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  1. Do you like anything? (not including the Yankees, obviously)
  2. Not with this new qualifying system! Everyone but Scotland gets to go to the Euros.
  3. The solution is easy. If your opportunities in England are limited, go and play abroad.
  4. Well, yeah, because then he wouldn’t be a Yankee.
  5. I’ve been searching for the name of that feeling for years now. Thank you.
  6. Yeah, people thought Giannis was a lock after the first 6/7 games last year.
  7. What the heck is a Rich Energy?
  8. He doesn’t stop, does he?
  9. He stopped watching the moment his beloved Yankees went out.
  10. What cracks? Newcastle is just one fuck off chasm at this point.
  11. No, they aren’t. Jose’s won’t get sacked, silly.
  12. VAR and Bundesliga? Okay.
  13. Twist

    WWE 2K19

    You need changes to be able to announce changes.
  14. Out in Europe on 28th September.

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