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  1. I can't bring myself to tell Short Girl yet, but it does make sense. Nintendo has their year planned, so Yoshi can be a nice palette cleanser for everyone not caught up in Smash hype after the holidays. I have faith they'll manage to somehow make the cutest Switch game ever even cuter.
  2. This is turning into a Dez Bryant situation and I would be pleasantly surprised if Julio is a member of this team much longer.
  3. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon boss question:
  4. I've finished four areas and still had not seen anything demanding pay. There's an option to buy a lot of cosmetics through the eShop, but nothing pay-to-win so far.
  5. Anybody throw down for the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection? I'm mildly intrigued, but Short Girl prefers Injustice & Tekken, so it'd be a PC purchase and I have zero intentions of paying full price for a PC title these days.
  6. That new "free-to-start" Pokemon game for the Switch is really addictive, friends. Quick shout out to Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, as well. If you want Castlevania I, then go plunk down the $10 and get you some Castlevania I.
  7. Wait, am I recalling correctly that the teams that worked on GC1 and GC2 were same in studio name only? I remember a lot of criticism regarding GC2 because it lacked noticeable upgrades over GC1 and had no post-launch support. That scuttlebutt kinda put me off of picking up GC2. A PGA-endorsed GC 2019 with the solid creation features and gameplay from the first entry would be outstanding, though.
  8. Dennis Schroder probably wants out of Atlanta, who has a GM that loves him some draft picks, but good luck getting that contact out of Atlanta without getting another Miles Plumlee-style contract coming back.
  9. That was a good game. First place is very nice.
  10. Short Girl - aka the defending champion in her fantasy football league - loooooves that Ridley pick for Atlanta, and rightfully so. Assuming Sarkisian's second year is akin to Shanahan's second year, Matt Ryan will throw for around eight million yards.
  11. That's MLB Slugfest nonsense. Check him for midichlorians.
  12. Isn't this similar to what Marshawn Lynch did before heading over to Oakland?
  13. Oof. So much for that Blake trade. That said, it turns out Atlanta also gets Houston's first round pick. We'll have a lottery pick plus two more first rounders. Trust the sped-up process, I guess.
  14. Props to Minnesota for making the playoffs and giving the Hawks their first round pick. That is literally the only highlight of our season in Atlanta. Couldn't even tank correctly.

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