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  1. A lot of obvious jokes/targets in here but it's still a blast seeing these characters running around again like twenty years later. I'd probably watch an hour of this.
  2. ah, fuck. That's awful.
  3. I didn't really enjoy any of that, personally, but on the other hand that's also basically what I liked about Diamondback so I have no room to judge.
  4. Yeah. Though for my money, the funniest moment in the movie is: "HEY SPIDER-MAN, DO A FLIP" "*does a flip*" "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
  5. I just finished Iron Fist and pretty solidly disagree that it picked up in the home stretch. It peaked in the middle, where there was a brief run of really good fight scenes (karaoke guy! Bug lady! Drunken boxer who should have been Iron Fist!) and a brief run of Finn Jones managing a potentially fun take on Danny (basically Kung-Fu Kimmy Schmidt). Then it just devolved into a bunch of conflicts I didn't care about. Bakuto was awful and pulling "oh, see, there are multiple subfactions of The Hand" was pretty weak considering that's already the excuse for bringing Hydra back repeatedly, and the Shocking Revelation in the final episode was something that it feels like anyone and everyone should have put together within two episodes. The Meachum family was just a big mess of whatever.
  6. I loved that Colleen was America's Sweetheart but she was also a total shit-talker. She was great. also Greg actually did want to come back around Second Chances time, but his work commitments made it impossible. I'm super-curious what he'd be like in the game now that he's older.
  7. I think I like my MST3K movies to either be sincerely fucking weird or just like this absolute ordeal, and that's the top two. Every time they cut to the mountain in The Beast of Hollow Mountain and no monster showed up or showed any sign of showing up it destroyed me.
  8. Having now, finally, finished season 11, a power ranking of the episodes:
  9. I can't wait for you and your mom to get to the season 1 finale.
  10. I still have two episodes left. I've refused to let myself watch even the Defenders trailer until I finish it and even still that's not enough to spur me on. Also, they've announced the cast of New Warriors. Most significantly, Milana Vayntraub is Squirrel Girl.
  11. also, Cloudy, yeah. I don't like the looks of that Blaine fellow.
  12. I thought Homecoming was great. The first Spider-Man movie to truly give me the whole package of what Spider-Man is supposed to be, I think. A little predictable, and it's not like we haven't seen most of this particular Hero's Journey before (though the emphasis on Spidey/Peter as being truly working-class and street level helped differentiate it, particularly at the end). And Keaton's Vulture was just a perfectly realized villain, definitely in my top five as far as the MCU films go. Solid upper-middle-tier Marvel film for me. About on par with Iron Man and Iron Man 3.
  13. God, I loved that Zeke/Brett scene too. That was maybe the one scene where the Millennials vs. Generation X theme really, truly offered an interesting "Survivor is a social experiment" scene. I also thought Zeke's relationship with Chris was really interesting. Admittedly I don't love Zeke as a whole (I thought he was trying too hard in his pre-season interview for MvGX, and that was vindicated by the fact that he's not nearly as quippy in actual conversations/confessionals) but I think the backlash against him was pretty unfair, particularly on /r/Survivor which has turned into Passive Aggressive Survivor Sucks whenever a season actually starts. He's not at fault for his edit, nor Probst hyping him up.
  14. tbh, one of my biggest pet peeves is they've basically given up on the challenges so 80% of them require the exact same skillset every time. I miss when random-ass stuff like knowing local trivia, building an SOS display, learning how to effectively walk on stilts could win you immunity, as opposed to now where basically all you need to be concerned with is knowing how to swim, knowing how to not move for a long time, and knowing how to solve puzzles.
  15. God, they were so good on that show. John Morrison was a little flat and I couldn't get over the Alex Riley of it all, but Brodus and Carlito were cast perfectly.