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  1. I keep wondering the same thing about the Netflix shows that I do about the movies..spoilers
  2. Alas, the voters have such a hard on for Urban and OSU that they'll only fall to, like, 5
  3. Lint

    NFL 2018

    He was benched because they where 1-7 and Eli was playing like ass
  4. The DC/CW-Verse's Superman Is Getting His Own Black Suit
  5. I am glad I didn't ditch the Ravens defense after that 4 point game a few weeks back
  6. Wouldn't surpise me if it was meant to be in the game, either in the base game or DLC, but wound up getting cut. There is a ton of shit in Skyrim that's been found as having been cut
  7. Lint

    NFL 2018

    He was sacked more times then he completed a pass
  8. Who is who? I can't remember who runs what team..
  9. Scarlett Johansson Lands $15 Million Payday for Black Widow Movie

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