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  1. I really hope the Bruins get their act together and soon. I don't want to see that team now in Raleigh make a deep run. Ever.
  2. Davante Adams Dak Prescott @Lineker
  3. This was supposed to be the last year in Pawtucket. McCoy is now an outdoor dining venue.
  4. Seems like everyone not named Eovaldi has fallen into the black hole of suck. Not that I've really paid any attention, why do I want to watch Pawtucket get shelled night in night out?
  5. Did they check Magic City yet? Seriously though, hopefully he's alright and its nothing serious.
  6. I think E-Rod being out for the year as a result of the Covid related heart condition is a bad sign for this year
  7. This probably won't be going on much longer. Just end the season already.
  8. The Red Sox pitching is just straight trash. I may end up watching more Korean games than Boston this year.
  9. Went to the Hartford vs Philly 2 game this evening. Hartford started sloppy on defense, but got a couple goals to tie it up before halftime.
  10. Few Americans cared about soccer before the 1994 World Cup. So those who did like to brag about anything they can about American soccer from before 94.
  11. I basically just use this thread for USL discussion, since I assumed nobody else cares.
  12. NB Stadium holds 6146 according to Wiki. 25% is about 1500. Actually higher than Dillon, which is only allowing 1300
  13. Based on what Athletic are doing, it's required to wear a mask unless you're eating or drinking. And they do the best they can do distance.
  14. The independent team in New Britain and Hartford Athletic are playing to 25% capacity.
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