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  1. Sorry for the delay but we are back, and since it's a smaller batch of shows let's get Best New Character out of the way! Which... was a three-way tie! So congratulations to the three characters joining Bob Newby and Nora West-Allen: Nadia Vulvokov (Russian Doll), Robin (Stranger Things), and Baby Yoda (The Mandalorian)! They all tied at two votes apiece, pour one out for Annie Wilkes from Castle Rock and Lily from Barry. Thanks to the folks who voted on that one. Here's some more shows. 35. Kim's Convenience (25 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 34. Killing Eve (26 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #19) 33. My Hero Academia (27 points, appeared on three ballots) (Last Year: #15) 32. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (28 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: We should have done the crossover.
  2. Yeah, The Other Two rules and I hope more people watch it this year. That's a show I hope gets a good four or five seasons. And speaking of Comedy Central shows that ran exactly that length... 40. Broad City (22 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 37 (tie). South Park (23 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 37 (tie). RuPaul's Drag Race (23 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 37 (tie). It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (23 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #33) 36. Lucifer (24 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: It's okay if you feel weird. You just killed someone for the first time. With an axe.
  3. Genuinely worth saying that it's crazy that I've been running this thing since 2009 and I'm pretty sure Supernatural has made the list every damn time. Can only think of like one show tops that might ever match that. Here's another set before I go see what is supposedly a Lovecraftian Nicolas Cage movie. 45 (tie). Arrow (19 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #43) 45 (tie). Ramy (19 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 44. Santa Clarita Diet (19 points, appeared on three ballots) (Last Year: #31) 43. The Flash (20 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #21) 42. The Other Two (21 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: NR) 41. Veep (21 points, appeared on three ballots) (Last Year: NR) Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: You are full-blown grass-roots. You are the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Astoria. You're the Jewish Shirley Chisholm of toilets!
  4. Previously, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: The cutoff this year was 16 points and three ballots. So let's get straight to it, for the final appearance from a whole damn corner of the MCU. 50 (tie). The Punisher (16 points, appeared on three ballots) (Last Year: NR) 50 (tie). Letterkenny (16 points, appeared on three ballots) (Last Year: NR) 49. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (17 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #6) 48. Rick and Morty (17 points, appeared on four ballots) (Last Year: NR) 47. THEY'LL NEVER STOP* SUPERNATURAL (18 points, appeared on two ballots) (Last Year: #26) Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: We could play a sexy little game. It’s called, “What Musician Do You Hate?” Not sure how that’s sexy, but… I guess Maroon 5 kind of sucks. (* - they're stopping Supernatural)
  5. GoGo Yubari

    Cover Songs

    The Tears For Fears original linked here. My favorite cover of the last year. I don't always like more downbeat, minimalist versions of pop songs but "Head Over Heels" makes perfect sense as one of those, and it's wonderfully sung. Meanwhile, my favorite cover I heard in 2018 was probably: Here's the New Order original. A much more straightforward one, in the category of "oh, I didn't expect to hear this voice singing this song I know, this is nice." I really love the twang in her voice on the chorus. I really love the original "Another Girl, Another Planet," it's definitely a song that's on the evolutionary chart that leads to pop-punk. It's been lost to time a little bit, I think, and tbh I downloaded that whole album by The Only Ones off the strength of it and I don't think any of the other songs are nearly as good. I liked that Blink cover.
  6. Okay I'm done enough with work now that I've finally sealed off tallying votes. Here, as always, is an honorable mentions list of just some of the shows that appeared on multiple ballets but didn't get past the cutoff! Pour one out for... Supergirl! Castle Rock! Good Girls! Black Mirror! Batwoman! Sex Education! Living With Yourself! Big Little Lies! When They See Us! Luther! Schitt's Creek! Silicon Valley! and much (but not that much) more! There were also some shows that surprised me in only appearing on one ballot total, but I'm not gonna name 'em. Next Time, on EWB's Top 51 TV Shows of 2019: There’s a lesson here, and I’m not going to be the one who figures it out.
  7. Ha, yeah, I remember reading through this book and always being surprised when Billie Holiday popped back up, not that the songs weren't always good. Chet Baker is tremendous, and his voice is perfect for the laid-back, melancholy music he put out. Big recommendation for his "I Get Along WIthout You Very Well," one of my all-time favorite vocal jazz songs.
  8. I liked the status quo they set up for themselves at the end of Crisis but I definitely had to get through a lot of bad CGI fights and mawkish tributes to get there. I'm shockingly not sick of Legends of Tomorrow making the meta jokes about the crossover events, though, so that helped. A question that I'm almost certainly overthinking, because I haven't seen a full season of anything other than Legends S4 in a couple years:
  9. I like "They Can't Take That Away From Me," but way more for the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version than any other, definitely not Fred Astaire's. But then, their versions of most songs they did are my favorite versions of those songs.
  10. I keep forgetting Tarantino hasn't won Director yet and if he actually sticks to his word they're running out of shots to give it to him. That definitely has an air of Cumulative Work Oscar to it.
  11. Being frank, the only movie I liked more than The Irishman that I saw last year was Parasite, which should win Best Picture (but probably won't and will just get something major like Best Director instead). I watched it with my dad and barring one or two times we paused to go to the kitchen or bathroom, we had no problem getting through it in one sitting. There's just this dread to that movie that I love, this crushing inevitability not just of what's going to happen -- what has to happen -- but the absolute lack of romance or empathy towards the idea of being a gangster. Given how many movies Scorsese has made that at least for a portion of the movie glamorize the idea of being a criminal and living in the lap of luxury (as recently as Wolf of Wall Street), it was refreshing seeing what might (and should) be his final gangster movie be as utterly unromantic as possible. The acting is excellent, too, the best performance any of those leads have given in ages (though for Pesci, that's the only performance he's given in ages). It was unbelievably, deliberately long (all those road trip scenes are pretty much just there to show how unremarkable these people are outside of what they're on their way to do) and that's not going to be for everyone. But it was extremely for me.
  12. oh right. I never got to the '90s in this book but it would make me laugh really hard if Nirvana's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" made it in too.
  13. Don't love the Taskmaster helmet, feels like a very Michael Bay Transformers "let's take a somewhat absurd comic thing and try so hard to make it normal it becomes boring" thing.
  14. "Saturday Night Fish Fry" was the first song I had never heard before in this book that I immediately went "oh, fuck, I need this in my music library." I love the groove of that song and the lyrics are genuinely funny in a way I think a lot of songs like that aren't.
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