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  1. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Dammit he was going to be my #2 QB.. Eagles Def On phone, someone tag for me please
  2. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Corey Davis, WR Titans @LL.
  3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I liked Iron Fist. I didn't like it as "the last show before The Defenders" though. Felt it was a little lacking then. Had it been an earlier show, before JJ and LC, it would've worked out better I think

    Yea if I remember correctly, it gets confused with a keylogger or something like that
  5. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    I was leaning towards him but didn't feel right drafting a cowboy
  6. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Sorry guys, was at work and I only get, like, 1 bar of service there Terrance West, Bal RB @DMN
  7. Game of Thrones

  8. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    I picked Jordan Matthews? Let this be a lesson...never fantasy draft while drunk...
  9. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Jordan Matthews, WR bills @LL. I think?
  10. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    From 2nd round pick to released
  11. Songs that 'rock'?

  12. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I didn't expect Agent Carter to go on forever. I really wish they would've given us one last season to wrap things up. From the movies, we know Peggy and Howard Stark were part of the founding of SHIELD. Just give us one last season to show how the SSR turned into SHIELD. I would've been totally happy with that
  13. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Huh...did a seatch for sneed and nothing came up.. Ah, just saw Lineker had him on this page..then Donte Moncrief, Ind WR