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  1. Though I haven't had the chance to play a Fighter yet, they look fun, and they have one of the best abilities in 5e in Action Surge, so there's that. Also all of the archetypes look good, particularly some of the shenanigans Battlemasters can get up to with their maneuvers.
  2. So, uh...I got myself a Japanese Carracosta through the GTS and thought I'd try that shiny breeding trick by breeding it with my female Dragonite by getting six eggs as a test. On the one hand, no shinies, but on the other, all six of them are female. Does anyone want a female Dratini? If not I'm probably just gonna Wonder Trade them, maybe someone's just starting their game and will get lucky with a level 1 Dratini they can use in their team >_>
  3. Fair point. I suppose you could probably just watch the first TDW stinger on Youtube to see Sif and Volstagg giving the Collector the Aether, and Volstagg's line about keeping two Infinity Stones so close together (which is the first time they're called as such in the MCU), and be done with it.
  4. Skipping Thor: The Dark World also skips the introduction to the Reality Stone. If you miss that one, anything involving The Collector or the Aether in Infinity War or Avengers 4 is going to be confusing. Plus TDW was where the first exposition regarding the Infinity Stones was laid out, so there's that too.
  5. From what I've read, it will be "…from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored." A lot of people are clamouring for it to be set in the Old Republic, and I for one would be so keen for that, but I'm honestly just thrilled about the idea of more Star Wars films to explore more of the galaxy than just the Skywalker family fucking everything up.
  6. There's also the fact that the 3DS was already struggling sometimes with X and Y, let alone Sun and Moon. I know Horde battles and weather effects in X and Y would cause noticeable framerate drops, and Sun and Moon it happened with some Z-moves as well. If they want to continue to build on the Pokemon games they have to move to the Switch.
  7. I didn't notice anything that particularly stood out like that, but then I was just letting the film carry me if I'm honest. What moments were you referring to (spoiler tagged for those that have not seen it yet)?
  8. So I was hunting earlier for a Pichu, since I didn't find one when I was actually around that area early on, and while looking I managed to find and catch a shiny Pikipek.
  9. I still play occasionally. I'm up to chapter four in Knights of the Eternal Throne, need to get back to that at some point. If you're asking on here though you should check these out. That's myself, GoGo, SRN and TKz running through Athiss, but from four years ago so a lot has changed since then. I watched it again recently and it's weird looking at all the bits that are in the current UI that aren't there >_>
  10. I'm actually not sure why the spoiler tags in retrospect, I just put them in because Ruki did in the first place. I suppose the only thing it'd really spoiler is Age of Ultron, so. We're talking about Vision and the Mind Stone, and what's going to happen when Thanos rocks up.
  11. DoubleX

    No Man's Sky

    That subreddit is why this exists.
  12. DoubleX

    No Man's Sky

    Started playing earlier after having to troubleshoot a bit to get past a persistent crash-on-title-screen issue. That said, I'm loving it so far. Started on a planet with toxic rain, then went to one of the moons which was basically frozen tundra (where, I discovered, the water was warmer than the air at night by some 50 degrees celcius, which kind of makes physical sense, so that's cool). Had to stop for a bit because I'm heading out soon, but I can see myself getting very lost in this game.
  13. How does one get a surfing Pikachu without Stadium though? They're ports, but from memory there was no legal way to get a surfing Pikachu in RBY without Stadium.
  14. I'd also enjoy Yoda making a Force ghost appearance at some point. Doesn't need to be much of one, but I think it could be fun.
  15. This movie was everything it needed to be, for me. It felt like Episode IV in some places, which was nice and familiar without being too overbearing, but at the same time a new, modern film. Went with a friend, he said that it felt like a new beginning, which is precisely what this movie should be. Only two gripes: Overall, though, fantastic film. Loved it.
  16. Crawdaunt's also apparently pretty hilarious in competitive play. Knock Off + Adaptability against anything holding an item is an absurd Dark STAB attack, Crabhammer is nothing to sneeze at, Aqua Jet for priority and Swords Dance to make it even more ridiculous.
  17. Yeah there really is no grind now. You can just do your class story and the planet story and still overlevel things. There's a bit of a grind at the very end of where KOTFE's up to, but that's only if you want to do it on more than one character (which I personally can't be arsed to do). I've got a new character that I've been playing that's 10 levels above the current recommended level, and that's without really trying >_>

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