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  1. Looks like Google is, indeed, in on the gaming market and is basically making a streaming platform for games. Stream going on right now.
  2. hey, go vote in EWB's Favorite Movie! Deadline's Monday(ish)! You saw movies from last year, don't lie!

    1. DMN


      I thought I hadn't, but I did see The Favorite, which was real, real, good, but I don't think I can just vote for it for everything.

    2. Mick
  3. No sooner than Monday. Possibly a couple days later.
  4. Just saw it. I thought it was fine but somewhere on the lower end of the Marvel movie spectrum for me. Some really good ideas but something in the execution was lacking, I guess? Could also, to a certain degree, be Origin Fatigue. Anyway, glad others are liking it more than I did!
  5. I think I'm probably going to change the rule to something like "A film is eligible if it was a) legally released in your country in the past calendar year and b) hasn't previously appeared on this list." My guess is that's still going to lead to quibbles because of stuff like streaming exclusivity but given the comparatively staggered release dates for movies compared to TV, that's a rule that makes more sense for TV. Regardless, I'm going to go by the rules we used this year (even though the fact that there wasn't a 2017 list to begin with sort of makes the whole thing weirder), so I'm gonna remove Death of Stalin from my list.
  6. there it is. I'm going to have to rewrite this damn rule.
  7. 1. The Favourite 2. Hereditary 3. Black Panther 4. Annihilation 5. Roma 6. If Beale Street Could Talk 7. Infinity War 8. Sorry to Bother You 9. Into the Spider-Verse 10. BlackKklansman
  8. We're back! Last year? Last year there was definitely a list determined, definitely on EWB! or maybe somewhere else! Just take my word on it. But we're back to the traditional format this year, and here's the rules: 1. You will be fielding a list of your top ten films of the year. Voting, of course, goes like so; list the films from 1 to 10, the show you listed at 1 gets ten points, the show you listed at 2 gets nine points, and so on. That being said, if you didn't watch ten movies (or ten movies you actually liked enough to vote for) feel free to just leave the rest of your ballot blank once you run out. That is totally valid! 2. The films had to be released in their country of origin in 2018. This is going to lead to some sort of irritating loophole I have to ignore but I always try to stick to this rule as best I can anyway. 3. You don't need to tell me you've edited your list up until I post saying that voting is closed, because that's when I'll start tallying everything. Then if you really, really want to make a change you should probably let me know. now get voting! The winner's circle comprises of Inglourious Basterds, Inception, The Muppets, The Avengers, The Wolf of Wall Street, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Lady Bird(*). Only you (well, a multitude of you) can determine the next one! (* - Lady Bird won the title of EWB's Favorite Movie 2017 in an untelevised tournament in Rio de Janeiro.)
  9. I'm not into the look of the starters at all, but the game itself looks beautiful. Can't wait.
  10. It finished in the top 15, IIRC.
  11. Just finished season 1 of Barry. NoHo Hank should have won Best New Character last year in a landslide.
  12. I mean, it's the second half of the season they already filmed and released the first half of a year ago. I'm going into it with the mentality that there probably won't be any more so hopefully it ties things together well.

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