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  1. WWE have released the following NXT performers: Jake Carter, Luther Ward, and Malik Omari. Source
  2. Donovan Cain is now going by Oliver Cain and add "Donovan Cain" to his alter egos. Increase the experience of The Hybrids to 15 and de-activate them. Thanks Bill!
  3. If this has been resolved, I missed it, but according to this link, Brett DiBiase is now training to become a referee and has not been cut by the WWE. Make him at least a non-wrestler for now and then wait and see how this reffing thing turns out.
  4. Some notes: Stevie Richards tweeted that he has quit TNA wrestling. Linked here. Remove him from TNA. I don't think I've seen this in the thread, but Taylor Wilde has retired from pro-wrestling (at this time). Remove her from TNA and make her a non-wrestler (since I doubt this would be permanent). In Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling pdocast with Ace Steel, Ace said that he doesn't wrestling much any more, just a handfull of dates a year or less. Make him a non-wrestler. (I don't have the link for this one). Thanks Bill.
  5. Written by Adam Lash Michael Verdi, known professionally as Trent Acid, has been sentenced to a maximum of 23 months after reaching a plea deal on May 12 for charges stemming from an April 2 arrest where police found him in possession of heroin. The prosecution decided against prosecuting Verdi for the other charges stemming from the April 2 arrest, likely as a result of the plea deal and the guilty plea. Link. His behavior is currently listed at 74. Due to the bust and flippancy of his statements involving the bust, Ii would lower his behavior to at least 54 if not lower. I'm not sure whether this should effect his attitude as well. Also, Tarek the Great has recently been billed at Tarek the Legend. I would change his name to Tarek the Legend and "Tarek the Great" to his alter egos.
  6. has set a status, but still didn't emote anything.


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