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  1. I went 100-62 in the regular season. I pushed for the NL West title in the last series, starting my three best pitchers - but ended up one game behind the Giants. Then I lost the Wild Card game 19-3, as my 4 and 5 starters got rocked. If anyone wants to manage the Giants, let me know and I'll forward along some info.
  2. Christian Vazquez @How The Cloud Stole Christ
  3. All but the Giants are claimed at the moment. The manager of the Giants resigned at the end of last year (2035). They tried to get a replacement around the start of 2036 but it didn't work out. It's been on AI most of the season. The commish will open them up after the WS.
  4. The online league I'm in, I won the World Series as Arizona two seasons ago. I've already qualified for the playoffs on this season. Second best record in the league right now, only problem is the Giants are a half game ahead of me.
  5. Antonio Brown's career should have ended once he was released from the Raiders
  6. I'm hoping we at least get half a year
  7. How many of us are actually picking vs BPA?
  8. Jorge Polanco @How The Cloud Stole Christ
  9. Would assume Jax is sticking with Minshew
  10. I picked him a couple rounds ago
  11. Brandon Workman @El Tiburon
  12. Zac Gallen @How The Cloud Stole Christ
  13. Chris Godwin is currently #12 So I'm assuming he'll be giving that up.
  14. When I was a kid, my favorite player was Marino and I considered myself to be a Dolphins fan. After he retired, I switched to the Patriots. Granted this was when I was about 13 or 14. Pretty sure you can't get away with switching teams so easily when you're an adult and know better. I do wish Brady success though in Tampa. If the Bucs make it and the Pats don't, I hope he gets another ring.
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