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  1. Favorite thing in episode 4:
  2. Nevermind, this game looks great.
  3. Not enough video games simulating what it would be like if a water cooler were in the old west, IMO. Needs to change.
  4. Looks fine but I was hoping for a cooler story tease.
  5. There's a lot of technical/function aspects I'd like to see addressed about controllers and whatnot. But I think I'm on board for a combo console/higher-powered gaming tablet that I can take on trips. Cartridges make sense because of the portable aspect of it assuming they're not that big. I wouldn't want to carry CD cases or a bunch of CD slips around, way too much space wasted or risk of breaking.
  6. That's six hours from now.
  7. I would try season 3. If you go "hey, it's getting better," then yeah. If not, you're good.
  8. I think it's understandable to have different expectations for video game endings vs. film, tv, novel endings. I thought RDR's was executed really well, with a good thematic point to it so I didn't feel cheated, but I definitely had a moment of "oh, come on" as it was happening. It's a more active form of involvement than the others, so mileage can vary for that reason.
  9. Yep.
  10. The Cody Rhodes episode is this week.
  11. Didn't care for Flashpoint much. Earth-2 was such a deep, layered "what if" scenario that something as quick as this was didn't really present a world interesting enough to have been hyped up and mostly just made me go "oh god, Barry, didn't you already learn this lesson?" We'll see what the fallout is, I suppose. If they want to make Barry/Iris happen, I mean, whatever. Arrow taught me that being invested in shipping on these shows is a road to ruin so I'm trying to not have opinions on that (I'm sure Legends of Tomorrow will make me backpedal on that at some point though).
  12. Man, I really, really, really want to know who she's playing.
  13. I honestly have a hard time separating Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil S1 in terms of quality. Jessica Jones was probably the best of the three if I had to really pin it down, but tonally the first half of Luke Cage is the most I've ever enjoyed any of them. Still, JJ is the only one that I think really finishes strong; its problems are more in stretching it out to get to the finish. In general I think every one of the Netflix shows thusfar could have done with being a couple episodes shorter. Daredevil S2 is far and a way by a million miles the worst of them because while Luke Cage gets a bit silly near the end, nowhere near as silly as the fucking ninja tiptoeing everywhere.
  14. I don't watch her YouTube stuff but her episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was pretty good.