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  1. You've never seen Mark Geiger referee a match. He's worst than all of yours with ego
  2. It's pretty sad/bad/pathetic when the SoccerBall of MLS over here in America can use VAR properly, and you lot can't.
  3. Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham (Sat 12.30pm)Burnley 2-0 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm)Southampton 2-1 Aston Villa (Sat 3pm)Leicester 1-2 Man City (Sat 5.30pm)Wolves 2-0 Norwich (Sun 2pm)
  4. You guys just don't understand how little tiny Barcelona have been torn apart by injuries and need help to try and fight for their survival!
  5. Atleti absolutely are anti football at times, but they always have been when they're in a dog fight. That's their style, it's worked for them, and we all knew that going in. They played their game loads better than us at times, and Liverpool did not make any appropriate tactical adjustments in the match to change that. Fair play to Atletico, simple as that. On the balance of it all, I think they deserved their result.
  6. Only if he's a black man. White man is some light probation and a disappointed shake of the head. Maybe a sad, "you know better" message too.
  7. https://www.espn.com/soccer/france-fra/story/4056026/amateur-footballer-in-france-banned-for-biting-opponents-penis When playing "just the tip" goes wrong, oui oui
  8. Oh yeah I absolutely agree with Mane. Atletico were going to try ever dirty bitch trick in the book to get him sent off. The rest were certainly puzzling. Return leg will still be a real struggle, but as David said, always going to back us at Anfield.
  9. Atleti getting a fluke goal off a set piece was the worst start ever because it meant Atletico could just play like the wet dream of Big Sam and Tony Pulis. Which they did to perfection. We were terrible today too, which didn't help. The delivery of the full backs was really bad, Salah was incredibly poor, Bobby couldn't get in the game. Definitely surprised to all hell by Klopp's changes in the match. This game was crying out for Naby in the midfield to try and create, or Ox to drive at the Atleti lines to try and make something happen. Instead, we got Ox on the wing for Salah. Origi will forever be a cult hero and I will love him forever, but he's not a winger and was utterly useless tonight
  10. Son is expected to miss the rest of the season as well, according to Mourinho. Without Son now as well, you would think this is the death stroke to their chances for Champions League next season. However, considering the fact the 5th place might get in now, and so many of the sides in there are really poor this year, it could still happen!
  11. Son has to get surgery for a broken arm. Spurs lose another attacker! Going to be for a weird game against Leipzig when it's no defenders versus no attackers.
  12. Oh, there's absolutely valid reasons why they beat both NBA and NHL in attendance, but I think it's still something cool for MLS to hang their hat on, and show that for all of the negatives MLS gets, because it gets shit on repeatedly, there's some pretty good things about it too when you think about how many people are still going out to the games every week.
  13. MLS' average attendance has dropped the past past two years because while Atlanta and Seattle draw great numbers, other clubs continue to struggle with keeping their fan base satisfied. Many clubs still aren't actually profitable yet. Everyone needs to understand that pro/rel will never happen in MLS. It won't happen. It's not in line with American sport culture and will absolutely cripple clubs financially. I don't care that not every club plays everyone equally because no one really cares about the Shield and finishing first. But my concern is what the schedule is going to look like and how many games are going to be played in the season. MLS is so inconsistent with amount of games played and how many times you play each team because of the expansion. MLS' growth has hurt America's national team program though, ironically enough, because the quality of league play has improved dramatically over the last decade, and those two factors have been great for the players of other concacaf national team programs. I do think it's worth noting though that the MLS average attendance is still the 3rd best American professional sports league, beating NBA and NHL, and has the 9th best average attendance of all professional soccer/football leagues.
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