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  1. Honestly, if someone out of that core five was going to go I'm glad it's Erlich, though I'm also not thrilled that he's gone. But then, after having really enjoyed most of this season I was annoyed at this week's because it basically took them back to "it's the starting premise but with a new version of Pied Piper" again, so maybe this is what it takes to radically shift the balance of things. Who knows.
  2. My guess would be that after this season we'll jump to the end of the suspension. I'm curious how much purely Saul story there is to tell, since the intent was to turn Jimmy into Saul much earlier but then they realized they had way more to explore pre-Saul then they'd previously thought.
  3. "I don't want these."
  4. Veep and Silicon Valley were both renewed, but T.J. Miller won't be coming back for season 5 of the latter.
  5. I definitely watched some of a fan edit designed to show what the season looks like with all the scenes in chronological order. I think it would be 100% in AD/Netflix's best interest to promote an official version with proper, professional editing a month or two before season 5 drops. I thought season 4 was really great, myself. There are some weaker episodes (George Sr. and Lindsay aren't characters who really work as the central focus), but I really admired the ambition of it and a lot of the choices they made, particularly in how they depicted Michael when he doesn't have the rest of the family around to make him look better by comparison and how they handled Maeby's.... well, uh, arrested development.
  6. Just saw what is apparently the name of the next season. There better be an alternate name like how Fans vs. Favorites is also Micronesia, because I am absolutely not typing "Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers" into a thread title.
  7. Jesus, what happened? I didn't end up watching last week's and I'm probably not gonna watch tonight's either. also my irrational fondness for Stephanie Valencia resents this comment very much.
  8. I really really like this take on Vulture.
  9. Roger Moore was my favorite Bond when I was a kid. Brosnan was too new for me to think he was my favorite, and I think what I liked about him was that he reminded me of Moore. I liked my Bonds, at the time, to be super-suave and larger than life and the Connery films were comparatively grounded. I think if I were to go back as an adult I'd rate Connery the highest, but I haven't actually watched an old Bond movie in full in ages outside of On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Lazenby is underrated, btw). Live and Let Die was fucking bonkers, though. I'm genuinely unsure if I want to rewatch that one now that I'm adult, I'd rather enshrine it in "this is the one with the voodoo priest and the alligators, awesome" memory.
  10. I would be very surprised if Suicide Squad isn't on DVD or VOD yet, it's been 9.5 months.
  11. Yeah, Winter Soldier is for sure in my top five. I'm bored and have a few minutes so this is probably how I rank them all: