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  1. Blitzed through Enemy Unknown finally. Was really good fun but man, was the final mission underwhelming. "Hey, so now you get to face everything one step at a time and there's really no way that the aliens can flank you or use strategy so good look wiping the floor with them!" I beat the head Ethereal on the first turn of spotting him, as point of this. Admittedly, my main guy became so accurate and powerful with his Headshot that it helped a lot. And I had two Heavy's each with a rocket stored up...
  2. It looks like a reset again - he's going to school in Alola, by the looks of it. Someone has put forward that a lot of the series are actually alternate universes, where only some things stay the same. Hence why Ash never used any of his non-Gen 6 Pokemon in the XYZ saga and why Serena suddenly showed up as someone he's known all his life.
  3. I might actually finish Final Fantasy 1 tomorrow and that feels like far too much of an achievement. Also looking at finishing my run through of 7 on the PS4 version finally (I'm at the execution bit), then I'm either gonna start 6, 9, 10 or 13. Can't decide yet >_>
  4. Alex Zanardi won gold at the Paralympics, in vaguely related news.
  5. I think Poke Transporter works with Black & White. Can't remember if it does with HG/SS and DPPt...
  6. Bernie's said that Liberty Media will want him to stay around for 3 more years if/when they take over. Which conveniently brings us right up to the end of the current Concorde Agreement...
  7. Not really - I think that Nintendo tried to push that it did to make it less appealing to catch. It does some graphical glitches and messes up the Hall of Fame, but you can fix the graphical problems easily.
  8. Someone has put forward the idea that Null will be what happens if you send Missingno to SuMo. Almost makes sense if you consider that Missingno is Bird type (which doesn't exist, so a null type) and has loads of different types of moves (Null is made of different Pokemon types)...
  9. So, erm...
  10. That was a lot of information to get in two minutes thirty seconds...
  11. Feel free to remove me btw, I'm not really playing anymore.
  12. Well that was dull, bar Ricciardo's overtake on Bottas. Might be interesting in two weeks, Singapore is the worst track by far for Mercedes usually.
  13. Perez is sticking with Force India too. Wonder whether that sets up Wehrlein for the Williams seat? Apparently Nasr is the other option which does not sound appealing in the slightest...
  14. The GP2 is absolutely stupid today, the Safety Car picked up the wrong car and effectively has decided the podium, because it gave the top three an entire lap ahead of the others.
  15. Ouch for Celtic.