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  1. So very glad that Poch convinced him to stay. EDIT: Whoa, and Monaco equalized. We're second in the group!
  2. God, all the WM card pictures are really bad. I think Cena's the only one I haven't changed.
  3. I think Con Air has aged into being considered fun '90s cheese in the same way, say, Top Gun is fun '80s cheese. I really enjoy it for what it is.
  4. Yeah, Zeke is working much better for me in the context of the show, and Mari thusfar has shown promise. Gen X is... yeah. I like the off-the-grid model guy, though. He reminds me of Crazy Dave Cruser.
  5. honestly the most exciting thing for me is that they got Madalena from Galavant to play the LMD. Too bad S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't the superhero show having a musical episode this season.
  6. Did NBC put it online? EDIT: They did! Watching it now. EDIT II: Yep, it's great.
  7. C. Martin Croker, who was a really influential animator and voice actor for Cartoon Network and eventually Adult Swim, died on Saturday. He's probably best known for voicing Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast, Cartoon Planet, Toonami, The Brak Show, and others. So here's the episode of SGC2C with Randy Savage in it, because EWB:
  8. I don't see why I should be upset that a lot of money that isn't mine was spent on a guy, really. It strikes me as too much, but as long as it's not significantly hindering, say, stadium progress then whatever. And I'm not sure how credible it is, but someone said that Newcastle owed Spurs 17m for Townsend and Yedlin so if that's the case then it basically becomes 13m + two players for Sissoko.
  9. this doesn't seem like a very good deal but from a sheer drama/hilarity standpoint I'm enjoying every second of it
  10. Yeah, when it's not an international competition of some sort I don't really get it. I was especially bewildered when my dad and I went to a soccer game between Peru and Haiti and they played it before both teams came out.
  11. Really not happy with this turn of events where I have to be on Colin Kaepernick's side on something.
  12. Ah, Monaco. Been there, done that. Would have loved Copenhagen, Legia, or Celctic for something new but this is a waaaaaay better group than I was expecting.
  13. I want Celtic in group 4 so I can watch the Kaney team that I don't hate.