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  1. WWE Supercard

    Excited about that Legendary Stardust, if we get that then I'll be at LG Pro #3. Finn is probably too big an ask for this team right now...
  2. Game of Thrones

    If their intent was to write out Dorne, they should have had Ellaria and the Sand Snakes die, not Doran/Areo/Trystane. Instead I think the intent was pretty clearly "let's streamline this so it's eventually the Lannisters vs. the Sands." I didn't remember that Trystane was supposed to be on that boat until I was talking about it with a co-worker on Thursday, and then I died laughing. That's so stupid.
  3. What Did You Watch Today?

    Green Room breaks the "I haven't seen an actual great 2016 movie yet" thing, though weirdly I think I might actually prefer a version of the movie that's just about a touring punk band having to do shitty shows to make money to get back home without the whole "menaced by evil white supremacists" thing.
  4. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    I am very pleased with our pick. Gotta be top-five in Name Quality in the first round. When I wake up I will power rank the first-round draft pick names just to be sure.
  5. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    oh I still got time for one Draft Analysis: Joey Bosa will be driven to succeed, because if he does then people won't immediately mistake his last name for "Bofa" anymore. Please don't tell him the Bofa joke. He's heard the Bofa joke.
  6. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    DRAFT ANALYSIS: Jared Goff is the name of probably the only player I'll see get drafted before I leave for work tonight. I get one name, and it's Jared Goff. It doesn't even sound like a full name. It sounds like someone trailed off halfway through. I quit.
  7. Game of Thrones

    for real, nothing major ever happens in these episodes. Last season the biggest developments were Mance Rayder being killed and Lancel Lannister returning as a Sparrow.
  8. Game of Thrones

    She was with Ellaria Sand.
  9. WWE Supercard

    was making solid progress on the Miz at the very least, started another KOTR, and now my phone has completely imploded into total worthlessness out of nowhere. Beautiful!
  10. Prince has passed away.

    Seriously. Fuck. Will edit title accordingly when more confirmation comes in, but when it's this big they're rarely wrong. EDIT: Associated Press now confirming it.
  11. Survivor: Kaoh Rong ***SPOILERS***

    Just gonna stop worrying about the endgame and enjoy the magic. Fuck yeah, Aubry, ten points to Ravenclaw.
  12. Arrow

    Caught up now. They're really too committed to the soap opera aspect of the show, a thing that only was balanced right in one season. They'd somehow gotten the status quo back to something good at the start of this season (I miss suburban Ollie and Felicity so much), and then just managed to spectacularly blow it up in the worst way in the last two months. I know "these two characters have a functional adult relationship and it stays a functional adult relationship" doesn't scream exciting to write but you have fucking supervillains for tension, for god's sake. Hive is still a much better villain organization than the League of Assassins, though.
  13. General Television Thread

    I love/loved Galavant. It was a miracle it ever made it past the pilot stage to get a full season, then another miracle that it got a second season, can't imagine it's going to somehow get a third.
  14. EWB's Top 27 Movies of 2015

    Though I will say that that movie did feature my actual favorite Marvel movie villain since Loki, it's just that he was only in one scene and we probably won't see him again until 2018.
  15. EWB's Top 27 Movies of 2015

    I much preferred Yellowjacket to Ultron or any of the "I am a dour alien" villains (or, well, Malekith and Ronan). Not that that's a high bar. The Marvel movie villains really do need sprucing up, and I'm getting Baron Von Strucker "this guy doesn't actually matter to the plot" vibes off of Baron Zemo in Civil War too.