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  1. Shea will probably win, although I love Sasha's look the most. I dislike Charlie immensely and it annoys me that she's the first "British" queen on the show when we've got a drag scene that's ten times better than anything she can put out.
  2. Sweet lord, Amazon was amazing. That blows everything else out of the water. I loved so many characters in it, the amount of twists and turns throughout it...just so good. I can see why Thailand looks especially bad when sandwiched between those two seasons.
  3. I just finished Thailand tonight. Yeah, it definitely is the worst of the seasons so far, but it's not *terrible*. Like, it's around Africa level, although Africa has generally more likeable people. I have to say though that I think Brian is an amazing player. I mean he really did make no mistakes, bar the "writing in the sand" thing. Definitely harkens back to the Ted/Ghandia misunderstanding through he said/she said stuff. The little editing callbacks throughout the season really worked well too. Brian's blindside of Ted is so obvious when you look back at all the little hints he gives throughout the show. Maybe it was a little cold but he did everything he had to do to win. It says a lot that Helen - who he fucked over the most, really - still voted for him. Also, I guess knowing he won beforehand (which I didn't with Vecepia) perhaps made it SO obvious he was winning, but the signs were there from the start. Guy got the power game right from early on. Overall though...yeah, a bad bunch. The purple team were awful bar Shii Ann and Robb may be my least favourite Survivor so far. Ghandia and Ted both came out of their fight badly. Clay was just pretty awful. I liked Helen eventually, and the fact Jan got to F3 is hilarious. I do wonder what would have happened if they had merged and Shii flipped at 10. If she had allied with the right people, they could have got Clay out. But Brian just seemed to have everyone in his back pocket.
  4. Comaster, the Japan-only game that's on mobile, went live worldwide yesterday as Pokemon Duel. Pretty good little strategy game.
  5. Jerri's not a very good villain, because she's so incompetent at the game. From the "THESE PEOPLE ARE MY VERY CLOSE FRIENDS" speech onwards, she really doesn't do well at it. She gets completely blinded by Colby and if anything, my favourite Jerri storyline from the season is her being so clueless about Colby. I've no idea if she then came out later and said she knew he was leading her on etc., but it really looked like she thought she had a chance with him. Or at the very least, thought that he was really on her side. Also, doesn't Australia have the most people who end up returning to the show or something crazy like that? They really were a great cast. In retrospect, having now seen Marquesas, nobody in Africa (bar a couple people) stand out as being that memorable, but the Australians do.
  6. Just finishes Marquesas. Jesus, that season blows the other three so far out of the water it's insane. So many great characters, I legit had no idea who would win until the end. So much more game playing, two proper villains, I guess...and probably the right person, from a strategy standpoint, won.
  7. Bottas confirmed, Massa back at Williams. Meanwhile, Manor have an offer on the table but they have to accept it by Friday to be ready for the season.
  8. Wehrlein is confirmed for Sauber.
  9. I bred a shiny Sandile last month which was pretty sweet, since he had good stats and stuff and would be somewhat usable. Shiny Krookodile isn't one of the awesome ones but he looks cool enough.
  10. So hey, bumping this back up because I *finally* got round to finishing Australia and now have watched Africa, too. Australia - Knowing that Amber gets brought back is bizarre, because why the hell would you bring her back for anything based off this performance. Anyway, I probably wanted Elisabeth to win. I also LITERALLY JUST NOW discovered she's Elisabeth Hasselbeck and now I feel kind of dirty for wanting that. Jerri is great as the villain and I probably would have had her going much further, but she kind of screwed herself over ultimately. Everything I've seen too suggests Tina is amazing as a character and deserved winner, but...eh? She's good and certainly plays her strategy pretty well, but I don't really see what makes her better than Hatch, for example. She's very bland apart from the fact she plays the strategy well too. I suppose it helps she's against Colby, whose personality is "dislikes Jerri" and "jock"? But, yeah. Africa - Okay, so two things: 1. Lex is awesome 2. WHY THE HELL DID KIM TAKE ETHAN TO THE FINAL TWO!? I mean, how stupid do you have to be? If Kim took Lex to the jury, then guaranteed she'd have had Kelly, Kim and Teresa's vote. Then it would have just been Frank and I get the feeling he'd have leaned more towards Kim than he would have Lex. Anyway, Ethan's just Colby but less good at challenges and more bland (I mean, he literally rides in to victory on Lex and Tom's back, pretty much). This is easily my favourite season of the 3, though. Pre-merge is great, with Clarence's cherries, crazy Linda, Silas' downfall in the swap episode, Lindsay failing to make it past merge thanks to the "L" sign, Brandon being an absolute dick and also getting his comeuppance, Lex's meltdown over the "other" vote for him (also, I love T-Bird)...just great. Really, really enjoyable and probably more so because I honestly wasn't 100% sure who was going to win. So, yeah. On to Marquesas. I hear that there's a guy from Boston in it. Sure he'll never come up again. (Also, yeah, people need to talk to me about Australia / Africa plz).
  11. Rio isn't returning this year, which makes me wonder just who the hell Manor are gonna throw in the car at this rate. I can't remember which GP2 drivers have any money behind then, bar Sirotkin, and he'd be a mad man to give up on GP2 considering Gasly's gone and Giovonazzi is likely out too.
  12. I miss the old blue/green Sauber.
  13. Wehrlein has apparently signed with Sauber and will partner Ericsson.
  14. Are McLaren going to have any sponsors left at this rate?
  15. New favourite rumour: Ron Dennis is going to buy Manor.