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  1. This makes no sense to me. Rorschach was shown to be a pretty conservative hero. I have no doubt, in the modern times, he would've been very Blue Lives Matter. So to have others take on his image and be anti-cop is stupid
  2. Lint

    Ric Ocasek dead at 75

    Police: Rock star Ric Ocasek found dead in NYC apartment
  3. Lint

    NFL 2019

    NFL Redzone just said Brees was out for the rest of the game. Next shot is Brees running back to the sideline, helmet on and ready to go
  4. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Glad to see Fitztragic turned up in record time this season
  5. Lint

    NFL 2019

    He doesn't always wear a jockstrap!
  6. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Long-term Losing for Lawrence?
  7. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Tank for Tua is really gonna be funny when he flops in the NFL
  8. Honestly I really didn't have any expectations. I read an article about it on some site and thought "Wow, that game sounds fun". The game did mention companions and doing what more or less amounts to loyalty quests for them, but it never really stuck in my head that sort of like a Bioware game. Only real big issue I have is it can get VERY repetitive. I did one quest line where I was trying to help establish peace between a tribal chief and a governor. It pretty much goes 1. GO to chief to hear peace proposal 2. Go to governor to present peace deal 3. Go back to chief with governors emissary 4. Wait 2 minutes while talks commence 5. Go to ANOTHER chief to get him involved 6. Go to original chief to let him know second chief accepted 7. Go to meeting point of the two chiefd and the emissary 8. Return to original chief to end quest There is ust a whole lot of running back and forth that gets very dull
  9. I'm already tapping out on this season
  10. So its not a PS4 exclusive, but I bought Greedfall off PSN the other night. Its a "budget" title, in the sense that a budget title on PC/PS4/XB1 still costs $50. I'm about a dozen or so hours into it and, while it starts off slow, it gets really good. Has a very MAss Effect/Dragon Age feel to it
  11. Lint

    NFL 2019

    No Rob, thats just the CTE talking
  12. I'm currently subbed to Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, all of which I share with other people In return, I get Prime Video and HBO from other people
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