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  1. I always feel left out in the cold when this comes along because most years I barely use Spotify so I don't qualify, and the year-end stuff is always the only time I'm actually kind of disappointed by that fact. But I can say with great confidence that the albums I listened to the most this year are the following: - Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? by The Waitresses - Confident Music For Confident People by Confidence Man - On the Beach by Neil Young - Crush on Me by Sir Babygirl - Kind of Blue by Miles Davis - Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen - Cologne by Kaoru Akimoto
  2. You got it. Right now my top six or seven from this year I'm very strong on and then it gets a lot weaker. I think the movie on the bubble right now of my top ten is either Ready or Not (a fun, well-designed horror comedy but not a movie I'm going to want to go back to) or Far From Home (an enjoyable Marvel movie but nothing really special). Hopefully I can get out and see some good stuff soon but now that it actually costs me money to go to the movie theater I'm a little less adventurous
  3. Hey all. So, like I said in one of the General threads, I had basically tallied up all of this and then somehow lost it all, so between that and a pretty busy summer of work I pretty much threw my hands up in exasperation and never got back to it. But ever-so-luckily, my work suddenly doesn't have much more me so I used that spare time to recount everything! It's funderemployment! But I don't think a list that I didn't finish counting for half a year deserves a big dramatic rollout, who wants that, so behind the cut are EWB's Top 23 Movies of 2018: Apologies again for the massive delay, and thanks to the folks that voted. I'll probably step down from running these going forward but wholeheartedly encourage someone else to take up the mantle, and I'll probably run an EWB's Favorite Movie of the 2010s early next year as a means of putting a bow on my era of running movie lists. But before that, I'm not stepping down from running EWB's Favorite TV Show, and ballots for that will open up tomorrow.
  4. I'll be interested to see how long I last this year. Want to say last year it ended in a mall. I always tempt fate by hanging out in a Plug.dj room where folks play Christmas music but generally speaking that particular song never gets picked.
  5. I thought it was phenomenal. I think you could make it much shorter but I wouldn't particularly want to.
  6. Turkey Day marathon is live. First movie is Space Mutiny.
  7. Ah, I love the sketches. I think the lack of that kind of structure for me is why I only ever really watch Rifftrax stuff in full if it's a live theater event. I think this period of MST3K's sketches were way more hit-and-miss than previous iterations, though when they hit (like the two Paul and Storm-written songs or whatever the hell this was) they really hit. I think ultimately the MST3K format should be sustainable, and a thing that at a lower budget should be appealing to another streaming service. I think there's stuff they did, like having the voice performers and the puppeteers for the Bots be different, that can be cut down on.
  8. Did Lizzo win a bunch of awards for "Truth Hurts?" Because I agree that that's an outrage, she should have won them for "Juice."
  9. Maybe my favorite episode of TV this year.
  10. That second goal is the most I've enjoyed watching Spurs in the Premier League in like a year.
  11. I will say this; it wasn't a "tough spell." It was basically February to now, outside of the Champions League knockout stage and a couple matches against Red Star Belgrade. I think the main person to blame is Levy and I hate that Pochettino is gone, but at least some of it has to fall on him.
  12. I still haven't even done the movie list for last year so no promises (for anyone wondering what happened there, I had tallied up like 2/3rds of it and then accidentally lost all of it and threw my hands in the air out of sheer frustration and just never went back. I'll try to get it all on a slow day in the coming week)
  13. And now I've watched the series finale of The Deuce and cried at a TV show for the first time in a long time. There's pretty much one trick that will always fucking get me and David Simon played it.
  14. No specific date but supposed to be sometime next spring. They're filming it right now.
  15. Well, every penultimate episode of every season of a David Simon show is usually a bummer, so that's more of a "hey, the format of these shows are still the same" warning. (though honestly The Deuce S3 might be the most singularly depressing season of a show he's ever made, up there with the even-numbered Wire seasons)
  16. "I'm feeling kind of unhappy and melancholy, I think I'll watch the penultimate episode of The Deuce." ~ me, an idiot.
  17. KINGS OF THE WEST so unbelievably happy. It's been an amazingly weird Sounders season but here we are in MLS Cup for the third time in four years and qualified for the CCL again. Hoping Toronto pulls it off tomorrow so I can attend my first MLS Cup.
  18. In regards to "poorly made" I think it's more that visually I didn't think the movie was bad, whereas the script/plot is pretty much what drags the whole thing down. For all the Scorsese allusions (which is obviously what it's trying for) it feels more like a awful mix of the "remember this villain? Turns out they had hard times, have a little sympathy!" films that Disney is workshopping like twenty of and Death Wish-esque "boy, cities and everyone in them sure are terrible" vigilante porn. There's like one scene that I think I came out of the movie genuinely liking a lot, and I realized why only just now.
  19. Saw Joker today. I don't think that movie worked for me on any level beyond "Joaquin Phoenix is very good at playing these types of characters," which isn't exactly new news. Maybe a little more pleasant of a surprise was how much I enjoyed De Niro playing Not Jerry Langford, but he's not in it that much. Reminded me, in a way, of Killing Them Softly, another movie that wasn't poorly made and was well-acted but was just a hopelessly dour watch that I mostly just felt gross for having watched.
  20. They haven't explained the squid rain yet, no. I don't think even the supplemental stuff gives a real answer either. Also yay it's been two days so I don't have to spoiler tag everything.
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