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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Really...not in my top 5 MCU movies, but a close outsider...7, maybe 6. Apparently, Black Panther is on pace to make more in 6 days then Justice League did in its entire domestic run
  2. What bands do you hate?

    Don't come around here no more
  3. General Movie Thread

    Honestly, when I first heard they were making a RAmpage movie....I thought it was going to be dumb as hell. The trailers, though, have me thinking it'll just be a fun popcorn movie
  4. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Mike Glennon expected to be cut by Bears
  5. League of Legends Thread

    Honestly have never played LoL...I generally dislike playing games with other people
  6. League of Legends Thread

    Was probably drunk, clicked wrong thread and didn't realize it
  7. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Alright, well keep supporting a racist because he "entertains" you. This is how this shit gets normalized
  8. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Was also sent home from the combine for behavior issues and failed a drug test. Dude's just a fuck up
  9. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Same incident
  10. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Didn't JonTron say a bunch of racist shit?
  11. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Oh yea Captain Disillusion is amazing. Surprising he's been on YouTube for 10+ years and his subscriber count is as low as it is
  12. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Marvel is sponsoring the U.S. Olympic skiing teams
  13. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    The names and roles were added by someone on Reddit