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  1. I'm in this really weird but probably common place creatively where I have a ton of ideas I want to workshop/talk over with other players and DMs, but I'm pretty much the only DM that I know. As a result, all of the people I could talk ideas over with are either players in my group, or players with little to no experience and so don't really know/understand the behind the screen mechanics necessary to make game worlds work. I love/hate the challenges of trying to build a game world from scratch. I want to have at least a base layer set before I have a world building session with my players, but I get really excited about what I'm working on and just want to tell them every idea I have lol.
  2. I think that's a good idea, I just have absolutely zero clues as to how to even attempt to make something like that work
  3. I mean, if people are interested then I'm willing to set up a discord channel for it and all that
  4. Hey, I'm not sure if this has been brought up as an idea, but would anyone be interested in getting a (semi) consistent group going? Most likely through Discord, since that's a program I'm pretty comfortable with. I'm willing to DM although I'm a fairly new DM.
  5. So when I first started playing, I was an all Horde player. Tauren are actually my favorite race in the game. But I stopped playing for a while, and when I got back into it a few years ago, I had some friends who were Alliance so I made all Alliance characters. And then I kinda just did a hard reset of all my characters when I restarted recently. I actually started a Tauren Druid last night because I forgot how much I had liked being Horde. As for my Realm, I have absolutely no idea how to check that
  6. I've just started back up in this game after about 5 years. Cleared my old characters and basically started all over. In a couple weeks I only have a lvl 30 ish pandaren monk, but I'm alliance with all my characters haha
  7. So I saw that crusader kings was free, so I picked it up. Ran through the first part of the learning scenario and am probably more confused than when I booted it up. Gonna chalk this one up to being crazy tired and give it another go tomorrow. Seems like a lot of fun once you figure everything out
  8. Some friends and I have been organizing semi regular board game nights to intersperse into or D&D nights, and some of the games have been spectacular. We've got this card game called Sushi Go that's a huge hit at the table, and a couple nights ago we tried out something called Forgotten Island, which is a little complicated but a huge amount of fun. Up to 6 player co-op where you're working to get all the treasures and get off the island. It's good fun. There's a harder version called Forbidden Desert that we're gonna break out once we get more comfortable with the Island version.
  9. I would be down as hell. I've got a Tiefling Warlock I've been dying to play As for Starfinder, I've only played a session or two in the system, but it's tons of fun. Played a 3 foot tall genetically modified mouse with a computer in his brain that let him hack things from a distance. And that's just core rulebook stuff haha
  10. Tomb of Annihilation is a hell of a meat grinder, but I really enjoyed the setting. I'm in the weird spot of consistently DMing a single group, but my other DM who I am usually a player for just keeps jumping around. We've started Curse of Strahd 4 times with different groups, Tomb twice, and the Starter Set a couple times too. I'm actually talking with my current group about starting a podcast/YouTube series based around a homebrew world I've been working on for a while. This particular game is only my 2nd time being DM, and the first time it was not great. I'm running them through Lost Mines of Phandelver[the starter set] because our most experienced player besides me has been playing just under a year now. I have 2 completely new players[one of whom has watched Critical Role, so has a basic grasp], my GF who is the aforementioned player with a years experience, and my mom, who hasn't played D&D in 35 years, when she was playing 1st edition. It's been crazy fun
  11. Ah, what the hell. I'll join in late. I'll take Sapphire
  12. Has anyone found the Double Rainbow Easter Egg yet? It made me laugh my ass off
  13. I've been playing as the Commando, which is the same class I used in 1, essentially. I don't see what all the hate is towards Flynt, I took him out in nothing flat, but that might have been because my guns were pretty beefy. I basically just dropped the turret and unloaded on him. I'm level 14, almost 15, and I just did the bit with Roland, which was freaking awesome, if not a bit tedious. My favorite weapon has become a sweet explosive pistol I found with a really good fire rate, although I also have a pretty excellent assault rifle and sniper, but I tend to only break those out when I really get pinned down, I just enjoy seeing things blow up way too much. I'm playing PS3, but probably won't move to playing co op until I get a headset, which is gonna have to wait a bit. Also, it helped immensely early on that I pre-ordered, giving me free weapons at the beginning, which was kinda nice. The main issue I'm running into is that I want to try iterally all the weapons, and there are a few bugs, I have Zed and Tannis bugged on a mission they won't let me complete, but it's a small price to pay for a game that I'm loving just as much as I loved the first. Also, when I pre-ordered, I got the deluxe loot chest, the one with everything, so I'm getting the Mechromancer when it drops, which looks like loads of fun. I also got all the extra goodies, which were freaking awesome, especially the cloth map and the banner. ALso, my art book is printed upside down and backwards, which was pretty funny, but I don't care enough to get it fixed.

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