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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Jude Law in negotiations to join Captain Marvel as Mar-Vell. Love it.
  2. The Good Place (Thread)

    I feel like no spoiler tags for anything up to the season one finale, spoiler tags for anything plot-specific from that finale onwards.
  3. Comic Book Films & TV

    Honestly, I came out of the movie liking Cyborg more than anyone else. The movie was, I thought, really mediocre, which is bad in and of itself but is at least a step ahead of BvS. Some of the Joss Whedon scenes stick out like a sore thumb and his patter feels really wrong coming out of Batman's mouth, and it felt like there were these constant moments where some character would say shit like "booyah" or "all riiiiiiiiiiight" and it would start feeling more like a big-budget energy drink commercial more than a superhero movie. But there was also some stuff I liked! fucking astonishing that after Wonder Woman it didn't break 100 million. But then, Wonder Woman also for sure captured the attention of people who don't care about superhero movies normally; my mom, who's never watched a superhero film before in her life, watched it on a plane on recommendation from a friend and told me how much she liked it after I picked her up from an airport.
  4. General Television Thread

    Shout-out to Search Party season 2 for taking my favorite twist from season 1 and doubling the fuck down on it.
  5. The Anime Thread

    that is disgusting. This is much less disgusting. GUESS WHAT ANIME I'VE WANDERED OVER TO:
  6. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    only groups of death for Spurs in the CL from now on, I guess.
  7. General Television Thread

    The Good Place has been renewed for season 3! I might want to give that its own thread.
  8. Comic Book Films & TV

    She plays evil incredibly well. The Red Kryptonite episode was probably my favorite episode of season 1.
  9. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    Runaways reviews are good but I feel like my Marvel TV fatigue + the fact that I'm kind of salty about the fact that they did some real Hollywood shit with that cast (aging up Molly, making Gert skinnier, kind of making Chase buffer) is still a barrier to entry for me. Maybe I'll suck it up eventually but probably not for another month.
  10. General Television Thread

    If it helps, I think this season of Mr. Robot has been pretty good. I like it a lot more than last season up to the same point. Orange is the New Black is also a show I've completely failed to keep watching, which is incredible because I liked season 4 a lot. It seems like there was just a big collective "eh, we've moved on" about it this year. EDIT: Other shows I'd like to watch but know I'm not going to find the time for are Riverdale, Handmaid's Tale, and probably The Punisher.
  11. General Television Thread

    I'm not nearly as down on it as that from the five episodes I watched but the only one I actually went "oh, I enjoyed that" about was the full-on Single White Female episode because it broke from the usual format and didn't waste a lot of time on third-string characters from the law office. There are only two songs I've really enjoyed thusfar (the Heather number because I fucking hate inspirational "the future is bright" numbers, and the Josh Groban one), and I am definitely incredibly, incredibly uninvested in what actually happens. Far more than I thought I would be after the end of season 2. The problem with doing a good job of selling that both Rebecca and Josh suck is that both Rebecca and Josh suck. anyway, this is the reminder to all y'all that EWB's Favorite Show 2017 will be open for business sometime within the next two weeks! So if you're like me and keep putting off finishing shows then now's a good time to start on them. Personally, the biggest things I still have to do are a) finish The Deuce, b) finish Stranger Things 2, and c) start on season two of Search Party since that came back last night.
  12. WWE Supercard

    I woke up and it seems like all of my save data is gone. Which is... jeez. What the fuck. I guess that's what I get for doing local save.
  13. WWE Supercard

    though the fact that you can't switch up the lineup as a tactical move and the fact that it no longer trains cards are both horrible decisions And also the part where it's not letting me claim rewards for the one I'm presently in. Supercard is still Supercard, apparently.
  14. WWE Supercard

    It's so jarring going from plowing through RTGs on my previous account to having to basically grind out +1s on the first stage. My team's improved to the point where I'm always winning them comfortably, though. I might start trying +3s but right now I'm happy to farm cards. I like a lot of the changes they made. KOTR no longer feels like a horrifying overinvestment of time and I'm happier with the +25 picks I'm gonna get for my time than the single cards of yesteryear.