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  1. I saw The Farewell yesterday, which is a good movie. Carry on, as you were.
  2. Oh, yeah, no, Sons of Anarchy had fallen off the deep end by that point. Season 4 was the last watchable, if not great, season.
  3. to be honest, having watched both the TV movie version and the film version as an adult, Tim Curry's Pennywise is creepier than Bill Skarsgård's. The new movie (and the trailers for part 2) are overall scarier with better imagery, but there's something about Curry's look and performance that feels very distinct to me, like a third-rate clown that hosts a kid's show in some tiny market gone horribly wrong. New Pennywise is just a creepy clown.
  4. I liked a lot of it but
  5. I always liked Portman's Jane Foster. A bit of a thankless role at points but she and Hemsworth had fun chemistry and even though she's not actually filmed anything new in those movies since like six years ago, they actually made a point of her absence a couple of times so it's not like if Liv Tyler suddenly showed up as Betty Ross again. more importantly I hope this serves as an excuse to get Kat Dennings back, gimme Darcy in a Taika Thor movie.
  6. I watched a little bit of that movie at work tonight and watching John Oliver's voice come out of the beak of a photorealistic, dead-eyed CGI bird is deeply unsettling.
  7. Here's the bulk of the cast for season 4. Of special note: Jason Schwartzman! Jack Huston! Ben Whishaw as a character named Rabbi Milligan, what an interesting surname!
  8. I just looked at the SDCC schedule and Kevin Feige has a panel on Saturday night about Marvel Studios. I imagine they'll offer something there, probably to be expanded upon at D23.
  9. It was definitely only a yellow. Correct call, correct use of VAR. Really tough game thusfar. god, Rose Lavelle is fucking great.
  10. J is phenomenal, though they do manage to top that "it's this famous person but we're not going to directly acknowledge that it's this famous person" in The New Colossus.
  11. That was real fun. The first act is really slow and just-okay, but it's by design and the payoffs are extremely worth it. And man, that's the best one-two punch of mid-credits and post-credits scenes in a long, long time. There better be actual announcements at SDCC this year because the wait for Phase 4 information is going to be rough.
  12. That was a tough game. England are really good, I look forward to seeing them at the next World Cup (and Team GB at the Olympics). I hope Rapinoe and Lavelle are both ready to play by the final, though in Pinoe's case her injury spells never end that quick.
  13. Now nobody gets to happy about VAR! Equality in sports!
  14. HOT TAKE: This is a good game. EDIT: ah, fuck, losing Lavelle is a huge blow. She's been great.
  15. The hotel thing seems like valuable fodder for a team that's not favored to win to use to fire themselves/their supporters up and not much else, honestly. Like, that's not saying that England aren't playing great and aren't in with a serious chance of winning if they keep playing that way in the second half, but that whole thing feels like media contrivance.
  16. God, this is going to be a mental last ten-ish minutes, isn't it.
  17. Ah jeez, that's got to be brutal for France. They had the momentum up until that moment.
  18. I feel like that one would be better in a theater with a bunch of people, too.
  19. The last season is very good. The only season that I don't particularly care for is the penultimate one.
  20. Honestly still struggling to figure out the funniest/weirdest part of that presentation. I think it was when they spent a full minute reiterating that the five Avengers who appeared in the trailer are in the game, to rapturous screaming and applause from the crowd. I'm glad they seem to be going the Overwatch model and not charging for subsequent characters and whatnot. Someone who saw the gameplay yesterday said that the powersets/the way they've differentiated the way each character plays looks decent but that was about it.
  21. I think the reason why Square is so far behind for me is that while FF7 is probably the game I'm most excited for overall and maybe the best start-to-finish segment of any presser, everything after that was fairly boring (a million JRPGs!), neat but not my tempo (FFXIV!), or honestly kind of a mess (The Avengers, now featuring five minutes of voice actors explaining stuff like "playing Bruce Banner is an important part of playing The Hulk!").
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