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  1. hey guys, trying to chip in but I'm pretty sick and focusing my eyes on the cell phone screen becomes difficult after a while. Want to see if I can get to 10 shards but I'm a little skeptical
  2. Listed as The Big Guy. a bit of CHIKARA tag team updates (mostly the ones that don't require creating wrestlers or doing the Dual Identities As They Relate to CHIKARA Debate), and data for a roster member not in the game: Next will be adding more roster members, but I also want to propose a bunch of staff cuts from the game so I'm gonna be researching a lot of names for that.
  3. I was mad when it wasn't on your Favorite Show ballot because I know you love Michael Schur's other shows. YOU COULD'VE BEEN THE ONE WHO GOT IT IN, RUKI But yeah that finale was brilliant.
  4. Those are indeed four of the biggest characters from that season! Maybe, in terms of the story of the season itself, the four biggest, though one of the cast is more famous than any of them now. The Outback cast is basically the cast that has come back the most. As of like a month from now there's representation from that set of players in six seasons, though I won't say who in case you're like me and like being surprised by who they pick to come back for which seasons.
  5. Marquesas is absolutely a milestone season, and I wish they'd brought more players from that back for all-star seasons. And yeah, Azazel, Rudy's interesting. I think he and Richard are the two people most ahead of the curve in season one; Richard in spearheading the alliance/alliance management, and Rudy in going "well, I'm the minority here so I better fit in with them instead of them fitting in with me," in contrast to B.B.'s stubbornness.
  6. Seeing it evolve quickly over time was basically the reason I was like "fuck it, I'm gonna watch all the old Survivors" a few years ago. It's fun seeing the wrinkles get thrown in, whether by production (Africa!) or by players (Amazon!).
  7. Doesn't seem like it's a part of the new album from the way their twitter phrases it, but it'll definitely tide me over until the new album comes.
  8. My point exactly!
  9. I guess the zombie thing is as good a reason for that as any, I just hope that it doesn't go off the deep end with supernatural elements which the trailer doesn't make it look like it will. I already have iZombie for that.
  10. That movie was in my theater for like two months and I was walking in and watching bits and pieces of it all the time during checks and I still couldn't tell you what the actual plot of it was. But I just saw Hidden Figures today and you should watch that! It's a feel-good movie.
  11. Okay, a lot of CHIKARA roster tweaks to the existing guys. Next I'll start working on stables/tag teams.
  12. You actually can't do that for Japanese touring promotions. It's very much an albatross around EWR's neck now.
  13. Ryback is one of the WM Pros I'm cultivating already, darn. Still gonna go hard, the SS card should keep rising the tide of my RTG deck.
  14. My scenic amble through WWE Supercard has led me to my RD deck getting to SS status today! I got there with my ranked deck a couple days ago and got Paige as my freebie, which was much-needed. Tomorrow's MLK day so if they don't shift Teams over to Tuesday I should be able to go pretty hard.
  15. Okay, CHIKARA stuff. There's a lot to do and some battles I want to fight but update #1 is just going to be some preliminary roster stuff. Includes one major dual-identity spoiler in case any CHIKARA folks who dodge that stuff are reading. EDIT: Okay, here's a couple more bits. Will start on alignments and gimmicks tomorrow.