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  1. Absolutely. This is Liverpool's best chance to win the league in how long? I know I know, "it's our year" and everything, but it's true. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results, but can you honestly say we've had many good performances this season? West Ham, Spurs, and PSG were good performances, but I can't think of anything else really. Am I being spoiled? Sure. But if the goal is to win the league, you want to play like a title winning side. I know winning when playing poor is the mark of a title winning side, but probably not as much as we are right now. My fear is that if we keep playing as such, eventually the results will start matching the performances.
  2. We could've played all night and never scored. The front three keeps getting flack for being out of form, but it is very much more our midfield has no drive, no creativity. I don't know what Shaqiri has to do to try and get a chance to do something meaningful, as he's the only player in the squad right now who will try something in midfield. I really miss The Ox ☹️
  3. No idea why Salah isn't trying to chip that. Ederson is in no man's land!
  4. A lot of reports Jose is getting the sack this weekend, regardless of the result. I don't believe it, and as a Liverpool fan, I hope it doesn't happen!
  5. Stoke, Leeds. Lincoln City. Pompey. Chelsea. Charlton. ManCity Sheffield United
  6. Crystal Palace 1 vs. 1 Wolves (Sat 3pm)Watford 2 vs. 1 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm)Man Utd 1 vs. 0 Newcastle (Sat 5.30pm)Southampton 1 vs. 3 Chelsea (Sun 2.15pm)Liverpool 3 vs. 2 Man City (Sun 4.30pm
  7. I literally have no idea what these Squad Battles and Rivals things are 😑
  8. Napoli deserve the win. The front three were terrible all around, and the midfield was really really bad. Gini was anonymous and Hendo did nothing. Trent and Robbo couldn't pass, no one could keep possession. It's as simple as we deserved to lose. Hopefully it's a wake up call for the weekend
  9. We're playing like shit. Napoli giving us the business, while we can't string two passes together.
  10. Shaqiri has been absolutely woeful, my goodness
  11. We've been the better side this half, unlucky to be down, in my opinion. Hazard is just so good, and exploited Trent's lack of awareness there. We've created more chances, but that final ball - as has been the problem all season for Salah - is not yet there.
  12. That was a damn good save from Fabianski. He's been really great for West Ham this season.
  13. I'm mixed about the game so far. It's certainly more realistic gameplay for sure, but it seems the passing is very poor so far. Pace is non-existent; I'm glad they have fixed it, but they've overcorrected pace in my opinion. Career mode still has the same problem of big teams never playing their top players consistently, though. That's one of the most annoying things about FIFA, how poor the AI is for Career Mode. Makes be wish I had a laptop still for FM
  14. Stoke, Leeds. Lincoln City. Pompey. Chelsea. Charlton. Man City

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