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  1. I was a Chelsea and Spurs win away from turning $10 into $210 tomorrow 😭
  2. Frank should stop having Azpi on big ass Soucek on this corners. He's the smallest guy out there against a tank of a man
  3. Arsenal 3-1 Norwich (Wed 6pm)Bournemouth 0-1 Newcastle (Wed 6pm)West Ham 0-2 Chelsea (Wed 8.15pm)Sheffield Utd 0-2 Tottenham (Thurs 6pm)Man City 1-2 Liverpool (Thurs 8.15pm)
  4. United got off a bit on that goal. Ball went out of play about 30 seconds beforehand, missed by the officials, but VAR wouldn't overturn it because too much time had passed. I don't think it matters really though. There's only one winner tonight
  5. It can always get worse. It could be Skip Bayless
  6. Werder Bremen needed to win today, have Dusseldorf lose, and make up a 4 goal swing to avoid automatic relegation and qualify for the Relegation Playoff. Dusseldorf lost 3-0, Bremen won 6-1. Huge goal swing there! Would be pretty shameful to go and lose the playoffs now.
  8. I'm an American soccer lover. I'm from and live in PA, only an hour from Hershey, Pulisic's hometown. I've had friends coach at the high school Pulisic and his sister went to, friends buy horses from the family. Hershey is one of my favorite PA places to go to. That Chelsea goal gave this Liverpool fan a massive smile
  9. I'm assuming that is covering Andy Carroll's last 3 seasons 😑
  10. With the fact that it's in a post COVID world, he clearly wants out, and he hasn't really played well, even Levy would be lucky to recoup half of what they paid for him, I feel
  11. ESPN is reporting that Ndombele has told Mourinho he never wants to play for him again. They apparently had another bust up in training, and honestly, I can't really blame Ndombele. Mourinho has treated him like an absolute dick since coming to Spurs
  12. Arsenal give David Luiz a new contract and give Cedric a permanent deal. What a great day for all the other clubs fighting for European places 😂
  13. The MLS truly deserves for this to be an abject failure
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