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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    Right? They really weren't kidding with the "it's all connected" business.
  2. Pokémon

    Getting Gen I Pokemon into the Bank would be interesting, given the different TMs that were available then. It'd at the very least make getting a Magic Guard Clefable with Softboiled easier >_>
  3. Pokémon

      I kinda want to hang onto my Victini (), but I can trade and trade back to give you the dex for it if you want.
  4. Pokémon

    Finally. That took long enough. Pretty sure that's the first time I've managed that. In case anyone's curious, with the event legendaries I have I wound up at 710 of 720 according to my Pokedex. Could probably get to 711 if I sent Keldeo over but at this point I cbf.
  5. Probably because his name was Assassin. As people tend to do his name was often abbreviated when people referred to him.
  6. Disney buy LucasFilm, new Star Wars.

    Loved the trailer, loved the music, so goddamn keen for this movie. I want it to be December now.
  7. I barely remember my time on GameFAQs, but for some reason I recognise the name Dalimyr. That's freaky. I think JKIAW had some form of tantrum not long before I joined here in 2003 and subsequently left, so I guess that's my first memory of EWB. I also remember EWR 4.0 came out not long after I started here, and I remember hanging out for it so bad, and playing it immediately after it was available for download.
  8. Pokémon

    Possibly a long shot, but does anyone have/is able to give me a Swift Swim Poliwag? I want to try and put together a rain team for the Battle Maison, and since Kyogre's banned I need a Politoed to do it. Would be appreciated if anyone can get one for me.
  9. Comic Book Films & TV

    She was the woman at the SSR in Captain America who cornered Cap and smooched him. Then Peggy saw them and got all angry and tried to shoot him later when they were looking for his new shield.
  10. Pokémon

    So I'm now one Pokemon away from completing the Hoenn Pokedex in my Alpha Sapphire game. Anyone with Omega Ruby fancy trading a Groudon over and back so I can get the dex for it?
  11. Pokémon

    It's not like they're going to stop the main series games. There's too much tied to them for them to stop making them, this is just another side-project that has the potential to be good, but is currently for me a very much wait-and-see prospect. I hope it's awesome though.
  12. Pokémon

    Hmm. This could be interesting. Sure, I'll send you something too. Probably won't be any time soon due to work and time zones but maybe this weekend if that's not a problem?
  13. Keith is Famous!

    That is the question that needs answering. I reckon if they continue to give Keith the runaround, we all get in on the act. Attack from all angles.
  14. Challenge That Short Guy

    Defeat the Wither in Minecraft. Good luck Alternatively, for something less difficult but still Minecraft, construct a functioning TNT cannon and fire it without destroying it. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was GO!: Midget Edition.
  15. GTA V PC Thread

    So how many people play this online? I haven't caved like I thought I would, but if there's enough people to heist with then I might.