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  1. Thanks!

    I remember your email address but can't for the life of me think of who you were before your current handle. :/

  2. You're 22? Geez I remember when you were the baby of the .400ss set.

    Happy birthday anways man :)

  3. Your favourite Comedy films

    Dumb & Dumber was pretty bitchin'. And a movie that should be on here but apparently is not - Office Space. Greatest movie made.
  4. The Sin City font...

    That movie font site kicks ass. Thanks a lot, dude!
  5. New Family Guy

    I saw it leaked a weak ago, but thought it was funnier a second time. "It's not as bad as that time I forgot to sit..."
  6. March Contest

    All of them are working now. I think I like Flowzen's the best. It seems like it took more time than the rest, and just has a nice feel to it. Dochappy's is pretty entertaining, though.
  7. South Park

    Eh, I don't see how it's better than the rest. I mean, it's funny, but there's several episodes I think were more impactful the first time than that. Maybe I'll warm up to it someday.
  8. Perfect Albums

    The Darkness - "Permission to Land" Velvet Revolver - "Contraband" Scissor Sisters - "Scissor Sisters" Audioslave - "Audioslave" Cold - "Year of the Spider" Neurotica - "Neurotic" (it's not the best, but I still like it. Guilty pleasure, I guess. Plus I haven't heard it in forever.) Saliva - "Every Six Seconds" and "Back Into Your System" Stone Sour - "Stone Sour" Dr. Dre - "Chronic 2001" Foreigner - "The Very Best and Beyond" Also, the Garden State soundtrack rocks. Yeah, I'm into a big variety.
  9. Abstract Brush Splash

    That's pretty sweet. A lot better than I can do. 8/10.
  10. Microsoft Develops Halo Film

    I dunno...RVB is pretty sweet. They could just hop through the portals and land on some other map. "Hey, what's that black shit all over you?" "DAMN IT!" I need to watch 37 through whatever episode is out now. Last one I saw was where they entered Caboose's mind, I think.
  11. MTV's MADE......featuring Kurt Angle

    Well, this one guy kept bullying the Made guy. They didn't really like each other. I think it was more of just two personalities clashing myself. Anyway, Angle and the kid went up to the bully at lunch and basically told him to knock it off. He wasn't an asshole about it, though.
  12. Back to the Future

    Sweet story. I really need to get the box set. That may be something I put on my birthday list or, you know, just buy. But I'm not sure yet. I'm really just to lazy to actually buy it. Back to the Future > *. Forever. And ever. It's on TBS or TNT all the time.
  13. MTV's MADE......featuring Kurt Angle

    I watch Made if I want to feel better about myself - that I don't have to have some has-been player/model/coach come help me out because I'm such a loser. Angle being on was a cool surprise, because it wasn't just some has-been, and he told this guy's bully basically not to mess with him anymore. True Life is a good show. I loved that one where those bitches got themselves all dolled up, and that guy bitching about his calves. I didn't even know that was possible until I saw that show. Speaking of plastic surgery, they also had that one show where these people got surgery to make themselves look like a celebrity. My favorite was the two twins who were supposed to look like Brad Pitt - they looked nothing like him. Plus they were total losers.
  14. Fonts

    Did you try the font sites that are pinned? I think they're pretty good. So if you haven't seen 'em, take a look.