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  1. It’ll also set the record of any women’s match ever I believe.
  2. The best news. Now hopefully the Angels can put a real team around Trout for once.
  3. Isn’t the concern more around Bulgaria?
  4. I’m heavily pregnant is a pretty decent counterpoint to being publicly accused (to literally millions of people) without actually speaking to her first. This is being picked up across the world and will be causing all kinds of stress to her and consequently baby. The timing and the manner of the accusation is awful on Rooney’s part.
  5. Every time I’m sad about Newcastle I’m going to remind myself at least I’m not a Man United fan.
  6. Brewers. Nats. Rays. All haven’t won it. I’m guessing Brewers are a no go for you though!
  7. I reckon I could hit one or two just bunting.
  8. Ahh I thought Ace was the 12th. Well count me in if I’m required.
  9. Twist

    NFL 2019

    At this rate they’ll be paying you.
  10. Twist

    NFL 2019

    Don’t blame them one bit. Hopefully if players start refusing to be involved in tank jobs we might see less of it.
  11. I’ll definitely catch the Irish game tomorrow. Going to try and watch as many teams as possible, see if I can end up attached to one by the end of the year.
  12. That was something else. What are the 2/3 games I should be watching this week? I love the whole college game atmosphere and ESPN player only being £9.99 makes it so much more affordable to watch now (used to be double that over here).
  13. I’d like to watch more college football but never know what game to watch, and I don’t have enough time to just watch a bunch. Would someone like to Recommend a game or two each week worth catching?
  14. It was watching the Juninho episode of Premier League Legends that inspired the question. 97 was a real shitty year for Boro.
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