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  1. It's like four hours away for me. Want to do that and Ommegang on a trip, haven't done it yet.
  2. I'm fine with a TE slot. Can live with a WRT if the league prefers that. It surprises me so many teams in this league will draft kickers as early as they do.
  3. Two Angels pitchers combined to throw a no hitter, in the first game in Anaheim since Tyler Skaggs death.
  4. There's always the... Twins?
  5. So why does Cleveland have an off day tomorrow?
  6. It may be possible that they take the number out of circulation for a while, without actually "retiring" it.
  7. On the bright side, at least there's the Patriots come September and October.
  8. Boston's bullpen is trash. Shouldn't be scoring 13 runs and losing like that. Soon as we get back on this side of the Atlantic, the front office better be making phone calls over better relievers.
  9. Anyone here going to the London games?
  10. Lowerdeck


    I haven't felt that strongly about season 7. I watch it, but it's never been a high priority. I think I still got 2-3 episodes left. Debating whether or not I want to bother with the final season. I've been bored with Arrow for a couple years, but there's only like 10 episodes in the final so may as well see it out.
  11. This feels like it's the Garnett/Pierce deal 2.0. The Lakers will pushing to make a title run, they'll (at best) lose in the West finals, and then need like 5-6 years to recover from one bad trade. If this was an Eastern team, it may have worked out better. But when you still got Houston, Denver, Portland, OKC, and 3/5ths of Golden State to contend with - it's still a tough road to fight through.
  12. I'm just disappointed. It's been a great season, and it's tough to see it end in a Game 7 loss. Put a bunch of shots on net, but Binnington had one hell of a game. At least it's a team that never won the Cup before. Happy for St. Louis fans that they finally got one.
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