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  1. Kanye West Kendrick Lamar Queens of the Stone Age Thundercat The Dillinger Escape Plan Tyler, the Creator Kvelertak Biffy Clyro Between the Buried and Me Graveyard David Bowie Janelle Monáe Tame Impala Run the Jewels Frank Ocean Chance The Rapper Danny Brown Flatbush Zombies Coheed and Cambria Converge
  2. Do you live in São Paulo Rafael... if you do you're going to have a long day.
  3. I hate Corinthians and it's fans but jesus they are deserving of the title. Chelsea is horrible!
  4. bruiser

    WWE '13

    Have you tried setting up the table outside the ring? Yes. I whip him towards it and he always just happens to hit the edge and be unstunned right away and most times picks up the table and by the time I get it set back up my signature move is gone. Try leaving the table on the outside and setting it up just as you're going to use it and use the finisher, IIRC Jericho have the Triple Powerbomb as a finisher from there is quite easy with the directional throw.
  5. I have a feeling he might pull that off but it maybe me wanting he to win.
  6. Let's go Murray...i wanna see the NFL!
  7. Should i feel bad about being hooked in this?

    1. Jasonmufc


      You disgust me! *spits at bruiser*

  8. Does someone have a April 2007 scenario? I couldn't find it on g-network.
  9. All WE need is love...Vagner Love

  10. Is Civilization V better than IV?

    1. Pizza


      Maybe? Combat definitely is. But the game isn't as deep otherwise.


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