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  1. The trailer was fine but it's pretty much "What if Stranger Things but it's actually Ghostbusters," isn't it? Starring the lead kid from Stranger Things, who dressed up as a Ghostbuster on that show.
  2. I was worried that yesterday was going to be the day because I was in a Denny's for like two hours, but they only got around to Christmas music just as I was ready to leave. I think maybe it's different in the States anyway, I legitimately don't think I'd ever really heard it other than in passing until I went to Norway for Christmas when I was 17. (now that I said that I'm definitely gonna be out within the next two days, maybe when I go to a mall)
  3. Speaking of, I'm trying to catch up on some 2019 shows and it feels like The Flash fell off an absolute cliff from where I left off last season. I usually don't like to bag on acting because a) I think an actor's performance often has so much to do with direction and script and b) it's an Arrowverse show, but Chris Klein as Cicada might honestly be turning in the single worst performance I've ever seen on one of these shows. All of the sideplots feel like they're lifted out of a Fox Family show from twenty years ago, too.
  4. 1. Watchmen 2. Russian Doll 3. The Deuce 4. What We Do In the Shadows 5. The Other Two 6. Barry 7. Mr. Robot 8. Veronica Mars 9. The Good Place 10. Veep 11. Legends of Tomorrow 12. GLOW 13. My Hero Academia 14. Mindhunter 15. Agents of SHIELD Best New Character: Nadia Vulvokov (Russian Doll) (Honorable mentions: Nadja (What We Do In the Shadows), Wade Tillman/Looking Glass (Watchmen), Brooke Dubeck (The Other Two)) Bottom five is basically wide open right now, none of the bottom four shows have full seasons out and there are other shows like Arrested Development and Bojack that I've not watched in full yet either.
  5. Previously, on EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2018: I think I went with "Don't Kidnap" for the "Next On" clip last year but that one got deleted so it doesn't count!! so yeah, we're back! You vote on shows and I promise that within the next calendar year I'll tally them up! Probably within the first month of that calendar year! THE RULES: 1. You will be fielding a list of your top fifteen shows of the year. Voting, of course, goes like so; list the shows from 1 to 15, the show you listed at 1 gets fifteen points, the show you listed at 2 gets fourteen points, and so on. That being said, if you didn't watch fifteen TV shows (or fifteen TV shows you actually liked enough to vote for) feel free to just leave the rest of your ballot blank once you run out. That is totally valid! 2. This is a list for your favorite TV shows of 2019, and by that I mean that every show you vote for must have been airing new episodes in its country of origin. For example, My Hero Academia aired new episodes in Japan this year so it's eligible! (hooray, I get to keep the same example three dang years in a row) 3. Shows don't necessarily have to be scripted comedies or dramas. Hell, last year Taskmaster very nearly made the top 10! 4. But there is an exception; no wrestling (ignoring, obviously, scripted series about wrestling like GLOW). That stuff will all be in the wrestling awards, if there is one this year. 5. And finally, you don't need to tell me you've edited your list up until I post saying that voting is closed, because that's when I'll start tallying everything. Then if you really, really want to make a change you should probably let me know, and I may or may not allow it.  AND DON'T FORGET BEST NEW CHARACTER IF YOU'RE INTO THAT SORT OF THING: It's that fun side event that a couple people vote on every year, limited to characters who made their debuts as full-fledged chaacters on either a new or returning TV show this year! All you have to do is add something like "Best New Character: (character name)" at the end of your ballot and you've had your say in who joins Bob Newby and Nora West-Allen in the hall of past winners! So get voting, or get to catching up on shows and then vote! Deadline is.... I don't know, maybe the end of the month? Depends on when ballots stop trickling in.
  6. I always feel left out in the cold when this comes along because most years I barely use Spotify so I don't qualify, and the year-end stuff is always the only time I'm actually kind of disappointed by that fact. But I can say with great confidence that the albums I listened to the most this year are the following: - Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? by The Waitresses - Confident Music For Confident People by Confidence Man - On the Beach by Neil Young - Crush on Me by Sir Babygirl - Kind of Blue by Miles Davis - Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen - Cologne by Kaoru Akimoto
  7. You got it. Right now my top six or seven from this year I'm very strong on and then it gets a lot weaker. I think the movie on the bubble right now of my top ten is either Ready or Not (a fun, well-designed horror comedy but not a movie I'm going to want to go back to) or Far From Home (an enjoyable Marvel movie but nothing really special). Hopefully I can get out and see some good stuff soon but now that it actually costs me money to go to the movie theater I'm a little less adventurous
  8. Hey all. So, like I said in one of the General threads, I had basically tallied up all of this and then somehow lost it all, so between that and a pretty busy summer of work I pretty much threw my hands up in exasperation and never got back to it. But ever-so-luckily, my work suddenly doesn't have much more me so I used that spare time to recount everything! It's funderemployment! But I don't think a list that I didn't finish counting for half a year deserves a big dramatic rollout, who wants that, so behind the cut are EWB's Top 23 Movies of 2018: Apologies again for the massive delay, and thanks to the folks that voted. I'll probably step down from running these going forward but wholeheartedly encourage someone else to take up the mantle, and I'll probably run an EWB's Favorite Movie of the 2010s early next year as a means of putting a bow on my era of running movie lists. But before that, I'm not stepping down from running EWB's Favorite TV Show, and ballots for that will open up tomorrow.
  9. I'll be interested to see how long I last this year. Want to say last year it ended in a mall. I always tempt fate by hanging out in a Plug.dj room where folks play Christmas music but generally speaking that particular song never gets picked.
  10. I thought it was phenomenal. I think you could make it much shorter but I wouldn't particularly want to.
  11. Turkey Day marathon is live. First movie is Space Mutiny.
  12. Ah, I love the sketches. I think the lack of that kind of structure for me is why I only ever really watch Rifftrax stuff in full if it's a live theater event. I think this period of MST3K's sketches were way more hit-and-miss than previous iterations, though when they hit (like the two Paul and Storm-written songs or whatever the hell this was) they really hit. I think ultimately the MST3K format should be sustainable, and a thing that at a lower budget should be appealing to another streaming service. I think there's stuff they did, like having the voice performers and the puppeteers for the Bots be different, that can be cut down on.
  13. Did Lizzo win a bunch of awards for "Truth Hurts?" Because I agree that that's an outrage, she should have won them for "Juice."
  14. Maybe my favorite episode of TV this year.
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