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  1. I would love to see Austin FC do drizzling numbers in attendance and the club to be one of the worst ever year. Fuck Garber and Precourt for the shady dealings they did to try and kill the Crew. Borderline criminal stuff there.
  2. Psh, don't worry guys. We can all count on Andy Reid to out coach Bill Belicheck in a Conference Title game, and eliminate the Pats. Right guys? ...Guys? Oh, fuck. ☹️
  3. That was such a terrible decision. No need to rush a play before the two minute warning with that field position. You can rejoice now @Meacon Real Philly fans always expect the worse
  4. Noooo. Philly's D is exhausted and decimated by injuries, and Foles finally came back down to Earth. We're done
  5. The Saints are going to close this out no problems. Brees has been unstoppable ever since Payton ran that fake punt, while Foles' magic has finally run out. The better team is finally winning here
  6. Just remember guys, Big Dick Nick and the Eagles could just repeat as Super Bowl Champions instead 😉 Suddenly are the Patriots still the worse?
  7. I love Alisson and all, but this match proves far and away that David De Gea is still by far the best goal keeper in the Premier League, and the world. It's not even a contest.
  8. Both of the matches today so far have been excellent fun for the neutrals
  9. That's more class than that Townsend goal against Citeh, for me. That touch to bring it down was exquisite
  10. West Ham 1-3 Arsenal (Sat 12.30pm) Crystal Palace 1-1 Watford (Sat 3pm) Leicester 1-1 Southampton (Sat 3pm) Everton 2-1 Bournemouth (Sun 2.15pm) Tottenham 2-1 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  11. As someone who only got into English football in the last decade when Leeds were already a complete and total non-factor to the Premier League, why are Leeds so hated?
  12. It looks like having finally started to realize his potential, Marko Arnautovic wants to waste it and go make easy money in China instead.
  13. I'm absolutely gutted Liverpool weren't able to get Ramsey. I think he's a great replacement for James Milner, who surely can't go on forever, despite all science showing he actually doesn't age. He would've been great in a midfield 3 to break the lines but still quality in Klopp's 4231, especially at those wages
  14. I thought it was pretty well established that guy on Twitter is the equivalent of a troll. He's just constantly calling racism and trying to get spotlight.

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