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  1. Off the top of my head: SNES: Super Mario World Game Boy: Super Mario Land PSX: I think Spyro 2? N64: I want to say it was Donkey Kong 64 Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee PS2: Grand Theft Auto III Xbox: I bought it used and got a bunch of my friend's games with it, the only two I immediately remember are Serious Sam and Jet Set Radio Future Wii: I honestly have no clue aside from the obvious "Wii Sports." Xbox 360: Viva Pinata PS3: Infamous Wii-U: I think Super Mario 3D World? Xbox One: Sunset Overdrive PS4: Doom 2016 Switch: Splatoon 2 Not even going to try and sort out the Game Boy games.
  2. Watch Wonder Woman, because it's good. Don't bother with anything else, or worry about jumping-on points.
  3. Sea of Thieves seems like it would be worth fucking around in for like a day but I've never had anyone else show interest in it. I redeemed a six month code I got for GamePass yesterday so I'll probably play some stuff that's on there.
  4. I watched Discovery on my Norway vacation and I liked it a lot. It had a bit of a rough start for me in that it felt like it was trying really hard to emphasize every character's worst qualities (except Culver) for the first four episodes or so, but I rode through it and ended up having a good time with it. Nothing mindblowing or revelatory but worth giving a shot.
  5. In spite of massive Joker fatigue on my part, I'm marginally interested in this movie mostly because I'm interested to see what Joaquin Phoenix can do with the role, and I actually like the makeup. To me, it's not actually beholden to any previous incarnation, it's much more of a seedy, '70s carnival clown thing than the traditional Joker look. I've also long-since given up on caring about whether DC can create a coherent universe going forward, so if this movie is an Elseworlds deal then whatever, sure. At the same time, of course, this movie could fall off the face of the earth tomorrow and I'd be like "oh, yeah, sure."
  6. I thought that episode of GLOW had some really fun elements to it and I enjoyed that they did it, but it definite was nowhere near my favorite episode of the season (which is, for some, "The Mother of All Matches").
  7. The end of the cold open for this week's The Deuce had me cackling and feeling really bad about cackling.
  8. For the record, the music is reserved for one organization only and they seem incredibly unwilling to fuck up catastrophically this year. I think what I've seen of him elsewhere, particularly The Man From UNCLE, reveals Cavill as a better actor than his Superman stuff would suggest, and even in Justice League I think there was stuff with him I liked (particularly all of his stuff with The Flash). Losing him's not the end of the world. But also Jesus, just looking at that article with all of the DCEU's plans just makes me shake my head. Part of what makes Shazam! so interesting is that it's a hero that's not been adapted for the big screen, with an angle that's decidedly different from any other superhero movie. Why do a Supergirl movie next? Like, both of DC's successes (Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad on the box-office front if not critically) have been things that felt genuinely unique. Maybe just... stay away from the Superman and Batman franchises on the big screen for a bit until you have a foundation that can survive another recast?
  9. I played a bunch of games at PAX! Some of them were really good (I see you, Untitled Goose Game) but I really want to give a shout-out to The Quiet Man, the most absolutely bewildering video game I've played in ages. It's an absolute mess on every possible level in a way I kind of love because I know an oral history about this game is going to come out at some point and I need to understand every single bit of rationale about how and why the game got made, and why Square would sign off on putting their name on it.
  10. I mean, the context of jokes absolutely changes based on who's telling the joke, and what you know about the person telling it. But regardless. We don't have a script, we don't know anything about the character beyond some basic things that you'd think Disney would have categorically refuted, it's entirely possible that the character is great, and that Jack Whitehall can play the part well! But at the same time, I don't blame people for being exasperated. It's not simply "straight people shouldn't play gay characters," IMO. It's that if this is the first major character in a Disney blockbuster who is gay and that's acknowledged in a way more overt than one brief shot, you probably should make efforts to have a gay actor play the part and, ideally, to not have the character feel like a dated stereotype. That stuff matters to people, regardless of whether it matters to you specifically. It mattered that a black man wrote and directed Black Panther, it mattered that a woman was behind the camera for Wonder Woman. Blockbuster movies are in a very weird place right now with LGBT characters, where repeatedly there's talk before or after the movie that a character in it is gay or bisexual, but all evidence of that in the movie itself is left on the cutting room floor (see: Power Rangers, Thor: Ragnarok, Jurassic World 2) or momentary "see? That was A Gay Moment! That second right there!" (Beauty and the Beast, the lesbian couple in a whole second of Finding Dory that people made an uproar about for whatever reason). This would be a step forward in that regard, but going solely on the provided information it feels like a step forward to like the late '90s. Who knows. We'll see.

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