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  1. You’ve still got quite a bit to go, especially if you like to do all the side quests. I finished the game yesterday and I didn’t want it to end, such a good game! I think I’ll do a murderous playthrough next.
  2. The Hunting Rifle Pro is really good, but that’ll depend on how far you are into the game.
  3. You’re telling me. I decided to land at the Cascadia Landing Pad and take the long way to Stellar Bay. How bad could it possibly be? Answer: Very very bad I don’t recommend.
  4. Untitled Goose Game is amazing. It’s a shame the main game is so short. Favourite section has to be the garden with the farmer. There’s just so much you can do in such a small space and most of the objectives have multiple ways of doing them. I didn’t enjoy the Pub section that much, the Bouncer was a right ass to deal with.
  5. I came in here just to mention Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. I bought the remastered version a couple of days ago and finished it and oh my god the constant QTEs were the absolute worst. I played the original version when I was younger and never remembered them being so frequent. And the story going absolutely bonkers halfway through was another thing I didn’t recall (or realise when I was younger). It’s such a shame too because the first part in the diner (and the follow up investigation) is possibly my favourite opening in a video game ever.
  6. I am also aboard the “smash is amazing” train. I haven’t delved into World of Light that much. It doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ve been liking Adventure mode and the various challenges it throws at you, and some of the end bosses were surprising. I also like that you can unlock characters just by playing the game and not needing to fulfill a certain condition (for most of them). The only annoying thing is that they seem to increase the difficulty to stupid levels when you’re trying to unlock someone. I fought Pit 7 times before I unlocked him.
  7. I think it was Here Comes the Pain. If you had KOs on, or it was a first blood match, and you went for a Powerbomb finisher on the referee he would counter it into a DDT, which could bust you open or KO you.
  8. I don’t know what it is, but ever since the jump to the current generation of consoles the games seem to have gone backwards. I got a fair chunk of play out of 2k14 - no game since has come close to being a similar time sink. Hell I didn’t even bother finishing Career mode for this year’s game, which is a first for me. Ronda being a “preorder bonus” (only to probably be released later on for 10 dollars or something) just screams cash grab. If they’re going to do that they should at least make it interesting - like I don’t know, you preorder the game and immediately unlock big head mode or something. That’d be fun.
  9. There was only one post credits scene from what I saw.
  10. I read the review. It’s like the guy has never heard of sequels.
  11. Just saw this tonight. It’s good, very good even. But...(big spoilers ahead)
  12. They’re about the same length (FBW is probably an hour or so longer) but besides the combat I didn’t enjoy it as much as SoT (which I replayed again after beating FBW, still holds up) SoT had plenty of memorable moments (the Alien Spaceship, the school section and Canada just to name a few) but the only thing that really sticks out in my mind in FBW is the first Human Kite 2 fight (and only because of how it ended)
  13. 2 is SO much better than 1 it's ridiculous. Definitely grab it if it's on sale.
  14. All of Taris in KOTOR - mainly because I've played it so much and it's such a grind to get off the planet. Pretty much the same with Paragus and Telos in the sequel too.
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