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  1. Baku is excellent fun. I started a career mode and created a driver as David Schumacher (Ralf’s son) to give myself a narrative. Skipped F2 and joined McClaren. 6th in Melbourne, 4th in Bahrain. Seem pretty on par with Sainz pace wise so happy with difficulty. Started 6th in Bahrain and came out of the 1st turn in 1st. Gradually dropped positions to the faster cars but Hamilton and Riccardo both retired leaving me to defend 4th first against Bottas whose tyres gave up and then LeClerc. Got passed multiple times but managed to hold the inside line. Ace race.
  2. Can anyone suggest the best online publications for keeping up with F1 (and motorsports in general)? Preferably places that write long form articles as well as general news updates.
  3. A Bournemouth win with Villa and Watford losing game 38 would mean Bournemouth stay up, right? As Bournemouth would end up with the best goal difference even if every game is settled by one goal. (as it stands right now)
  4. Is this worth stumping up for when 2019 is on PSN right now?
  5. Horner has just said it’s a definite no to Vettel returning and he’s told Seb as much. Thinks his only choices are Racing Point or a year out. Take hay with however much salt you need.
  6. Ziggo is Dutch Sky/Virgin. and isn’t curaçao a blue liqueur? (Edit: or an entire island, it’s this one. They were a Dutch colony.)
  7. Who decided those Wolfsburg and Bremen kits don’t clash?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idINIndia-53332620101203 He did.
  9. Can someone summarise what was there, please?
  10. I used to live in the area and went back last year. Seeing that stadium in the edge of Wrea Green of all places is utterly mad. Startlingly out of place.
  11. Mad that Wiggins is still only 24.
  12. That has to be the first time someone has been sent off twice in a single match.
  13. Twist


    At least Jonny May realised he’s in a rugby game.
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