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  1. Sony is referring to their films as the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC). Which I guess kinda makes sense...did the MCU ever talk about anything that happened in Spider-Man: Homecoming? We have yet to see how they'll address Spider-Man Far From Home, but it wouldn't surprise me if Marvel Studio's kinda of ignores what happens in the stand along Spider-Man movies
  2. So...ummm..THIS happens during Crisis on Infinite Earths part 4...
  3. Chad Johnson to try out as a kicker for the XFL
  4. They later took that out of the newsletter and said it was a typo, so its not MCU
  5. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Yea, pretty sure Antonio Brown is done in the league
  6. I loved it, but then again it could've just been 2 hours of footage of the GT40 and I'd still love it, because that is a damn beautiful car But seriously, yes, it was a really good movie if you have an interest in that sort of thing. Damon and Bale have great chemistry together. There are some light comedy moments that actually work well with the plot of the movie and the car testing/racing scenes were beautifully shot. There was a small plot point that didn't make sense to me, but it might've been something I missed the first viewing and would make more sense if I watch it again
  7. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Aww Jimmy Johnson
  8. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Looks like we have a game goin!
  9. Lint

    NFL 2019

    1 minute left in the first quarter and the game is practically over
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