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  1. Ill play if you still have any spots.
  2. Fuck, got my answer. The third set only counts for one point. Just fucking bitter that they graded it as a win and then manually changed it to a loss.
  3. I will preface by saying I'm a bit of a degenerate gambler. When tennis is the only live action i gamble on it even though i dont really have a handle on how its scored. Today I took the over 20.5 combined points on a match. To me it looks like I won, they graded it as a win and then manually changed it to a loss. Can someone more familiar with the sport let me know if I got fucked here? My thought was that you take the points from each set, which in this case would have been 32.
  4. Congrats... I guess. Well that was a let down. Sorry bud. Forgot to get my votes in. Nice to see DRC placing in the top 3 and Jennings getting some love
  5. My problem with Busch might just be that he's better at Madden than I am.
  6. OK cool. Can we try and shoot for 11 cause I gotta leave for work around 1.
  7. I can't do tomorrow night unless it's around 1245 AM or later. Can you do that or Monday/Tuesday morning?
  8. Not looking good for tonight. Can you do tomorrow morning between 9 and 11?
  9. Essa

    WWE 2k15

    So I have the season pass but it's still telling me I have to pay to download the DLC except for Paige. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I'm gonna be out for a while so can't do this afternoon but tonight should work.
  11. Essa

    NBA 2k15

    Knicks 4 life
  12. Busch fucking curb stomped me last time so I don't know if that'll be a good prediction. When's good for you busch?
  13. Yeah good game bud. Seemed like every time you had the ball you drove to the red zone and Brown picked you off. I'm cutting Larry Donnell in the off season. He fumbled on the first play and then dropped three wide open passes.
  14. Shit I can't do till after 830 Monday. Can you play within the next hour?
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