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  1. clear some room in your inbox, so I can send you your xmen role... You've got about 12hrs before I replace you, sorry dude...

  2. I heart you for Freak U

  3. Cant get Ginventory to work and I need to reconstitute my game file so any help would be awesome
  4. MOUNTAIN BRACKET 1) The Simpsons vs. 16) Boston Legal - Die Boston Legal....Die 8) House vs. 9) Oz - This one was hard for me. I watched all of Oz and only some of House but I really like House and if I had watched more of it. I probably would've gone with it. 5) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia vs. 12) Deadwood - I hate Philadelphia and all things from it, including this godforsaken show. Plus Deadwood was a nice short show and had more life to it. 4) The Sopranos vs. 13) Father Ted - I always thought the Sopranos was Overly raved about but it needs to get out of the first round at least. 6) Firefly vs. 11) Smallville - Sorry Firefly time for you to go down in the round of 64 3) Dexter vs. 14) Louie - Never watched either but I like CK's comedy. So he wins 7) 24 vs. 10) King of the Hill - I'll be honest that this matchup in the bracket scares me. 24 is my all-time favorite show and while it has it's down moments. Season 1 is a bit slow and the plot isn't as excited as other seasons. Season 6 wasn't their best effort. Seasons 2,3,4,5,7 and 8 are all stellar in their own ways. With 3-5 being the absolute best of the series and easily much more must see TV than KoTH. Which honestly I never liked much anyway! 2) Scrubs vs. 15) Roswell - To be a bracket buster to someone else that is voting for KoTH when it should be clearly 24 to win. Eat it rivals! This is probably the bracket I least like because I think 24 is trailing right now and if they go down...You all shall burn for it. But I really didn't like too many other shows in this bracket.
  5. 24 Sliders Supernatural and Heroes in the final four...a FIGHT TO THE DEATH... That Jack Bauer will win!
  6. The Smackdown Hotel is LIVE in the Dome as The Rock still wants to kick some ass following Backlash! Smackdown is up! Enjoy!

  7. This is gonna be tough but I'll list and then explain! 1) 24 2) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3) Heroes 4) Supernatural 5) The Walking Dead 6) Hercules (You know the one that was on the WB) 7) Oz 8) Sliders 9) Star Trek: Voyager 10) Jericho Let's start at the bottom Jericho - Alot of people don't remember this show and I personally am guilty of missing it when it was on. It only aired for one season but this is All Time Favorite Show and this makes my top 10. The female characters would piss you off but ALL of the male characters were so good in their acting and the story development. The season finale actually got some tears. It had an abbreviated 6 episode second season but it just didn't feel the same and wasn't the following year from when this aired. Star Trek: Voyager - One of my favorite shows from my youth. I was a bit of a geek back in the day lol. All I can say is it's Mother Duckin Star Trek! Sliders - This show would've been farther up the list if they didn't BUTCHER it in Seasons 4 and 5!! It's like as they moved forward and got better special effects. The show got WORSE! This show peaked in Season 3 with Arturo dying and it went into a nosedive after that. Great show nevertheless though! Oz - Gritty prison drama that while if your a homophobe, you wouldn't have liked it. Overall was very well written and acted. Good twists and the only show I would consider a hit for HBO until the Sopranos came around. Which by the way does not make my list! Hercules - This show is another childhood show that I watched religiously. Even for it's do gooder storylines and overall sappy messages. I liked it alot and really enjoyed it. Though also realized how hokey it was when I tried to watch it recently The Walking Dead - One of the few shows on my list to currently be airing new episodes. I just love this show and everything about it...except Lori but i'll forgive that. Supernatural - I agree with others that this show has been allowed to go on too long. It was brilliant for i'd say five seasons. After Sam leaps into the pit with Satan inside of him and with his newly found brother (with the angel Michael inside of him) This is where the series should've ended. Instead we have more after this and it hasn't been as good. My now ex girlfriend said it best. It's hard to get too emotional about things that happen to the boys because you know they wont die or if they do. They'll find a way to come back. That does ring true here Heroes - I thought that this show still had more life in it when they put a fork in it. I really loved most parts of it. Though they did realize that they super powered up Peter Petrelli too much and were working to find ways around it for parts of seasons 2 and 3. The writing got a bit eh there but Seasons 1 and 4 were brilliantly written and overall I really liked this show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - One of the rare shows to end when the time is right. It was just starting to run on a bit too long when they ended it. It left some people wanting more but it was probably a season too long here too honestly. But besides that, it was well written and made you care about all the characters. Unlike alot of shows that only want you to care about a select few. 24 - This show blows all of the other nine on this list out of the water for me. I'm criminal of boycotting this show for it's first four seasons. I didn't want to "Bandwagon" onto it like so many people were. My dad got the first four seasons on DVD for x-mas before Season 5 came out. We watched the first couple episodes and good god we were hooked. We got sucked into watching all four seasons in the three weeks before the new season started. Tears and cheers alike during this time. We loved us some Jack Bauer! Then we started watching Season 5 and Palmer, Tony and Michelle eat it in the first two minutes. One of the handful of times I can recall EVER getting shocked watching TV. This is a series that I was left wanting more everytime an episode ended. Was very attached to all the characters in varying degrees but Kiefer Sutherland sucked me into loving Jack Bauer and if 24 doesn't win this tournament..I F**KIN RIOT! Anyway that's my top ten nominations...lol
  8. Tonight is the Fallout from Backlash and the return of a WWF Legend, on RAW IS WAR Live in the Dome! Come see the Jericho Era!

    1. apsham


      Aww damn. I think I slept through Wrestlemania.

    2. apsham


      Aww damn. I think I slept through Wrestlemania.

  9. Alright maybe i'll push my luck lol... How difficult would it be to make Banners for RAW and Smackdown? RAW- having Jericho/HHH and Austin as the front men Smackdown - Having The Rock, Kurt Angle and Mankind as the front men in the foreground Would these be difficult to do, or too much to ask? I wish I knew more about graphics so I could know if my requests were simple or insane lol
  10. Backlash was the toughest PPV i've ever had to write but by god after nine days and countless computer problems...ITS UP!

    1. brenchill


      What the Kap says... goes!

  11. I must say that I think I may love you C-Mil! Those are perfect and will work wonders! May I request of you again once I get closer to Fully Loaded and Summerslam? I tend to do very long term diaries so it's gonna be around for a long while lol
  12. Hey I am in need of some help if someone would be so kind for me. Backlash 2000 - I need The Rock/Kurt Angle on one side and Chris Jericho/HHH on the other with a Backlash background behind them Judgement Day 2000 - I need a Judgement Day esque background with Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho for the WWF Title being the only thing in the foreground. King of the Ring 2000 - I need a KoTR style background with D'Lo Brown, Rikishi, Bradshaw, Faarooq in the foreground with a sentence beneath them saying "Who will become King?" I've been trying to look online for the perfect PPV Poster but it's just impossible to find something that will match any of this of course. Any help is SO SO appriciated because I cant do what you guys can.
  13. I wont argue that. I think it's my utter hatred of Lori's character talking more than anything. I want to see her eat a bullet more than any other person in any zombie/apocolypse movie/show ever

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