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  1. Twist

    WWE 2K19

    You need changes to be able to announce changes.
  2. Out in Europe on 28th September.
  3. On the Mat Fraser note, Tia-Clair Toomey does much the same thing in the women’s division. And is an Olympian. And won Commonwealth gold. Also LeBron. I never watched Jordan in his prime (NBA wasn’t as accessible for a kid back in the early 90s in the UK) but watching LeBron is special.
  4. 3 games should be the minimum for Kennedy. It wasn’t violent conduct, intentional and horrendously dangerous. Disgusting.
  5. Colly’s spot on. Enforce the rule and it will absolutely work. I do agree the sin bin idea is fantastic for youth football. It scales the punishment so younger players understand there are consequences but doesn’t punish them unduly when they are still developing as people. Adults should know better, keep running your mouth, take a shower.
  6. If only there was a system in place already that would address this ... Just give them a yellow. If they don’t shut up, give them another. They’d soon bloody learn.
  7. I’ll be subscribing and cancelled my Sky Sports. 6 quid a month for La Liga and Serie A? That’s all I need! Also Newcastle are going to shot the bed again so I’ve no interest in watching us fall apart all year.
  8. I have ruminated numerous times this year on that post. I was very, very wrong.
  9. The UK has its first ever NHL draftee in Liam Kirk who went 189th to Arizona. Nice moment.
  10. Can I assume Newcastle just aren’t signing anyone?
  11. Haven’t got Grownish in the UK yet (I believe). I will binge the hell out of it when we do.
  12. Black-ish is the best show on television.
  13. Isn’t this new policy, well, illegal?
  14. Phil Jones is going to score the winning goal now, right?

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