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  1. Highlights and lowlights of following your team

    For NFL, my highest was just this year, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. The low light has been the years of Bobby Hoying and Ty Detmer, as well as losing the first Super Bowl to the Pats and the consecutive NFC Championship games. NCAA highlight is when PSU beat Florida State I think in triple overtime, and the lowlight being the Sandusky stuff and JoePa being who he was. From a basketball standpoint, watching my area's local college, Bucknell, upset the 3-seed Kansas in the Tourney back in I think 06 or 07 was amazing to watch. I only became a Liverpool fan in the last 10-ish years so many lowlights. My first memory of my fandom was the Riise own goal against Chelsea in the first leg to give them an equalizer at the death; selling Torres who I loved; the Europa League Final loss; and of course, the slip. My highlights are the comeback against Dortmund, the FSG takeover saving the club; and the game against Man City in the 13/14 season. I truly thought we were winning the title after that match. For the USMNT, the bullshit against Germany in the 02WC, going to my first qualifier this year and watching them lose to Costa Rica, the way we fell apart to Mexico in the 2011 Gold Cup, and obviously, the Trinidad game and failing to qualify for the WC. Highlights are Benny's screamer to win the 07 Gold Cup and that Landon Donovan goal against Algeria in the 2010 WC. That was magical.
  2. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    That was terrific. We absolutely ripped them apart. Everyone was exceptional tonight, amazing stuff.
  3. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Yeah I'm driving up tonight to Amber Hill section outside the city where my friend lives, and were taking the train in tomorrow. Not driving into Philly, no way, never
  4. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Any other Philly fans (all 3 of us?) going to the parade Thursday? I can't wait to celebrate this moment properly. And by properly, I mean as a proper human being and fan, not stereotypical Philly fan, punching horses, flipping cars, vandalizing, climbing poles, etc.
  5. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I feel you @Lint. I called my sister after the game and just said, "that was for Dad." It was bittersweet knowing he wasn't alive for this. I cried a bit because of it. He raised me on the Eagles, and here they are, a month after his passing, finally winning a Super Bowl. So many emotions right now, so ranged. I feel you <3
  6. Premier League 2017/18

  7. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I love you @Meacon and we can love Philly Union together (while hating the franchise at the same time) but tonight, we're enemies. I have been an Eagles fan my whole life, being a PA boy, so I can't wait for tonight. Really hoping we finally get one! However, this is a bittersweet game for me. My Dad got be into the Eagles, he was a fan his whole life. We finally lost him to cancer at the beginning of January so it's incredibly sad to know we can't watch this game together tonight.
  8. The January Transfer Window - 2018

    Latest report I saw was you've agreed to 15 million plus bonuses for Giroud. Studge is off to WBA on loan too.
  9. MLS 2018

    Beckham FC is officially a thing. He hopes Miami is playing in 2020 but there's no definitive timetable yet. But they're finally approved as an expansion side.
  10. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    If the past week have shown Klopp and the board that we need a signing or two now, and not the summer, then we can kiss any chances of making champions league next season good bye.
  11. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    Can decides he doesn't need to mark his man, and Matip just dances over the ball instead of clearing it. Fucking laughable.
  12. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    This has been craziness so far. That said, we deserve to be down. Our midfield has been awful, especially Can. VVD has been rather poor too
  13. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    It might have already been said, but oh well. With everything that Vince said today, you could say that Kap has "NO CHANCE IN HELL" of playing in the XFL. I'll get my coat
  14. MLS 2018

    I sent a pointed email to my ticket rep about the team and why I wasn't buying any tickets this season. We're a joke.
  15. The January Transfer Window - 2018

    Everything I've seen says we have no interest in Mahrez