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  1. Really not happy with this turn of events where I have to be on Colin Kaepernick's side on something.
  2. Ah, Monaco. Been there, done that. Would have loved Copenhagen, Legia, or Celctic for something new but this is a waaaaaay better group than I was expecting.
  3. I want Celtic in group 4 so I can watch the Kaney team that I don't hate.
  4. Okay, fingers crossed for no Group F. Or Group D. Not those. Good god.
  5. Freaks and Geeks. I mean, for all I know maybe one perfect season was the best way to leave it, but I can't help wondering what season two would have looked like.
  6. Yep. Ben Foster is probably the standout, though, even if Pine and Bridges are also really great.
  7. Catching up on Mr. Robot now that I'm back stateside. Oh my god, the sitcom sequence.
  8. Hell or High Water is seriously fucking good.
  9. Oh Christ, Sons of Anarchy, yeah. That's a good one.
  10. Dexter is, of course, the #1 answer. No show embodies Showtime's inability to let its successful shows end gracefully more. Another one: The Office (US), by about two seasons.
  11. Cast bios here. Haven't looked at all of them yet but I watched the video. Zeke is.... Zeke is going to be an ordeal, I think. Only twist revealed is that this season the Hidden Immunity Idol is going to be a Hiding In Plain Sight deal, somewhere on the beach among the shells.
  12. Norwegian women's handball team just absolutely obliterated Sweden, so that's a good day in my book.
  13. Yeah, I think if you were going to place your bets on who was going to go out first in the Daily Show War of Spiritual Succession it was going to be Wilmore. Nightly Show just never clicked for me. Hopefully Mike Yard lands somewhere good.