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  1. The Fumble Dimension turns to the classic simulation game “Out Of The Park Baseball” to simulate a Seattle Mariners season. Who’s playing? Well guess what, it’s you.
  2. I loved this show when it was on originally but its never been released except for a DVD release in like 2006. I will admit, I did check Disney+ to see if it was on there lol
  3. Comedian Christopher Titus has started to upload the episodes of his old sitcom, which ran on Fox for 3 seasons back in the early 2000s, to his Youtube channel. He's also not completely sure if he's allowed to do it, saying "We'll do this until they tell us to stop"
  4. Yea, the writers say they felt his story came to an end Fan theory is he was one of the more expensive cast members so he got sacrificed to the god of low budgets
  5. Oh...ok I'm not going to lie, I just thought Saff was a man from the get go
  6. Saff is transgender? I must've missed that mention
  7. He's leaving...or rather, he was made to leave. Written off the show
  8. I tried to keep up with that core system for about 2 hours, then stopped giving a shit about it. Felt like it really had no impact on the game at all
  9. So thanks to @C-MIL for showing up tonight and watching what is really one of my favorite good bad movies with me! As of right now planning a Double Feature for Wrestlemania Saturday! Going to do 2 movies featuring wrestlers. The first is a suggestion by @C-MIL. I've never seen it, but I've heard about it. The cult classic starring Roddy Piper Hell Comes To Frogtown! For the second, I decided to look through Jesse Ventura's filmography and picked Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe. Another movie I haven't seen, and one I've never even heard of. And...goddammit RiffTrax did this one too...ok that might be an unintentional running theme. There are only so many good bad movies I know of...maybe I should've picked that action movie that had RVD, Batista and Big V, but I wanted to keep this one more sci-fi oriented... As of now, depending on the Wrestlemania start time on Saturday, I'm thinking I'll start this at 3pm EST (I'm assuming WM will start at 7). If it comes out WM will start at 8, I might push it back to 4pm EST. So, if you have nothing better to do SAturday before Wrestlemania, and lets be honest everything everywhere is closed so no one does, join me at Lints Saturday Matinee and lets watch some corny movies together
  10. was just coming to do the same!
  11. So since pretty much everyone is homebound, I thought I'd start a EWB-movie night. Featuring low budget/B-movies, it'll be a chance for people to "get together" and watch cheesy movies together. The topic title is a bit misleading, since it'll be action, sci-fi, horror etc...The genre doesn't really matter, nor even does it matter when it was released. As long as its low budget and a "good bad" movie, it qualifies! I'm willing to take suggestions from people about movies to watch. Join me at https://cytu.be/r/Lint6 at 8pm EST Saturday night for a showing of Miami Connection [/img] At some point, I'll independently test to see if rented videos can be viewed on the site to possibly make the video options wider. Lets be honest, these videos can be rented for a few bucks, so if I can spend a few dollars to make some friends happy and take their mind off what is going on in the world, it'll be money well spent!
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