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  1. Cats, maybe. People, absolutely not, unless there's something major I haven't seen in the last two episodes yet since that's where I'm at. She's exploiting volunteer work and transparently doesn't care about 90% of them but Joe Exotic and Doc Antle are outright predators. When it came out how little the people who work for Joe making and what their living conditions are like my jaw dropped.
  2. It's basically everything from the Midgar portion of the original game, but expanded upon so in theory it's basically the length of a normal, $60 game even though it's not telling the full story of FFVII. Presumably the plan would be to do like three of them because in terms of the actual plot of the game Midgar takes up more than you'd think.
  3. Yeah, I'm curious if this is going to give me the in I needed for the rest of his discography when it inevitably shows up in this book or if I'm going to bounce off it the exact same way.
  4. Much like Liam is working through 1000 Songs to LIsten to Before You Die, I'm slowly working on its counterpart, 1000 Albums to Listen to Before You Die. Yesterday I listened to Heartattack and Vine by Tom Waits; I've never really been big on Tom Waits but this is the second one of his albums to come up from this book (the previous one was Nighthawks at the Diner) and both have definitely worked for me. I listened to it while driving around to pick up and drop off my sister from downtown Seattle and I think the overcast weather and general lack of people out and about put me in the right mood for it.
  5. I had this same problem, particularly once I ran up against werewolves for the first time and couldn't just stumble through things anymore. It feels like the difficulty curve of the game is honestly the steepest at the very start in the sense that you have no idea what the fuck you're doing, but once I got past the first few tough bosses it's started feeling a lot more like it takes care of itself and most of the stuff you rarely even need to fall back on. As for Gwent, I pretty much got stomped a bunch until I found/bought some better cards from merchants, particularly the horn that lets you double the power of cards in a single row. Once you manage to get stuff together and can beat random shopkeepers, start going after the Bloody Baron and others who offer unique cards if you beat them.
  6. Captain Marvel would probably work fine for kids. I'd agree with Ant-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming (Far From Home too but the plot of that has so much to do with what happened in the last two Avengers movies that it might be confusing). The GotG movies are great (and Groot in particular I'm guessing is a huge winner with kids) but whether you show them to your kids I guess depends on your approach to language, there's some profanity and the closest the MCU ever really gets to adult humor in there.
  7. I love "96 Tears." It's got great, seedy energy to it, like you'd expect to hear it in a club that looks alright on the surface but something really fucking shady is going on behind the scenes.
  8. I was like "oh, I think I might have to watch this, it reminds me of The Favourite" and then "From the writer of The Favourite" popped up on the screen. Yes, please, absolutely.
  9. Judging from how they handled their last wave of layoffs this... is unfortunately not that shocking.
  10. Watched season one of Succession. A good, easy watch. Watched the first episode of The Plot Against America. A good, less-easy watch that I'm guessing is going to get harder over time.
  11. The Sonics fucking rule. They broke up for like 40 years and then got back together in the late '00s and it was like they never left. Here's them playing "Psycho" at a local record store here in Seattle in 2015, fifty years after the song's release:
  12. I genuinely can't remember which Beatles songs they went with so I'm curious how many/which are coming. From my recollection, most of the big Beatles albums from A Hard Day's Night on are in 1001 Albums, though they skipped one of Revolver or Rubber Soul and I can't remember which (I think it was the latter).
  13. I know it from Carolyn Hester's version, which I think is an interesting blend of a similar falsetto to John Jacob Niles' original with a more wistful, folk-y guitar accompaniment:
  14. Just saw it. What an absolutely ridiculous goal.
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