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  1. 93 runs scored during DeGrom starts, and of course not all of those coming while he is actually pitching. (baseball-reference.com for the source)
  2. Quick update regarding Dead Cells on the Switch: yes, it can be overly chaotic initially and there are some hiccups regarding the frame rate, but if you even remotely like this sort of game, you will very likely get hooked. I've reached the first boss only once thanks to what I thought was an awesome build, but got thwacked pretty quickly during the boss fight. With more cells, I'll get better drops and hopefully things will be a bit easier. Those sewer scorpions and every enemy that can pass through walls can bite me.
  3. I may pop over and check on the PC player base, but I'm a wee bit concerned on how people keep describing Hollow Knight and Dead Cells as difficult games. I'd be curious to know how they compare to something like Rogue Legacy before I plunk down $35 for both.
  4. Both, though I think lobbies cap out around 16 people. People can just as easily destroy your base and they can sit and watch the stars go by.
  5. The PC version of No Man's Sky is the absolute way to go. It's not greatly optimized, but I dig its take on third person controls and it's the perfect nomad game. The base-building is now the icing on the cake for me. This game may legit keep me from buying the WoW expansion.
  6. He may be onto something, though. Nobody seems to quite understand how that rule is going to be called.
  7. Word was the Braves weren't willing to give up the prospects Baltimore wanted. Makes sense, but I felt Britton would be the one move Atlanta made. I do wonder if Tehran gets traded. The guy is just not an ace of the staff and has never been.
  8. And he was a solid three for the Hawks, as well. He managed to parlay that into a huge Toronto contract and then promptly just meh'd around until having his best scoring season ever with Brooklyn...because Brooklyn. He strikes me as one step below Al Horford. Not a max level guy, but a great role player.
  9. Also, all of Hitman is free to play until July 31st. Do treat yoself to one of the best games of the last five years.
  10. If you didn't think Toronto would refrain from shooting their own foot to get a name at the three, allow me to mention the name DeMarre Carroll. Don't be surprised if the Melo to Atlanta trade results in neither person playing for their new team. This may be a salary dump from both sides when all is said and done.
  11. Can confirm. I've been trying to swoop in for about an hour now and continually getting the same error.
  12. That should be an achievement. Name it "Breath of the Wild".
  13. Gonna preemptively welcome them both to Atlanta as we start our new dynasty and I'm awake now. The Lakers have to get rid of The Ball Circus if they're landing any of these people, right?
  14. Lumines Remastered has been just what I hoped it would be: a relaxing way to make some squares and focus on something else for a while. If anyone is wanting something close to Rogue Legacy on the Switch, go nab Devious Dungeon. Not as deep as Legacy, but manages to feel very similar in the "eh, run these levels, upgrade my gear, whack a boss" rogue style games. Once finances allow, I think I'll nab Hollow Knight. Hearing a lot of great things about it and $15 doesn't sound like a bad price for a game supposedly that deep.
  15. I can't bring myself to tell Short Girl yet, but it does make sense. Nintendo has their year planned, so Yoshi can be a nice palette cleanser for everyone not caught up in Smash hype after the holidays. I have faith they'll manage to somehow make the cutest Switch game ever even cuter.

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