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  1. My problem is I just go to the first page and do a search. When Robby Anderson didn't show up I picked him. When I saw Fuller was ranked lower then Anderson, I figured he hadn't been picked yet and didn't even bother to search
  2. Ahh missed that Will Fuller, WR, Texans
  3. Ravens D Robby Anderson, WR, NYJ @DMN
  4. Lint

    The Punk Thread

    Social Distortion's Mike Ness gives Trump supporter a quick lesson in Punk 101
  5. Lint

    NFL 2018

    You'll just tell him to like the Cowboys since Kellen Moore is coaching for them!
  6. Robert Wood, WR, LAR Patrick Mahomes, QB, KC @DMN
  7. Lint

    Fallout 76

    In the comments it is also pointed out that if someone is labeled a murderer, they can't see anyone else's character on the map, but everyone else can see the murderers
  8. Lint

    Fallout 76

    21 Things We Learned About Fallout 76 Today There was a Fallout 76 panel at QuakeCon today
  9. Real lawyer reacts to movie lawyers
  10. How did Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. go from pop-culture behemoth to scrappy underdog?
  11. Oh yea....post S1, pretty much everything AoS does is fantastic. You could tell they were REALLY dragging their feet in the lead up to CA:TWS
  12. Michael Crabtree, WR Ravens Delanie Walker, TE Titans @DMN
  13. I was actually going to post that here and tag @Mick in it so he realizes its not just us 😆

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