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  1. I'd say the Ubi conference was better than the Microsoft conference from May and the EA conference, but not as good as Sony or, depending on how you feel about their presentation style/humor, as entertaining as Devolver's thing from yesterday. Firmly mid-tier.
  2. I feel like from what I've seen with Far Cry games the deal is always that they introduce the villains in advance and don't really bother setting up who the protagonist is, right? EDIT: Ah, the protagonist information is here:
  3. oh, nice, that was a pretty good voiceover performance. Should translate to this well, though tonally this will be dramatically different.
  4. Well, uh, I got one of those! I missed the Far Cry 6 leak until I saw the photo of Giancarlo and the kid like an hour ago. But also I've never played a Far Cry game so while "oh shit, Giancarlo Esposito's the main villain in a game" would have been cool that whole thing felt a lot like Ubisoft once again doing something very political that they've not entirely thought through.
  5. They're giving video games prestige cable TV intros now?
  6. "The perception of vikings are that they're just brutal murderers, but that's not true. They were farmers! But also they were badass brutal murderers."
  7. I'm just having a chin wag about this proper ace Pokemon game, I am.
  8. Yeah. Though I'm playing Pokemon Shield right now and given the dialogue in that at least I know I'm taking a mild step up on that front.
  9. The tone of this game was always a little weird but it's only gotten a billion times weirder given the last four months.
  10. Ah, nevermind. Yeah, I'm not... excited for this one, as such. A lot of the appeal of Ubisoft's things are the on-stage goofiness and that's not happening this time. Hoping for a release date on Watch Dogs Legion, confirmation that BGE2 and Skull and Bones aren't dead, and maybe a better idea of what that Greek mythology game announced last year actually is.
  11. They've also purged multiple people in leadership positions in relation to the video game corner of the Speaking Out movement and are saying they'll address it on the stream. I can only hope they somehow try to do that while maintaining the usual "it's Ubisoft, the whimsical major game publisher" tone of their actual press conferences, because that's the weird-ass gaming press conference 2020 deserves.
  12. TOBES BERGWIJN ON FOR LUCAS I am genuinely happy with Spurs for the moment and fully prepared for the inevitable heartbreak.
  13. Feels like the resistible force of Tottenham's offence/buildup vs. the movable object of Arsenal's back four. It's crazy that Ndombele was one of the only good things about that abysmal Bournemouth game and now he's on the bench again. Would like to see him and Bergwijn subbed on ASAP.
  14. Search Party season 3 was mostly really good. Cassidy Diamond will make my shortlist for Best New Character this year for sure, and the big Elliott reveal could and maybe should have been bad but because of everything they'd established with him it's so fucking ridiculous that it works. The one thing that doesn't work for me
  15. Belatedly, huh. I completely forgot "Holidays in the Sun" was in there. Concur with the sentiment that it's good but the Sex Pistols having three songs in the book is a little silly. Try as I might, "Wuthering Heights" has never worked for me. Like, it's adjacent to so much music I love but every time I've actually tried to listen to it I'm just left feeling absolutely nothing. I feel like once a year I go back to it like "oh, is this the time?" and no, not this time. It is to music as Carol is to movies for me; a lot of people whose opinions I deeply respect revere it and I'm glad they like it but it just isn't registering for me. "Uptown Top Ranking" rules. There's this effortlessness to it, like it could be a song you might have just heard a couple teens singing walking down the street and never heard again, but it's a #1 single. "I Feel Love" is tremendous too. The synthesized backing music works perfectly, I don't think I'd like that song as much without that that slightly alienating effect to it.
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