny. The whole Cartman/Butters plot felt added on at the last second just to fill time and Butters shooting people in the crotch as the main on-going joke of the episode (aside from the rape) just wasn't funny. I thought it was a good idea to take on the Indiana Jones movie, especially when it was revealed that the rape was the movie, but nothing else clicked. The repeated rape scenes and people crying wasn't funny, Cartman and Butters in P.F. Chang's wasn't funny. Very poor episode.
  9. Double post, but whatever. Gina Carano had trouble AGAIN making weight last night, but on her third try did hit 141 pounds. And Ken Shamrock came in at 206.5 pounds. I don't know if Shamrock was trying to cut weight, or if he just came in that light. He came in around 220 if I remember correctly for his Cage Rage fight against Robert Berry, so what happened? If he is actually weighing in at 206 for heavyweight fights without cutting at all, just go back to light heavyweight, it makes no sense.
  10. If the November 8th EliteXC show is indeed in Reno, I just may have to go, ESPECIALLY if Eddie Alvarez/Nick Diaz has been added. That fight alone would be worth seeing, and Lawler/Villasenor should be pretty good.
  11. UFC 92 (the year end, December show in Las Vegas) currently features: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir (UFC Heavyweight Titlte) Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans (UFC Light Heavyweight Title) Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva Plus Yushin Okami vs. Dean Lister, in what I would assume is a #1 contender's fight to see who challenges Anderson Silva next.
  12. UFC announced on January 17th (the same day as Affliction's next show...) they'll be going back to Ireland, this time in Dublin. On the slate right now is: Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson @ Light Heavyweight. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs. Mark Coleman @ Heavyweight.
  13. Well, do you mean aside from the fact that he'd be moving up a weight class and would be undersized? I think he's got a well-rounded enough game and strong enough wrestling to do all right, but I don't think he would fare very well against the top 10 or so lightweights in UFC.
  14. I watched a good couple hours of it today. I really don't have much to add other than the fact that I am excited that the U.S. has a pretty big lead, albeit after only one day. Plus, I'm really excited to watch Anthony Kim develop over the next few years and see what kind of golfer he becomes.
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