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  1. The Hobbit I'm not convinced three movies was the right choice to go. There are fun moments, and plenty of scenery porn, but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. Obviously it ought to be judged in relation to its sequels, but on its own it's a little ho-hum. Plus, *minor spoilers*
  2. Sorry Chris Martin, if you want I can gift you Civilization V instead, I've got an extra after pre-ordering XCOM.
  3. Well I'll ask Midget if he wants it, if not I'll pass it to Chris Martin.
  4. Feeling charitable so bought an extra set (with SR3). First to ask gets it
  5. I generally try not to give courtiers more than one county unless they're a Duke. More often than not they operate on gavelkind which means the bits get split up into angry warring brothers. And angry warring brothers means they don't contribute as many troops to my far more important wars.
  6. The problem with the modpacks is that sometimes i want one feature without having to put up with the rest. So in the end i end up modding the files myself.
  7. Sword of Islam is pretty fun! The Muslim mechanics make their games great for hyper-expansion and aggression. Formed the Kingdom of Africa and just took Sicily. Can't wait to kick the Pope out of Rome
  8. I think the expansion is about 10 quid, but if you don't plan on playing the Muslims you get all the other stuff free anyway. As far as graphical mods go, Better Looking Characters is pretty decent, although I haven't tried the newer versions where the guy went a bit obsessed with clothing colors. Other than that I run Patrum Scuta with my own additions to replace all the ugly randomized Coat of Arms.
  9. So the first expansion (of 5 planned!) is coming out tomorrow. Muslims aside, I'm really excited about the AI finally learning how to assualt holdings and deal with attrition. Strong and Weak claims looks pretty interesting as well.
  10. Anyone up for a multiplayer game tonight?
  11. Guide to CK2 It's a bit on the technical side, but I find it does explain things quite well. Also the first expansion pack is coming out end of the month, making Muslim factions playable with religion-specific mechanics. Can't wait
  12. Prometheus Minor Spoiler: So uh, I don't think it was a bad movie, but there's too many idiot ball/willful blindness moments for my liking. I think it was trying to do too many things, and could have done with more or less screentime, rather than trying to slot it all in. Apparently there's a rumor floating about that it's setting up for another movie. I wouldn't be surprised.