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  1. City may have the money to buy a Reserve XI that would still compete for the top four, but to win the domestic treble, for the first time ever, is still testament to the work of Pep, the staff, and all of their players. Just think, they're one or two really tight calls from probably being in a Champions League final right now. Unreal.
  2. I haven't got to watch this game, but it seems like it's been so much fun! 10 men v 10 men in stoppage time, Leeds on the verge of going full Leeds
  3. Thanks @Baddar for running this and congrats to @Gorka! Was hoping to land in the top half of the table my first time doing it, but I'm just glad I didn't completely stink at this like I thought my Yankee self would do.
  4. I'm naturally disappointed we didn't win the league, but my goodness, what a campaign. 97 points, and all of what .11 millimeters from an undefeated campaign that would've brought us the title? This is such a fun team to watch, I love it. Really hope we can end it on the right note by lifting up the trophy in Madrid!
  5. Brighton 0-3 Man City (Sun 3pm)Leicester 1-1 Chelsea (Sun 3pm)Liverpool 2-1 Wolves (Sun 3pm)Tottenham 1-0 Everton (Sun 3pm)Watford 2-1 West Ham (Sun 3pm)
  6. That was a pretty good save by Steer
  7. I hope for nothing but athletic failure for Kyrie. His ego is peak LeBron at its worst, without the actual elite talent of LeBron. He's nowhere near the elite player he thinks he is.
  8. Reports coming out that Big Divvy is getting a new contract, and Klopp will sign a new bumper five year deal in the coming weeks
  9. Congrats to all you Spurs lot. Going to be such a nerve racking and fun final when we meet! But also, fuck off and go full Spurs June 1. 😘
  10. Still in a euphoric disbelief this morning. That was incredible watching yesterday. I've been battling flu like symptoms all week, fell asleep during halftime, thankfully woken up in the 49th by the woman getting home. She's never watched a game in her life before we started dating; even she was stunned at what she just watched. Just amazing
  11. Could this referee be any more biased for Barca??
  12. Bournemouth 2-2 Tottenham (Sat 12.30pm) West Ham 1-1 Southampton (Sat 3pm) Wolves 2-1 Fulham (Sat 3pm) Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace (Sat 5.30pm) Newcastle 0-2 Liverpool (Sat 7.45pm)
  13. One thing that is still just so lazy writing to me though in Endgame
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