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  1. Lint

    NFL 2018

    tbf, that is probably what he was going to do until McCoy got injured
  2. Lint

    NFL 2018

    Turns out I was wrong. Blocked field goal+defense tackled in their own endzone=1 point safety. Still think @Lineklaus was wrong though. It would've been huge news if it happened, since its never happened before
  3. Lint

    NFL 2018

    Either your wrong or it was just a graphical problem. The only way to score 1 point that isn't a PAT is a 1 point safety, but that still requires a TD to happen, and it still goes to the team that scored the TD
  4. He can join the Freedom Football League! .
  5. Supposed to come by the end of next week
  6. Dunno if anyone was watching them or intended to, but Roger Clark, the voice/facial actor for Arthur, won Best Performance at The Game Awards and wow...he doesn't sound anything like Arthur!
  7. Lint

    Far Cry 5

    I have to give Ubi credit. They found a way to keep the Far Cry games an annual release, but keep it interesting. Release a numbered game one year, then the following year release a game that uses a remixed version of the map but adding some new gameplay elements.
  8. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60735/Red-Dead-Online-Beta-Week-1-Update
  9. Lint

    NFL 2018

    From what I've read, he was basically McCarthys "right hand man" anyway and probably wouldn't have been around much longer either way Also, I feel really bad for Alex Smith
  10. Dude I live in PA. You can be in the middle of PA, drive 8 hours in any direction and still be in PA. 4 hours is basically a quick drive down the street
  11. Lint

    Far Cry 5

    Looks like its time for the unnumbered follow-up game that every FC game has had recently
  12. Lint


    Might help but honestly, they've kinda kept the plot under wraps so I'm not sure how much you'll need to know

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