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  1. Ouch for Celtic.
  2. Pretty nice ride for Leicester there.
  3. Group B really is shit, huh? Benfica, Napoli, Kyiv...
  4. Gay Twitter was very pleased that the cute ginger made it through. Val is lovably bonkers. I like Candice and Selasi too, and Benjamina. Have a feeling they'll be the final three, for some reason.
  5. I had 9200 contracts saved up, so Brock is mine already. Should just be able to get the Pro down the line too.
  6. Glee. First season is really good, then it all starts to slide downhill until you're at about Season 3 and everything is just awful. They had a chance to pull it out with the New York switch, but then the ridiculousness of "KURT AND RACHEL CANNOT HAVE BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO THEM" became way too much.
  7. Trying to work out who's between Bayley and Booker. Beth Phoenix, maybe?
  8. Yeah, sorry for not being able to do anything the past couple days. Busy busy week.
  9. Well Max did the same thing this year, so you just have to keep that in mind!
  10. So from the last 24 hours of RD, I now have to Pro Survivor Ziggler, HBK and now Ryback. so much effort...
  11. I'm just outside the cut-off point for being WM in Ring Dom, and if I pro my Reigns MITB card then I'll do it. I think it'll be worth it too, to be honest, given that Dolph is the SV card and that'll give me *another* SV Pro. Plus, I have enough time to try and go for the SV, WM and then maybe even the first Summerslam card. Of course, the issue I have is that Reigns MITB is stuck in a KOTR until much later today...
  12. If you're struggling to kill pirates, then just get the Beam weapon. It auto-locks and about 5/6 blasts of it seems to take down most pirate ships.
  13. Yeah, I pulled Breeze. I also got WM Fusion Cena yesterday which is pretty handy. Just getting annoyed at the sheer number of SV cards I have that are singles though, even after winning a SV KOTR I only have SV Pro Rollins/Rock/Orton. I'm also saving up all my MITB points now to go for whatever cards we get when that refreshes.
  14. I think, very much like Pokémon Go, the initial allure will wear off, but I'm all for it for the brief period I'll enjoy it.