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  1. Haven’t got Grownish in the UK yet (I believe). I will binge the hell out of it when we do.
  2. Black-ish is the best show on television.
  3. Isn’t this new policy, well, illegal?
  4. Phil Jones is going to score the winning goal now, right?
  5. I hate sports people that want to win. What an awful approach to competition.
  6. We live in a world where the Sixers won 16 in a row to close the season.
  7. I think I might have had you if I hadn’t had of lef all my active players on the Bench the first day. Argh.
  8. Ive no time to check available players. Can you assign me two, please? Maybe a catcher? Sorry to be a hassle.
  9. Craig Kimbrel and Starling Marte @Ms. Canadian Destroyer
  10. Stephen Strasbourg and Noah Syndergard. @Ms. Canadian Destroyer
  11. Paul Goldschimdt Manny Machado @Ms. Canadian Destroyer
  12. Following my brief flirtation with victory last year I have promoted myself from Noobitude to Almostitude.
  13. Fuck off. There is nothing redeeming about sporting success given his past behaviour.

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