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  1. The TellTale Games thread

    I don't disagree. That feeling is why I stopped reading the books, and why I don't watch the show. Hell, it's why I stopped watching Sons of Anarchy too. But no remorse or respite is pretty much dead on with the spirit of the series.
  2. The TellTale Games thread

    So you're saying it's exactly like the books.
  3. Lars relives the Super Nintendo

  4. The First Annual RPS "EWB Do Good-a-thon"

    I have a friend that's been going through a lot of issues, lost her teaching job and certification, lots of medical problems, barely making it because she can't find a job. My wife's best friend is a GM of a Five Guys so I told my friend to apply at her store and use me as a reference.
  5. Civilization Thread!

    I wasn't ready. I might need new pants.
  6. OOTP 17

    Well then I would possibly be interested if copies purchased from the legitimate store work on multiplayer.
  7. OOTP 17

    My copy is...ah...from the "store" so I don't think I can play.
  8. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    This. Power hit is when you want to knock one out of the park, but you sacrifice the "sweet spot" in the strike zone so you have to hit it nearly perfectly to do anything but fly out. Contact swing is the opposite, minimize power and maximize the amount of the strike zone you can hit in. Basically with a contact swing you're just trying to get the bat to touch the ball somehow, whether it be putting the ball in play or fouling it away. Regular swing is in between the two.
  9. OOTP 17

    Use the 20-80 scale for everyone. It makes ratings a lot more meaningful. Also, overall ratings don't mean much. Use specific ratings as a guide instead. And check personalities. A lower-rated player with a very high work ethic will do better than a player with very low work ethic and a higher rating.
  10. OOTP 17

    I have a Cubs game I started on last year's game that I imported. It's loads of fun. Still haven't made the World Series and I'm in 2020, but I've had a couple playoff appearances.
  11. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    It's less convoluted than Madden Ultimate Team.
  12. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Arma 3 has part-specific damage if you add the ACE mod. It doesn't exactly stop you from using damaged parts, but if one or both legs are heavily damaged you can't jog or run, and the more wounded you are the harder it is to aim.
  13. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I just recently picked up 15 again and I really want 16, but this is the part of the year where I start to become broke.
  14. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    It's really rewarding when you accomplish a goal. On the other hand it's really infuriating when you get a Kerbal all the way to the Mun and he dies because the ship runs out of fuel on the descent to the surface and gravity picks its speed up so much it explodes on impact.
  15. Crusader Kings II

    I may try that. Last few times I've played I've been a lowly count, but that generally involves just sitting there waiting for things to happen. Maybe I'll give it a shot as a larger demense.