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  1. I did too, and WELP. Welp is all I can say. I am even more hyped.
  2. We'd still have got beaten, but it would have been nice to have a competent referee last night, though given that seems to be something in short supply in the Premier League like never before. Lewis Cook though, lads. He's a fine prospect. All this talk of who to take to the World Cup yet he and Shelvey probably won't go, yet are two English midfielders of the right age playing week in, week out at relatively successful clubs. Is that not what it's supposed to be all about? Still, I bet Livermore goes, a player who I find strange, because he's never really been any good, at least not to International standard, yet gets games. Baffling. Talking of baffling, can't believe its 2018 and people still doubt how good Jordan Henderson is. I mean, these people obviously don't get football and are idiots, but still. The guy is so good, but suffers from the social media thing where one mistake gets jumped upon and it outweighs all the good.
  3. PL is fun and everything but it gets boring quick. I can't afford to go to as many away games as usual, wins are fewer, I have never really felt as disattached from the club as I have right now, even through the troubled times. That Championship season was the golden age and it'll never be matched. It was so good that nothing in my lifetime can live up to it outside of a cup success. It was just something else.
  4. Haha. I'd so rather be back in League 1 or the Championship. The thrill of the Premier League has totally worn off.
  5. Spurs at home today. They always batter us. God bless my season ticket, enabling me to see it in person. FFS.
  6. Um, I just got back. Guys, this movie ... Whoa. Spider-Man is just ... wow. Knocked it out of the bloody park. More coherent thoughts when its not 4am in the morning and I'm more alert but yeah, this tops Winter Soldier and is my favourite MCU film yet. Infact, best Superhero movie I've seen.
  7. Midnight opening tonight. Been waiting so long for this. Bucky/Cap interaction, Black Panther, Spider-Man, more Ant-Man, the list goes on.
  8. Eddie doing his business nice and early, as usual. Heard pretty reliable were at the front of the pack for Charlie Austin. Mate did some work on a place he owns down here. From the area, family all still here, knows Eddie, nearly joined us before, dad is often at Bournemouth games as a guest of the club, makes all the sense in the world.
  9. Just looking at 2016's movies has me excitied. Final X-Men movie (until the next reboot), Civil War, Doctor Strange (!), Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman ... omg.
  10. Only just sobered up. What a day.
  11. I'll never forget last night for as long as I liv25 years of support made totally worth it. What a night on the town with the players, too. Hanging out on the piss with Arter, Wilson, Surman, Francis in Halo. Incredible scenes as Elphick, our Captain, shouts "Eddie, give us a wave!", then turns around and screams in the mic, when reliazing he's not there, "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!"
  12. Had 4 texts already asking if I can get people tickets. Pricks.
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