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  1. I think my feeling on that one was "oh, this is objectively good and also I didn't enjoy it." It's clearly a good evocation of the No Country For Old Men/A Serious Man types of Coen Brothers endings but I don't think I want those in a story that runs over ten hours as opposed to the two to 2.5 hours the movies run. EDIT: also for posterity's sake, I changed the thread title because "don'tcha know" seems to be the one Midwesternism the show pretty much eschewed. SORRY BENJI (though I dunno if you read this thread anymore anyway)
  2. I'd say it's "about as good as you could hope for given the circumstances" news.
  3. Now the story of an expensive blockbuster that lost everything, and the one veteran studio director who had to keep it all together.
  4. Oh, yeah, this is a good one. The first two seasons were excellent, season 3 was a significant but not irreparable drop, and then I didn't make it past like two or three episodes of season 4. the problem with The Walking Dead is I don't think the quality really dropped so much as it's just a show that wears you down over time. Every season of that show had its good moments and it's painfully dreary moments, I bet the stuff after I tapped out is the same.
  5. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have dropped out of directing the Han Solo prequel, with three weeks of filming left to go. That does not seem like a good sign.
  6. Dexter. Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. Holy shit, Dexter. It's Dexter. The answer is Dexter. Went from one of the top-tier Prestige TV shows at season 4 to an absolute critical laughingstock by the end of season 6. Its own fandom turned on it so hard that on the week of the penultimate episode of the show, they turned the Dexter subreddit into being about Breaking Bad (which had the awful timing from Dexter's perspective to be ending at the same time). The drop from Arrow season 2 to Arrow season 3/4 was also pretty astonishing (and Arrow fandom stole the subreddit gag), but Arrow was never really anything more than a well-executed middlebrow show. Dexter was an actual phenomenon for a little bit.
  7. Yeah, this season was basically mostly so-so buildup for really, really good payoff. I'm delighted, and finally broke my long run of not doing theme names in honor of it.
  8. I never had more fun in any GTA game than just joyriding through the forest and small towns, listening to early '90s alternative music. I could do that for hours and hours in high school, there was at least one week where a friend and I would be on the phone, both just fucking around on our respective games of SA and talking about whatever. I've also never actually finished the game, but I'm bad at finishing games a lot of the time. What I did do, though, was replay it from the start a month away from GTAV coming out, and what I found was that the game still played really well and the characters were as fresh and the radio stations were as enjoyable as I had remembered. Which isn't, conversely, a thing I felt about Vice City; there I still liked the credits and loved the music more than perhaps any other game, but the controls felt a bit like the ground was covered with ice. Good stuff. Thanks to Darnez for making the list, was interesting to follow along with.
  9. Featuring by far the most unsettling version of the already-bad "a man shows interest in a tomboy and she immediately stops being one" trope I've ever seen.
  10. Carnival Magic. What the fuck?
  11. Apparently that's the one I never put photos of on my hard drive. Huh!
  12. I hope Jennifer Lawrence finds a way to just straight-up be reading her lines from a sheet of paper the whole time.
  13. They didn't say anything about it being a port, so I'd assume it isn't. I think a better question to ask is if it's a Pokemon game using the mechanics/basic plot of the main Pokemon series, or if it's something like those games where you're playing as like an RPG party of Pokemon going through dungeons. But then, in the Nintendo spotlight they say it's a "core" title.
  14. aaaaand they just announced a new Metroid game for 3DS. Looks like classic sidescrolling gameplay.
  15. The Treehouse stream is always so great. Just thoroughly pleasant people showing off video games. Also the villains in Mario Odyssey are "an evil wedding planning firm" because Nintendo is at full-strength Nintendo.