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  1. god Iceland are the best.
  2. Honestly thusfar I think I've liked Malta and Cyprus the best thusfar. The bald guy from Norway has done us proud, though.
  3. the postcards are so great this year because I know I'm waiting for a drop. The setups should get increasingly more preposterous every time.
  4. I don't think I care desperately either way if someone uses a spoiler tag but I do have to concur that after two weeks it's perfectly fair for someone to not use them.
  5. I mean, there won't be another one this year, nothing since Far From Home has even started shooting yet. Thusfar every first movie in a phase has come out like a year after the final movie of the last one, it doesn't look like it's going to be dramatically different this time.
  6. Re: a thing in that trailer and also Agents of SHIELD, so there's a "spoiler" that's straight-up been mentioned in the SHIELD trailers:
  7. You're not. I think you might have liked it when it came out if you'd seen it in a good theater but you've likely seen more visually impressive movies now and the plot is nothing you've not seen before. Some of the supporting cast turn in good performances (Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver, specifically) but from what I remember that's about it?
  8. There was like a one-year window where Avatar was inescapable, first as like a zeitgeist "you have to watch this movie" thing and then as a thing that everyone and their mother parodied, in part because once that excitement about the visuals faded a little people started taking potshots at the actual plot. But yeah, it left absolutely no cultural footprint and I'm kind of interested to see how the sequels do if/when they ever come out.
  9. See you next month, Matt.
  10. First episode I've watched in full in about two years. It was good spectacle, well-executed, didn't do anything that really blew my mind in terms of actual story beats but I mean, it wouldn't, would it? Might come back for the finale.
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