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  1. Cardiff 1-1 Newcastle (Sat 12.30pm)West Ham 2-2 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm)Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm)Burnley 1-0 Watford (Sun 1.30pm)Brighton 0-2 Man Utd (Sun 4pm)
  2. Super Sub, Super Studge 💕 Top of the league. It's clearly our year!
  3. Milner should wear the headband all season long. He's not Boring James Milner anymore, lads; he's Hipster Millie now! Excellent effort by Milner to keep it alive, and just rewards!
  4. Alisson; Tent, Gomez, VVD, Robertson; Gini, Milner, Keita; Salah, Bobby, Mane. I think West Ham could be tricky - no one quite knows what to expect with all the new signings and most importantly Pellegrini - but I'm definitely expecting a win to start the season. I mean, after all... It's our year 😑
  5. Chuck Season 2 was pretty damn amazing. Such great story telling, character progress, action, drama, comedy, and romance. Those last few episodes are my favorite moments in TV ever. HIMYM Season 2 is my favorite comedy season I think. While I hated the ending of the series, I loved Ted and Robin as a couple, the wedding, Barney on The Price is Right was great, the introduction of Wayne Brady, and of course, the Slap Bet and Robin Sparkles. The OC Season 2 was pretty spectacular, no shame in my game. Revenge Season 1 was also some fun soapy goodness. I really enjoyed that show when it first came out. A great Count of Monte Crisco style story.
  6. Heroes Season 3. It was so much worse than S2 for me. Such convulted story telling, always forcing terrible love storylines, just so much terrible execution on everything. "The Hunger' garbage with Sylar/Peter was terrible, and just bad crap after bad crap. I had so much hope that this season would be great after the writer's strike, but it was even worse. Revenge Season 2. I remember loving the first season of this show, it was a really great start to the show. Then they made it pretty awful pretty quick. I remember The Initiative storyline being garbage, the awful Emily/Aiden stuff, and more. Walking Dead Season 7 was fucking garbage. They took what should've been the best storyline possible and turned it into a borefest. @Dang117 while the ending is very awful, I honestly found myself loving the season until then. Getting so much of The Mother was great - she was such a loveable character - and so many great throwbacks to the former seasons made it fantastic, until the end.
  7. I'm surprised Kane, Alli, and Dier all started for Spurs today. I really wasn't expecting a Spurs XI like this after how deep their World Cup went. I wonder how ready these guys really are for the season, or if rushing then back leads to them breaking down later on. Also, I really want to see Fulham do well - I've always had a soft spot for them with the days of Bocanegra, Dempsey, and McBride - but I almost worry they've made too many signings. That back line is going to have no chemistry together and it'll take some time getting that unit together. I know injuries haven't helped there - really hoping to see Ream still be a regular in the side when fit - but I just think it's going to be difficult getting all these new signings playing well together. But here's hoping that new winger bags a goal today. Shirley I can't be serious when I say he's always been a favorite of mine...
  8. Newcastle 0 vs. 0 Tottenham (Sat 12.30pm)Huddersfield 0 vs. 2 Chelsea (Sat 3pm)Wolves 2 vs. 1 Everton (Sat 5.30pm)Liverpool 3 vs. 1 West Ham (Sun 1.30pm)Arsenal 1 vs. 3 Man City (Sun 4pm)
  9. I want to try this out this year to show Americans are as good as predicting English soccerball as you think we are!
  10. How else will Pogba get it that he thinks he is shit!? Nothing else has worked so far!
  11. Noted one of the best defenders in the world Dejan Lovren helped keep that play alive 😍

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