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  1. Disney Closes $71.3 Billion Fox Deal, Creating Global Content Powerhouse
  2. Lint

    Music hot takes

    HIV/AIDS denialism Best I can find, he's never recanted
  3. Lint

    Music hot takes

    I hated Foo Fighters when they first came out. It wasn't until their second album came out and Monkey Wrench was the lead single That I thought "Oh wow, a Foo Fighters song I actually like!" Dave Grohl is still an asshole for being an "HIV truther" though
  4. James Gunns "Suicide Squad" movie a total reboot, not "Suicide Squad 2"
  5. Yea, but Disney could search their couch cushions and find the money they'd probably need to buy the distribution rights back
  6. missed 2 games due to injury and had a 4 game suspension for PEDs
  7. It does feel like filler, but leading into Dance Macabre I felt like it fit. Anywhere else would've definitely felt "off"
  8. Well if the rest of the albums are even half as good as Prequelle was, I'll be happy. I even loved the largely instrumental songs. That one with the saxophone leading into Dance Macabre was great
  9. I did see the performance of "Cirice" on The Late Show and really liked it. Guess I'll be spending the weekend listening to Ghost
  10. Ever wanna feel "dirty" while watching a MCU movie?
  11. So after hearing them on the radio for months now and liking "Rats" and "Dance Macabre", I decided to give Ghosts "Prequelle" a listen on Spotify and, wow, I can see why this was nominated for Metal Album of the Year. Just thought it was amazing from start to finish. Is the rest of Ghosts albums like that? I loved it
  12. Love Jordan Hicks but with his injury history, thats a lot of money. Best of luck to him
  13. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Goose was great, damn cat stole the movie
  14. My first video from his was about, I think, Prison Architect, and I thought the same exact thing. I really love this guy

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