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  1. Poor Everton.
  2. Oh man, that Lions try.
  3. I suspect they'll swap home and away ties.
  4. I'm actually oddly hoping, and looking forward to Celtic against Linfield.
  5. I suspect they're concerned about how long they can hold on to them which suggests they've thrown this season in the bin. They'd probably rather hold on to Rosario for an extra year.
  6. An optimist, I see.
  7. I suspect our opening game against Spurs won't go quite the same way as when Spurs were last at St. James.
  8. I''m pretty sure it's nothing to do with luck and he's just shit at driving.
  9. Help me out ...
  10. Hey hey @Ms. Canadian Destroyer. Sorry.
  11. 17.1 innings this week, ERA = 0.00. I don't think I'm ever winning in the strike out categories again but I'll take that.
  12. Can I thank whoever dropped Lucroy? Because he's been killing it since I picked him up.
  13. Oh absolutely. And I'm gutted Sunderland have been relegated (my family are split between both clubs). And it's naff we miss out on the Tyne-Wear derby again. At the same time, you know, Moyes is staying. So lol. More importantly South Shields are going to Wembley so I couldn't care less about Newcastle or Sunderland at the moment. I'm off sand dancing!
  14. His latest is talking about hypothetical headlines about Corbyn being stabbed to death by asylum seekers. Stupid fucking man.