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  1. I am! But my headset is broken and I'm less than a week away from going to Norway for a couple weeks, so that's probably not helpful. Had an amazing war of attrition in Competitive last night, an Assault game at Volskaya Industries where we finally won 5-4, which was good fun and also a reminder that I'm only much good at playing Lucio competitively after a pretty disastrous start as Roadhog.
  2. Not really rightfully, but that's another story. The problem is really that until now, it's been borderline-impossible to determine which signings were championed by which person out of Sigi, Hanauer, and Lagerwey, but what's clear is that long-term roster construction was a problem and to a certain extent, so has misfortune that's basically out of anyone's hands (something like Oba Martins bailing out at the last minute on a team that was basically built around him would basically fuck over any team in MLS). I don't think the blame lies solely at his feet, but definitely partially and Lagerwey and Hanauer aren't going anywhere. From here on out, Lagerwey is clearly going to be the one held accountable for everything and I'm looking forward to that clarity. Signing Lodeiro and parting with Sigi simultaneously is basically the end of an era.
  3. I'm not, really. It's been about the same for me.
  4. Thanks a million, chief.
  5. And, in the most disorienting half-hour span I've ever had as a Sounders fan, Nicolas Lodeiro has arrived and been greeted by Garth Lagerwey at about the same time as the Sounders and Sigi part ways.
  6. This is GoGo "Scoop" Yubari with the HOT UPDATE YOU WERE ALL WAITING FOR: Uruguayan midfielder Nicolas Lodeiro is, as I type this, arriving at SeaTac Airport to complete his $6M transfer from Boca Juniors to MLS team/present garbage fire Seattle Sounders FC. That's it. That's the scoop for probably this entire window. One and done. I need a drink, that was some hard work.
  7. not that I'm encouraging Fabian Espindola playing for the Whitecaps, because that team is full of enough absolutely insufferable players as it is, but if he has serious issues with living in Canada he could just live in Port Roberts and carpool with Kekuta Manneh. It's entirely possible to just live in Washington and commute if it's that important.
  8. I am definitely in the "the last ten minutes were the weakest part" camp, though I love the final moment and
  9. If he can make it out of an eight-day span that started with getting stomped by an incredibly mediocre Timbers team, continued by throwing away a US Open Cup semifinal spot to the team that gives zero fucks about the US Open Cup, and ended in the most pathetic performance in MLS history, he is straight-up teflon for the year. but whatever. Lodeiro is coming tomorrow.
  10. Like hastily opening a Christmas present only to realize that it's a book about something you don't even begin to care about.
  11. I think Ghostbusters was fine but there were definitely really clear, obvious flaws. The first act, when the stakes were low, was by far the best; the audience I saw it with was by far the most engaged early on. The villain was a blank, too, which is only a thing you can get away with in sequels (hi Marvel). The cameos were really, really erratic too: Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth, and Kristin Wiig until the movie ran out of stuff for her to do were the standouts. I'd watch a sequel if reviews suggested it had a better script.
  12. On 10 Cloverfield; to me, the slow burn was by far the best part. Exhausting the possibilities of what you can do to pass the time and whatnot. The "I Think We're Alone Now" montage delighted me.
  13. I'll be contributing to Team RD for sure.
  14. Season two of Legends of Tomorrow will feature the Legion of Doom. The members of the Berlantiverse version are...