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  1. Yeah- like @Rocky 2K19 said, I wasn't sure what the default would be for them, so I skewed to the 50s/60s as fair. 80/85 is reasonable as well.
  2. Sure thing, since I was hoping for more NOVAPro people in there: Allie Kat: Brawl- 50 Speed- 25 Tech- 27 Over- 13 Charisma- 63 Selling- 55 Stiffness- 30 Wages- 3000 Attitude- 60 Behavior- 60 Gimmick: Fun Babyface Faye Jackson Brawl- 54 Speed- 15 Tech- 20 Over- 23 Charisma- 55 Selling- 45 Stiffness- 30 Wages- 3000 Attitude- 50 Behavior- 50 Gimmick: Comedy Character
  3. Checking through the sponsors list since I was using it for a game: Delete Sports Authority or replace it; it's closed down.
  4. Likewise for this, Demitrius Bronson was fired in the same firing spree where Abbey Laith/Sage Beckett were released, remove him from the WWE.
  5. With the UK promotions, would it be likely that the closest way to get the same basic effect of a UK promotion would be to mark them as Canadian promotions instead? Canada has some connections to the United Kingdom as it is anyway, so it's about as close to getting the spirit of the law as there could be with a game as old as EWR is.
  6. That's not part of the save file; it just happens sometimes naturally when a wrestler works for two promotions and you'll be the third one as part of the game itself. Usually either offering them a Written contract (or, in Cabana's case as a NOAH worker, using Easy Steal on Arsenic to get him to a Written deal) should fix it.
  7. The biggest counter I'd say from the requested updates is to counter that alterego issue...
  8. Even then, though, that ties to issues with "EWR" as a whole, not just the Relationship dynamic- EWR holds every promotion, no matter how big, in the same regard with each other. This really makes all the difference: Using that Rhyno/Edge/Christian quitting over Joe E. Legend- no, we can safely say that Edge or Christian wouldn't quit the WWE or TNA over their treatment of Joe E. Legend- but if it was, say, some shindy that fired Joe E. Legend from regular appearances, it's much more likely one of the three would say "Nah, if he's not going to be at the show, I really don't want to show up there either." EWR, however, would put the smallest backyard promotion on the same benefits as the WWE- meaning that both things become unified.
  9. Even then, though, that is a point- just because in the real world, "wrestling= WWE", you also have to account for how the average wrestling fan would react. Taking the "layperson vs. hardcore fan" argument, "well, the average fan only knows WWE or Monday Night Wars- era WCW, so only WWE/WCW guys should have high overness"- and it did seem like it was said by the "if no one, even top guys, has an overness higher than 80, so be it" to the obvious conclusion, then you have to lower everyone in WWE's overness and make a roster where the only people allowed to be 90+ overness are The Rock, MAYBE Hulk Hogan, and the Jersey Shore/Maria Menounous type celebrities who snuck into the game because "average-to-non fans know them", then have people like, say, an Alberto Del Rio or a Sheamus [main event WWE guys, but unknown on a mainstream level) at midcard level- and that's unreasonable as well. There is that problem with just going completely to "Wrestling is WWE" for it- you have to also account for the wrestling bubble and adjust the overness based on what a regular wrestling fan would view for overnesses, just because it's reasonable. It's a wrestling simulator, not an entertainment simulator on a whole, so people have to be judged on their overness in wrestling.It's more feasible to just say "shut up and Arsenic it yourself" on problems like overness, simply because in most cases, overness issues like the "TNA-to- WWE conversion" for TNA stars is a problem that will only come into play IF YOU HIRE THE WORKER TO WWE. It's more feasible to make choices like, say, "The American Wolves are high 60s, but they just got hired by WWE under development deals- Drop their overness into the low 40s to accommodate for them being under development deals and the WWE changeover" then it is to give people who prefer to play TNA games a harder time by dropping TNA homegrowns' overness to something adjusting what they'd be in WWE, solely to accommodate people who prefer to play as WWE.
  10. Once you go down to Regional, you're going past "be realistic for TNA's rating!" and down to outright TNA hate there. Even if you're going to say "TNA's worthless, I would personally say TNA should be 0% Backyard, and even that's selling it too high!", bare minimum in the game TNA has to be at least Cult just so that they can keep the "former WWE guys" who'd be above 70 overness. I think TNA being national "is" fair enough, especially since EWR will always be too easy to get a promotion back up to Global/Regional. Even if TNA can't break into Global, or if you argue, National in game, just crank up the Advertising budget and you're Global within about a year or two.
  11. TNA's roster isn't the real issue for minor pro-rating, simply because there'll never be a "good" way to prorate TNA at number 2 to WWE at number 1. There's perfectly fair levels for TNA, even rating TNA downwards to WWE, where you'd have people like Bobby Roode around the high-70s/low-80s for overness (upper mid in TNA, midcard in WWE)- but then you have people like Monty Brown/Chris Harris- equal to Roode in TNA, but who'd be in the 50s' in WWE as low midcarders. Should Roode be adjusted to his WWE stats (in the process saying only WWE guys can have high overness), or to his TNA overness. The better question- what to do for the smaller promotions than TNA's ratings. I can buy a Bobby Roode at 79 or 80- even if he'd be a little lower in the WWE, TNA is just big enough you have to be reasonable and not say "every TNA homegrown's no higher than 60, either". Plus, if TNA gets these, you have to go through "Well, then ROH should have the same factor- if, say, Bobby Roode's only a 75-80 guy, then, say, Kevin Steen should be at 50-55", and then from there, companies like Anarchy Wrestling [a fairly overrated draw-promotion] of "Well, no way anyone for Anarchy even flirts with 30 overness", and so on and so forth.
  12. Is Loyalty a 'stronger' link than Friendship? I can't remember the exact implications of either, but am I right in saying sacking a friend is a lower morale drop than a loyalty, which is lower than blood relative? Just knock a load down a tier based on Skummys logic. Using an example Bill posted in stats updates before from earlier in the thread: Of the list, going further- I'm pretty sure that Blood Relative also carries the chance that the person you don't fire will leave as well. Having said that, though, the potential "Modest Proposal" that's either completely sensible or completely insane (I never know anymore with me): From these stats, my question is: We know that if a person is "loyal" to someone, or if a person is "friends" with someone, there is no difference to what the wrestler will gain [10 points overness] or lose [25 points overness.]. The only difference is if someone's loyal to someone, they'll potentially leave the promotion over it, but if they're friends,they won't leave. However- can anyone think of two people loyal enough to each other that one would quit the company over the other one's leaving- and if not- is there even a reason that ANY Loyalty relationships are kept in the game, period? Just move any down to "Friendship" and go from there.
  13. That makes sense- but having said that. The issue for announcers has other differences. Jerry Lawler is a color commentator and part-time wrestler, so he doesn't work in the role. Having said that, though, there is a world of difference between, say, Jerry Lawler in the Wrestlers list[who is at least a part-time wrestler] and, say, Mike Adamle on the Wrestlers' list [failed announcer, spent a brief time for a couple months as GM of Raw, and will likely never appear as a GM again] who should be moved back to Announcers- or a difference between Lawler and Michael Cole [had a brief, one-off run as a in-ring competitor and will probably never appear as a wrestler again] or Don West [basically a color man who spent a brief period as manager of Amazing Red]. The announcer/wrestlers do need to be worked on for this reason- using the ring announcer argument now- BECAUSE these problems do play a distinct role in the actual game. If Howard Finkel or Tony Chimel's in the game as an announcer or production- it doesn't really effect anything in the game. However, if you put an announcer into the wrestlers' roster, then you suddenly have a genuine issue with the game's realism because now, the EWR engine means that that performer can only be used as a color commentator (and this IS a blatant problem- right now, considering that rule, none of the Raw or Smackdown commentary team would be able to used as Play-by-play announcers because of the rule [using the Lawler example and taken to its extreme- JBL, Lawler, and Cole would all fit as Non-Wrestlers, plus Josh Mathews for the next one down.] I was just using the 60 charisma point as an example. If Sofy has less information, but had higher charisma, in her example, then that' should put her on the chopping block, of course. Having said that, however, going back to Skummy's post...
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