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  1. Forget Alan Pardew, what about Alan Curbishley!? He's available!
  2. Don't worry guys, Everton are giving serious thought to the right man for the job: Footballing Genus himself David Moyes. If our victory leads to Marco Silva getting packed and Moyes becoming the manager at Everton again, this is just the best timeline.
  3. It's just a shame we went to sleep there and allowed a second goal to give them some belief going into halftime. Great attacking performance though!
  4. That touch by Big Divvy to bring the ball down, and then get his body around it so quickly to chip Pickford was truly majestic. So much pre match criticism for the starting XI, but honestly, Origi has a great record against Everton, and both Bobby and Mo are not in good form. Whst another counter! Mane is out of this world right now!
  5. New Jersey should be nuked off the planet to give Pennsylvania the beach we deserve. It can also take out a pretty decent part of Philadelphia too. Once you get out of Center and Old City, it's pretty awful until you get out to Manayunk and Roxborough.
  6. No, they would need to let them come back to tie, force pens, and then lose on pens
  7. I honestly don't know why cockiness would happen either. Okay, I do, because most Philly fans are cocky, conceited, douchebags. But a rational fan though. This is a team that's been wholly inconsistent all year, with only one half decent wide receiver and a pretty poor defense.
  8. Miami is probably going to beat Philly here. The defense from Philly has just been so bad today. No team from the NFC East deserves the playoffs.
  9. Watford sacked their second manager of the season. Sanchez Flores got a whole 10 games. Also: #InBeforeLineker
  10. Well a comfortable victory is now anything but. Stupidity everywhere by Liverpool for a few moments
  11. KDB just got City the three points with such a fucking hit Or maybe not! Jonjo passed a beauty into the net!
  12. Burnley 1-0 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm)Tottenham 3-1 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm)Southampton 1-0 Watford (Sat 5.30pm)Norwich 1-2 Arsenal (Sun 2pm)Wolves 2-1 Sheffield United (Sun 2pm)
  13. 14: Chelsea Week 13: Everton Week 12: Leeds Week 11: Liverpool too Week 10: Salford Week 9: Spurs Week 8: Swansea Week 7: Ipswich Week 6: Sunderland Week 5: Rotherham Week 4: Man Citeh Week 3: Cambridge Week 2: Lincoln City Week 1: West Brom
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