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  1. Not comparable. Different coach and GM at that time
  2. Stargirl has been renewed for S2, and will be moved to The CW completely, removed from the DC app
  3. Pats Kicker Justin Rohrwasser Gets Three Percenters Tattoo Removed
  4. Yea, watched 2 episodes and thats how I feel about it. Interesting stories, but just using the Unsolved Mysteries name for the attention it brings
  5. Wait...theres a new Unsolved Mysteries?! Why the hell am I bingeing on YT?!
  6. What'd you think of it? I've never seen a minute of Eurovision but I liked it more then I thought I would
  7. Watched Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga tonight on Netflix. Its not a great movie by any stretch, basically your standard Will Ferrell "Dumb Guy Comedy" but the songs in it are FANTASTIC. They really put work into the musical numbers
  8. Just finished S2 of Harley Quinn and loved it, but thought it was a little decline from S1
  9. “Come with me if you want to continue to exist.” 🤣 Oh Enoch, I love you
  10. Lint

    The Flash

    So here I am, growing older all the time, Looking older all the time, Feeling younger in my mind
  11. Lint

    The Flash

    We kinda moved discussion about the Arrowverse shows to the Comic Book Films & TV thread. So few people on here still watch them they really don't support their own threads anymore
  12. I'd be down for it but I don't use Chrome...
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