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  1. They definitely still do stunt cast more than they do in the earlier days as well. Both Philippines and San Juan Del Sur feature more significant "hey, it's a famous person" people than most of the famous people on anything up to this aside from Jimmy Johnson, and they've started regularly casting relatively major names from other CBS reality shows when it used to be that Survivor players would frequently go on Big Brother and Amazing Race but not the other way around. Their track record on those other CBS players has been pretty good for them thusfar, though.
  2. I was typing a response and then RPS typed a better response. So I'll just say her trying to make Albert quit an Immunity Challenge so he can help her win because Albert is totally useless and can't win himself anyway is hilarious. I think Albert is underrated in the sense that if he had won he'd have been an awful character, but since he didn't his repeated failures at everything are hilarious. And while SP's cast on the whole isn't great, I loved Christine Shields-Markowski and Stacey Powell and I'm sad they never got on The Amazing Race like they were talking about wanting to do.
  3. The moment those headlines came up I was like "oh, word?" and then I read the actual description of the scene and shrugged. In its own way, a casual acknowledgment of someone not being straight being possibility is kind of neat but the "first LGBT superhero" headlines are pretty opportunistic to say the least.
  4. I really enjoyed the Batman bits. Aquabro has potential too.
  5. I'm not bothering with 7, probably. Show's just not for me anymore and where I'm at with TV, in a general sense, is that the only shows I'll slog through due to a sense of commitment are shared-universe shows like Iron Fist or whichever one of the Arrowverse shows is the worst of them at any given time. For a standalone show like Game of Thrones (or The Walking Dead, which I basically started to ditch around the same time), if I'm bored of it it's getting cut. 6 was maybe better than 5, if I'm being objective about it, but in this weird stilted way that's probably partially forced by being nearly at the end and seemingly running real low on book material to work with. But then, I'd probably take the good season 5 episodes over anything in 6 ('sup, "Hardhome").
  6. The other three songs they released today: I am real into "Ascension" and "Andromeda."
  7. New Gorillaz album comes out a month from now, first songs from it coming out later today. Some of the collaborators listed:
  8. And we're closed. Tallying starts tomorrow.
  9. You are not my real father, mister!
  10. Honestly, I didn't think there was anything special about First Class at all. Maybe I'm alone in that, I dunno. I don't think it's particularly any better or any worse than Days of Future Past. The fact that DoFP just offhandedly kills off 80% of the First Class characters was pretty maddening, though.
  11. Episode 3 was okay. Certainly better than the first two, which I thought were actively bad. We're past the inexorable gridlock of "I'm Danny!"/"No you're not."/"No I'm Danny, for real!"/"Nuh-uh!" and since I'm pot-committed to watching through the show no matter what due to the rest of the MCU, I'm thankful to see anyone from the other shows. It also had the first moment where I thought something was actually cool, in The cliffhanger at the end made me laugh, though, which... I can't imagine they were going for? It looked like a certain Fresh Prince of Bel-Air running gag.
  12. Dax McCarty and Juninho aren't going to bring fans into the stadium. Like, it's really that simple, especially for Chicago. If you're looking at it from a purely on-field perspective that doesn't really seem to capture the whole point of it.
  13. It's definitely kind of a bummer that a good excuse to bring Marty back never seemed to materialize. They could have thrown him into the Second Chance voting but he wouldn't have made it in.