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  1. It warms my cold heart that an Atlanta player is worthy of a 1st round pick. Also, good lord, Srar, taking a pitcher in the 1st. Much bandwagon, such Cole. Still, ❤️ to everyone.
  2. I. Fucking. Fucking. Hate. The. Roster. Grind.
  3. Tetris Effect is every bit what you think it is and more. First game to have legit compelled me to find a PS VR headset.
  4. Fuck that. Give me Forsaken and then we'll fucking talk. Little ill at this news, given that Destiny 2 is just collecting dust on my hard drive.
  5. thatshortguy

    WWE 2K19

    Regarding the game proper...holy cow there are so many systems. While it is a lot of fun in multiplayer and the presentation is far from their worst effort, the sheer fact that everything seems to have its own unique mechanics (in the case of submissions, variations on those mechanics) becomes tiring after a while. The ring physics are still wonky, as I've seen all three ropes stretch as if you're about to launch over a castle wall. Perhaps it's the relative simplicity or roster versatility of FPWW, but 2k19 is a pass for me until the friends and I feel like playing ladder matches again.
  6. Phew...let's see what I can recall: Atari: Grand Prix, followed by Pitfall. NES: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, followed by Marble Madness and Legend of Zelda II -- first game I ever beat on the system was Castlevania II Sega Genesis: Krusty's Fun House, followed by Sonic 1. Only system I ever finished a Mortal Kombat on. Apple IIe/PC: Mines of Titan, followed by Win, Lose or Draw -- first game finished was Incubation Game Boy: Dr. Mario, followed by Super Mario Land and Tetris. First completed game was Kirby's Dream Land. SNES: Super Mario World, also the first game finished, but was quickly followed by NBA Live '95, Link to the Past and Street Fighter II Turbo N64: Goldeneye 007, followed by Killer Instinct -- first finished was WCW/NWO Revenge's Championship Mode Playstation: Hardball 5, didn't actually finish a game on PS1 as I mostly played sports games Gamecube: Resident Evil 4, also the first game finished -- obsessed over Smash Bros. Melee, though Playstation 2: Need for Speed Underground 2, but finished Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 first. Quick shout-out to the Slim PS2, though. Nintendo DS: Nintendogs!!!! PSP: Lumines, followed by MLB and Metal Gear Acid Playstation 3: Rock Band, which still haunts me to this day. First game finished on the PS3 was Journey. XBox: Sigh...Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, though I don't believe I ever rolled credits on an XBox title. By this point, we have reached the time in my life where it would be almost impossible to complete a game. XBox 360: Minecraft, followed by all the GTAV. Nothing 1000'd, though. Playstation 4: Flower, followed by Sound Shapes. First game platinum'd was the 1.0 release of Rocket League. Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, followed by Splatoon 2. Super Mario Odyssey is the first finished Switch game for me.
  7. My campaign to replace it with a crowd singalong of Type O Negative's "Kill All The White People" continues to gain momentum.
  8. There are moments where this Braves team reminds me of the '15 Royals team. Not a lot of nationally known names, but can stand up to everyone...not from Boston. The quintessential Atlanta sports team
  9. Maxx drafted Freeman, plus he's not Srar, so I root for Maxx! Your face is disappointing! Look at that face! Who has a face like that one at the end of that sentence there!? It's like you made a goofy face despite your Grandma telling you it would stick, then it stuck, and then she shaved you. GO MAXX!
  10. Laying all 225 people, leaving 25 to finish The Walking Dead and then the studio is finished. An absolute gut-punching news story.
  11. That's why the Promoter DLC is so appealing to me...on the PC. I want menus and stats all over my monitor, but as far as just "hey, let's all just be Stan Hansen and use nothing but lariats", the PS4 version is perfect for that. Being able to add wrestlers from your phone is fairly cool, too. I understand the Steam Workshop integration on the PC, but something unified could have been rather convenient.
  12. There is a lot to love about Hate Fuck: The Game (Dead Cells). Controls are smooth, sometimes you get exactly what you want from that experience...but know that all it wants to do is one thing, and it has no qualms about making that very clear.
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