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  1. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Congrats on your Week 13 Super Bowl. I see you're losing 31-3 to Denver.
  2. So I see the Sox offered a contract to JBJ. I assume he's getting traded, because why keep him when you can sign Jarrod Dyson for 1/3rd the price.
  3. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    It was only a matter of time before Houston finally would figure out the Pats. Or, Brady doesn't have offensive weapons like he used to - and a mediocre o-line.
  4. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    The local CBS station switched from the Chiefs game to the Broncos game
  5. The Yankees, as of now, are the favorite to win the AL East. That's even before whatever they accomplish in free agency. The Rays and Red Sox should be competitive enough to prevent a runaway, but I don't expect either to beat New York. It bums me out as a Boston fan to see another likely Yanks vs. Houston ALCS. I might even have to root for the Yanks on that one.
  6. Your best bet looks like you winning + LL loss If me, you, and Lineker all end up 7-6 - both of us beat you on tiebreaker I believe
  7. It's always a good day when Boston beats Montreal, but when it's 8-1 it's so much better
  8. To whichever one of you I played last week, I'm looking forward to the rematch this week
  9. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Considering Rudolph is a MAGA who has a history of bashing Kaep on social media - that'd be great.
  10. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    I remember football being terrible when I was an undergrad. Surprised someone made it to even XFL.
  11. I think I'm going to pass
  12. With the Red Sox being mediocre this year, performing below expectations considering the payroll - people stopped caring en masse. The Patriots were the talk of town once August 1st came around, if not sooner.
  13. It seems unfathomable that the Orioles would leave Baltimore, since Camden Yards isn't even 30 years old.
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