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  1. Sonic looks much better. Still doesn't cancel Franco's "How did I get to this level" look of despair or Jim Carey looking like he's doing an impression of someone doing a Jim Carey impression
  2. Legal Eagle is seriously a great and entertaining channel
  3. Lint

    The Outer Worlds

    Sequel will probably be XBox exclusive since Obsidian was purchased by Microsoft
  4. Recently got into Todd In The Shadows and his One Hit Wonderland and Train Wreckords series are great
  5. Lint

    The Punk Thread

    I think this is the first time I've ever heard any of Cut The Crap, but I've always heard it was terrible. And yep...its terrible
  6. Lint

    The Outer Worlds

    There is an item dupe glitch which is OP as fuck...
  7. Lint

    NFL 2019

    that address is for the Browns practice facility for what its worth
  8. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Lets be real. This is going to happen either way most likely
  9. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Is Bill gonna have to sacrifice another newborn when he gets back to Foxborough?
  10. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Oh they can't be doing that bad... *checks boxscore* Oh...
  11. Lint

    NFL 2019

    Jon Bois and his partner Kofi Lastnamenotkingston are going to re-create the Lions 0-16 season, but use only 1 offensive play the whole season. This first part is Kofi and Jon trying to figure out what play to use
  12. Death Stranding: The Kotaku Review That paragraph tells me everything I need to know, but also tells me nothing at all. I'm going to go into this game SO confused about everything, but since its Kojima, I think I'll still love it. Its also why I'm not buying The Outer Worlds...because I know I won't beat that before Death Stranding comes out, an I'll probably be playing Death Stranding long enough I'd lose interest in Outer Worlds. Outer Worlds will be my purchase next month!
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