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  1. I didn't get to watch the game, but I read that Karius made a few screw ups so I checked them out. Can someone explain how this isn't interference? I'm not sure on the exact rule for Chsmpions League, but any league I ever played in, interfering with the goalie throw like that would result in a stop play.
  2. It's possible we see it in the 3rd I guess? I'd like to see that explored.
  3. They had waaaaaaay too many little quips and one liners and small giggles for me. I still liked the movie, but it was just too much. One question I have about some minor characters Also one of that fight scene waaaaaaas
  4. Well Jimmy finally went too far for me in this one.
  5. Take my original post, read it out loud in a high pitched voice, complete with the shown pause, and infer a question in the tone.
  6. You know what I did recently for the first time that was weird? Dining alone. Maaaan did I ever feel out of place.
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