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  1. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Just wait three months and pay half the price
  2. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    How much would State Farm be paying out for Chiefs/Packers Super Bowl 54 presented by State Farm
  3. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Don't feel so bad about last week now
  4. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    If I was a Giants fan, I'd be pretty pissed about that hire. If we're talking the Bengals, why not take a flyer? But a huge market team with better expectations, nah. Really want the guy that coached our mediocre WR core?
  5. Let's see. Alex Cora was a bench coach on the Astros in 2017, which has already been caught stealing signs. Cora then goes to the Red Sox, knows what Houston's been doing, and starts doing something similar in Boston. It would be zero surprise if the league came down with a major punishment against him just to make an example. You'd think they'd have learned when the Yankees and Red Sox both were punished in 2017 for stealing signs.
  6. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    I'd say Brady's most likely options are returning to the Pats or going to the Chargers for the money/challenge. I never found it likely he was going to retire. He's said repeatedly he wants to play until 45, and there hasn't been much indication he'd do otherwise.
  7. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    No surprise there. Never should have got the job in the first place.
  8. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Is it too late to give the Rams the NFC East playoff spot?
  9. Lowerdeck

    NFL 2019

    Usually the inexplicable loss is down there, not in Foxboro. This game was embarrassing. We got the talent and history to make it happen, but it's going to be a lot harder now. Threw the first round bye away.
  10. I'd imagine the deal if for like 7m, and has a buyout that brings it up to 10.5 if he leaves. Seems strange to go from 10.5 guaranteed to just 3.
  11. It's at least good to see a team that, while they may not win the division and 100 games, is at least trying to be competitive.
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