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  1. It was discounted by 75% yesterday but I guess that was either temporary or a mistake because it's 33% now. I was seriously considering it at $4.95 because I bought the 39.99 ckii+dlc collection and it's only missing Charlemagne and Way of Life but I didn't pull the trigger in time apparently.
  2. It's apparently free to play on Steam this week if anyone wants to try it but isn't sure if they will like it.
  3. Here this wikipedia link might help: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_exclusives_(eighth_generation) Obviously the list isnt 100% complete and things will change as more games are announced but it should give you an idea. I have the xbone and it's OK. Mostly it doesn't feel as intuitive and easy to use as the 360 was. Other than that I have no real complaints I guess.
  4. In a fantasy draft franchise online with a friend I actually have Manziel at 99 at the end of his rookie season without ever doing the drills and letting the ai progress him. I throw a ton of picks as I suck on all pro but he has superstar development so he goes up quickly. In my offline Jags franchise I'm having a much harder time. Two #1 draft pick QBs so far won't progress at all if I sim the franchise. They gain 0 XP if they play badly apparently. So I've taken to doing the "work on a promising qb" training and I should be able to progress one of them with that, and it's pretty effective but still no XP from games unless I play them and have a good passing game.
  5. Having a hell of a time trying to get gold on formation flight. Got silver but gold seems near impossible.
  6. So I'm thinking....anything that you do to make a Bawsaq stock go down, you should invest in that stock. Why? Because Bawsaq is the same stock prices for every player playing with an internet connection and any drops caused by you are only temporary. Maybe that's obvious, but I wonder if any of the earlier assassination missions caused one of the Bawsaq stocks to go down while I was investing in the one Lester told me was going to get a boost. I kind of want to go back and redo those now. Oh well. I did invest in the ones he told me were going to get a boost though. On a related note, I'm kicking myself for not keeping my money in the Hawk and Little (HAL) stock. It started at $0.76 and I started out by always investing all my money in the stock, but I think the market was broken and after 3 days of 0% movement in the stock, I got bored and took it back out. As of today, the stock is trading at $2.92, which would be about a 350% return on investment. The nice thing is, knowing that the bawsaq is based online, before you get off for the day you can save your game, invest, save in another slot, and then wait and see what happens. The next time you get on, if your stocks have gone down, you can reload the first save and not have invested anything.
  7. E3 Drinking Game: 1. Everytime someone says that a (probably minor) innovation is a 'game changer' or will 'revolutionize the way you play' or any other kind of exaggeration of the importance of some minor upgrade, take a shot. 2. Anytime someone shows a game but no actual gameplay footage, take a shot. 3. Anytime Microsoft or Sony brag about an 'exclusive' which actually is just them getting some kind of DLC a month early, or some minor DLC content exclusively, take a shot. 4. Make sure you dvr it so you can watch it back later if you survive, and would like to actually remember what's being shown. Seriously though, I watch every year because I love games, and I enjoy seeing everything that's coming out, but man the corporate-speak gets really old really quick. I guess that's the price for watching and seeing what's new.
  8. It doesn't look like there will be a way to use a game rental system like Gamefly (for example) though. Which is a bummer, but I guess will save me $25 a month I can put towards new games. That is, of course, assuming I decide to go Xbox One. This sounds a bit less draconian than what was initially rumored though
  9. Giant's toe is an important ingredient in raising your alchemy though . Up until recently I've avoided Alchemy but I decided to create a player who uses it and I actually enjoyed it. Need to kill those giants though.
  10. I don't know. So far neither Sony nor Microsoft has shown me anything that blows me away. Sony basically showed off a controller and a couple games, and Microsoft focused on some neat (but of questionable use to me) technology and was mostly the typical corporate talk they tend to do at conferences (Fun drinking game: Take a drink during E3 everytime someone makes a claim that something will "revolutionize" something or uses the term "game-changer"). The more times has passed since Microsoft's conference the more I actually kind of like what I've seen of the Xbox One. The new controller looks like a quality design, and I can live with the Kinect when they stop trying to get me to buy shovelware or jump around like an idiot and give me something to actually use. That being said, some of the rumored restrictions have turned me off a little bit. The used game fiasco could be a deal breaker for me, but we will see. I do have to wonder, in what world is moving my arm in a swiping motion to control the menus easier or more intuitive than pressing left or right on a controller? I mean it's cool but it seems like after a while it would just become something that's more annoying than practical. And the voice control probably works about half as well in practice as on the stage. The whole used game thing is a funny issue though. Game developers use the same flawed logic they do for piracy: They assume that anyone who pirates their game or buys it used would have bought it at retail if it wasn't for the fact they could get it cheaper/free. Thus they see missed opportunity for sales. In most cases, if I buy a cheap game second-hand, it's because I was never interested enough in the game to buy it at retail, but since it's cheap, I figure I will give it a shot. I would never have purchased the game at retail even, in some cases, after a lot of time has passed and it's sitting at half-price or so. Game sales are the exception. That being said, I think the reason Microsoft (and Sony, for that matter) are being coy about their plans for used games and always-on internet is that they've probably not decided what they're going to do in that respect yet, but they know they're going to do SOMETHING, so they cant unequivocally say "It will play used games just like the Xbox360" or "It won't require you to be connected to the internet to play your games" Also, people have their own opinions when it comes to consoles and other tech, but let's be real: Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure you can think of more, or disagree, but below are my thoughts on the strengths of each, based purely on my own experiences: PS3 More upgrade-able: Sony makes it easier to upgrade your hard drive by swapping out a laptop one, and generally isn't as restrictive on the OS You can use any bluetooth headset which means a larger range of options The option for up to 7 controllers at once Blu-Ray Free Online More Exclusives Controllers don't shut down randomly when battery gets low like Xbox360's sometimes do (In my experience) Controllers are chargeable with any USB cable and don't require Microsoft's proprietary connections Mine, at least, seems to freeze less than my 360. Xbox360 Better Online experience (Party chat, easier to see what friends are doing/achievements that load almost instantly, easier to get into and out of friend's games) Sturdier-feeling controller (although my Dual Shock 3 has been put through Hell and is still in great shape.) Gets -some- Triple A DLC before Sony (CoD, GTA, etc) Immune to issues a few games had with Sony (Skyrim for example) Better voice chat. Maybe because PS3 players have all different bluetooth headsets, it seems like the voice quality is much lower. It's exclusives are industry giants like Halo and Gears of War (although PS3 has God of War) Personally speaking most of my friends have a 360, so that gets used way more, and I like the dashboard better. But what I realized making this list is that the 360 and the PS3 are very similiar systems with most differences being minor. Hardware-wise the PS4 and XboxOne's specs seem to be closer even than the 360 and PS3, so I think as long as neither side takes a hard stance in the used games or always-online thing, this will be a virtual wash from a hardware perspective. The difference will come down to what games each one offers and whether Microsoft can transition the "all-in-one" nature of their console into a must-have experience, which I have my doubts about.
  11. Oh we'll complain and gripe about it and how they're ruining the system. And then we'll eventually get talked into it and go out and buy it. The always on internet thing basically, for me, just means the days of taking my Xbox with me when I visit my parents, or go on vacation are over. It's not a deal-breaker for me personally as it just means the system is now as immobile as my desktop PC. It's annoying cetainly but oh well. The thing that potentially kills it for me is the used games thing, but like the old EA online gaming thing where you had to pay $10 to play it online, Im sure it will just become something that we get used to. I think likely the decision to make this change is not so much just because they want to, but because of pressure from game developers. As a result, I would be willing to bet Sony goes the same direction. However, I do think it's to the detriment of the industry. For most of us, if we can't rent games, we're likely to play less which means we're likely to buy less. Also, if there's no way to sell games, there's a huge risk in buying them because they will have 0 value the moment the box is opened. As such, if you get a bad game, you will have wasted $60-70 depending on the price this generation. I think this will mean people take less risks and the smaller name titles will struggle to get people to play their games unless they're exceptional quality. But I'm hypothesizing a bit I guess.
  12. Most mocks I've seen recently have the Lions taking Ansah. I watched some of his college highlights and came away completely unimpressed. Quite a few of his "sacks" came when the other team's qb held the ball too long or due to pass coverage. I really hope if both tackles are gone, they go after one of the top two guards or I'd even be ok with Milliner. I'd rather see them trade down a couple spots though. I know everyone wants to trade down, but really if the 3 OTs are gone, there's nothing they can get at 5 that won't still be there in some form around pick 10. EDIT- But yes, like you, I believe the Lions will blow this pick spectacularly. I've kind of had a sinking feeling about it since the draft talk started.
  13. jase12881


    I love that, for the most part, discussion in this thread has gone like this: "Justified...great show...great season..." "yeah its great" "I enjoy it" then a few episodes later "Great episode" "Yep" a few episodes later "Ooh another great episode. Great season" "Yeah, great season" I guess maybe there's not much to say about the show other than it's good. Well I enjoy it. It's definitely one of my favorite shows on tv, but I'm trying to find a way to describe it to people that makes it sound more interesting than just another "Rogue Cop who does things his way" type of show. I really want to recommmend it to friends, but I don't think I'm capable of making it sound interesting enough to get them to watch it. And a couple of people I mentioned it to actually told me that they dislike Timothy Olyphant so much (particularly from his role in Deadwood) they could never watch it.
  14. Considering the throne is supposed to be made of swords...at least from a story-perspective, having sex on it would probably be quite painful.

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