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  1. So Deadpool 2. Don't know if I agree with the review that say its better then the first, but at worst, its just as good as the first one
  2. Lint


    Details for next seasons crossover were given at the CW's upfronts today
  3. Lint

    Far Cry 5

    Is the end game stuff really that disappointing? I still have to finish Jacobs region, plus whatever with Joseph, but reading how disappointed everyone is with the end game makes me really not want to play anymore
  4. Lint


    It really was. I really wish they would do more episodes like that
  5. Dunno if its a good or bad thing, but the only reason it got a 5th season is because someone at Disney refused to let ABC cancel it. Maybe a high powered exec at Disney is a huge fan?
  6. So do i need to resubcribe to you? I unsubscribed because you hadn't uploaded anything for like 50 years
  7. So...uhhh....this happened
  8. This was the first movie I've seen since The Passion of The Christ (which I just saw out of curiosity) that after I left, I sat in silence. After IW, I got in my car, didn't turn on the radio or my music, drove to the taproom I go to, and had a beer and just let the movie process in my mind. I swear, it seems like the stuff in Wakanda takes up about 1/2 the movie, but it doesn't feel like it, and sweet gentle jesus
  9. Or, its showing the maker of the most common lock that they need to improve their shit https://nypost.com/2015/12/21/your-master-lock-doesnt-really-lock-anything-up/
  10. maybe its the credit about an Arrested Development character being licensed for use? Apparently its legit
  11. Line in this week's episode...suppose its a spoiler for Infinity War too
  12. Justgot out of seeing IW. I'll post more thoughts when I get home , but that movie was epic
  13. Well it was rumored Tom Holland was on set to film a cameo. So maybe that? Really not sure, since Spider-Man takes place in NYC and this seems to be in San Francisco..