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  1. The lineup for Psycho Las Vegas is ridiculous. Can't make it out there for it, but there's a lot of good bands on it.
  2. They signed Bruce Ellington and Maurice Harris. Resigned Phillip Dorsett. But yeah, we're totally drafting Hunter Renfrow.
  3. Do you get NFL Network over there? Cause that's where I been mostly seeing it.
  4. I probably will get 20, but wait until the all-star game sale.
  5. Will be interesting to see what third tier players the Pats are gonna sign - and still go to the Super Bowl with. After starting 1-3 of course.
  6. The Browns will be a great story. Them going from 0-16 to losing in the AFC Championship to New England in a span of two years.
  7. We need to drastically cut down on time between picks. We've past the first few rounds, and it shouldn't be that hard to follow along.
  8. Don McLean's "American Pie" is massively overplayed and overrated. It's eight minutes of rambling fucking garbage.

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