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  1. Alright, who is gonna create the thread for next season to be #InBeforeLineker ?
  2. They don't call him Dominic Goalanke for nothing!
  3. Fucking BOOM, Lovren! That's top four sealed 👊
  4. And he really should've had 33 there. We're hungry for more goals today
  5. Not sure how we haven't got a penalty. My word Mane you selfish fuck
  6. Toronto followed through and fired Casey
  7. Well done Huddersfield! And now we only need to not lose at home to Brighton to clinch top four! 😁
  8. The chances of WBA staying up are so slim, but fuck it, I want to see it happen. They need Southampton to lose today at Everton, draw Tuesday against Swansea, and lose to City. Swansea most draw Southampton and then lose home to Stoke on the final day, while WBA of course must win at Palace. The odds of that all happening are near impossible...
  9. Butland, Allen, Shaqiri, Sobhi... Is anyone else in is this Stoke side worth another PL club snatching up really?
  10. That's handball. Was against Milner midweek, sure is today too. I have no idea why we haven't used our third sub yet. We've could've used something fresh for the final 10 minutes here That was frustrating. I don't know why Klopp didn't make any change in that final ten. We're lumping it into the box nonstop. Why keep Gomez on when Clyne can just stay there? They were pretty much taking up the same position. Throw Solanke on to at least have someone bigger in the box. Very frustrating.
  11. I saw Brian Fallon live tonight. It was arguably the greatest show I've ever seen. He's just such a great freaking performer. His songs are able to convey so much emotion, his lyrics beautiful, and his voice incredible
  12. This tie is far from over now. Infuriating how we've let this match end.