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  1. I've literally never been depressed watching the US win before tonight.
  2. Wasn't it you who said "No More Heroes"? This is starting to be painful.
  3. We are not in, late equalizer for Panama, means we get a playoff spot at worst. Also means Mexico are even closer to being in the shit. Scratch that, forgot they are both on 8, we are in
  4. I'm having a little trouble on defense this year as well. Usually in the past I have forced tons of turnovers but this year I am finding it way more difficult. I think I average like one INT every other game and for forced fumbles its more like one every 4-6 games.
  5. July 2018 in my game and not much out of the ordinary. Ipswich is in the Prem and Norwich has become a top 7 club. Mansfield are probably the high riser, making it from the BSP to League One, also Boreham Wood had made it to League Two but have since suffered consecutive relegations back to BSS.
  6. Yes..there sure was holding there at the end... Oh calm down, there was contact both ways.
  7. Maybe the craziest piece of news to top them all this week...Edgar Davids to Barnet as Player/Joint Head Coach. As a Barnet fan I am interested to see how it works but it's pretty freaking bizarre.
  8. This just in, physics don't apply in Corvallis, Oregon! Balls suddenly reverse course and go the opposite way after 9 yards!
  9. Surely that's Fulham down too then. Almost got the relegation places sorted.
  10. Did anyone else know that Mr Perfect, Rick Rude, Tom Zenk, Nikita Koloff, Smash, The Berzerker, and Battle Kat all went to the same high school together?

  11. Anyone know how to properly install a DBC file on this game?
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