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  1. Price has usually been good in low pressure situations. In the playoffs, or against the Yanks, or high pressure spots - he just folds. I can't remember what year he can opt out of his contract, but I hope he does. $31m a year is waaaay too much for what he's done.
  2. Said on Fox that this was Panama's first goal since last November How the fuck did the U.S. choke this badly?
  3. The U.S. wouldn't have given up five in a half though Panama is just playing like shit
  4. According to news reports, HanRam is under state and federal investigation regarding a drug ring north of Boston. If true, explains why the Sox dumped him with the quickness. And why the Mets never picked him up.
  5. I feel like I want to give up on the NFL too. Liking a good team though, it makes it hard. That and being the only one you know in person willing to give it up.
  6. I'd argue that 30 teams is fine, talent wise anyway. The problem is in the fact some teams are poorly located, or managed, or run. The Marlins are consistently a joke because their management has, for all but a couple years, been notoriously cheap and see the team as a profit machine rather than a sport where you try to win. I feel bad for their 17 fans cause they went from one horrible ownership to another. The Rays play in a crappy looking stadium, and their location in St. Petersburg is rather inconvenient to everything outside of Pinellas County. I would wonder how much things would improve though if they got this proposed new ballpark in Ybor City (Tampa) - would they still be cheap like the Marlins, or would they have more fans and funds finally to invest in a better operation? Montreal seems like it could sustain a franchise, if it had a better stadium.
  7. I'm surpised by that too. Then again, it took until the 3rd or 4th time until people realized it was a problem. And by that point, there was only one game played after the warning. Also, maybe he wasn't suspended cause it was the playoffs. If this was January, he might of gotten a game or two.
  8. Boston's out, which is disappointing.
  9. Shaquem Griffin just went to the Seahawks His twin brother is also in Seattle
  10. I'm assuming Brady's fragile ego is what's keeping the Pats from drafting a QB by now.
  11. Tom Brady is a delicate fucking flower. Thanks for the Super Bowls, but you're still a dick
  12. Does their asshole owner know about this pick?
  13. Please let this be for Rudolph
  14. So we traded Jimmy G for two 4th rounders and Chicago's 2nd next year
  15. Another Pats trade back. Are they trying to slide back for Rudolph at 63?

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