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  1. Coutinho has apparently said he doesn't want to go to United, @TCO. Would only want to return to us if he comes back to England I'd take him back, honestly. He's still a brilliant player, and he makes us better. He's perfect in the hole for when Klopp wants to go 4231, he's shown he can play as an 8 for us in the 433. He would just need to know he's coming back humble and ready to prove his worth to the squad and supporters.
  2. I love Messi when he plays for Barca. He tends to just ooze class. But when he puts that Argentina shirt on? He's as much of a fucking prima donna as Neymar. I'll laugh when he never wins shit with his country.
  3. Unrelated to contracts, but curious: are either expected to feature at any part of the upcoming season because of their injuries? That's a real shame about them. I'm really interested to see what happens with Chelsea this season. As a Yank, I hope Pulisic is able to step up and develop further, but it will be awesome to see if the likes of Mount, Abraham, and well, any other kid, can come in and play well.
  4. That Italy roster is incredible. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they win this. I think their back line isn't as strong as what others look like on paper, but that midfield and attack has so much depth and class. England are much the same way in that there is talent in the middle and attack, but I think their backline lacks that big leader and player. The French probably have the best overall squad; it'll be interesting to see who wins in that group stage match.
  5. All the La Liga top three sides are in a huge state of transition right now. Barca BADLY need some new blood because last season again proved how dependent they are on Messi. If you can just get guys like Andy Robertson and Fabinho to take him out of a match, they're easily defeated 4-0 😉. But seriously, Suarez is getting old and struggles in Europe anymore, Dembele is inconsistent, and while Phil's heart is in Barcelona he left his boots on Merseyside. Busquets is clearly on the decline, and Pique & Rakitic can't go on forever. Atletico are on the verge of a massive crisis - they've lost Godin, Hernandez, and Juanfran; they're going to lose Griezmann; and they're likely to lose Oblak and Rodri. Real were a shambles last year, but they're going to be miles better and potentially La Liga Champions with how they're acting right now. I expect Hazard to absolutely light Spain up, and I can see him linking up so well with a selfless player like Benzema.
  6. Ferland Mendy is the next to join Real this summer. Counting him, Hazard, Militao, and Rodrygo from Santos, they're now at about 260 million Euros spent.
  7. Oh man, that was so much fun. The atmosphere that was created an bar was incredible. They had to turn away people because the turn out was so high. Just nonstop singing and chanting, so much happiness. I've followed Liverpool very passionately for just over a decade now, so the only trophy I've been around for is the League Cup with Kenny. This was amazing today. I walked out of the pub smelling of alcohol and sweat, I was covered in beer that was sprayed in celebrations, I don't know how many strangers I embraced or was embraced by. But I definitely walked out with the biggest grin on my face too. Forget "from Paris down to Turkey". We can now sing "From Paris down to Madrid, we've won the fucking lot!" Also, as a Tye Dillinger fan, I also loved the "SIX!" chant in place of 10.
  8. Milner the odd man out in midfield. Bobby is back Kane is in for Spurs. Lucas on the bench. Winks is starting too
  9. Thanks mate hahaha. Here I thought I was your Bad Ass Billy Gunn 😭💔 It is incredible though to see the passion fans have here in the States. I got to the pub about 4 hours before kick off and the place is full.
  10. They also expect to get more viewers on a Sunday than Saturday, I'm wagering.
  11. I live in rural bumfuck Pennsylvania, so I'm up and driving 3 hours to Philly to go watch the game with the Supporters Club out there in a pub to get that great atmosphere. I'm trying not to get too confident about the match. We have to be favorites, but memories of last year and pretty much every Final or Title Chase I've ever watched are haunting me 😢🤞
  12. Look at how his hair progressed into pure unadulterated beauty in that second photo. And you just know that shirt is tucked in too 😍
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