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  1. The speed at which Alonso seems to be acclimatising to Indy is remarkable.
  2. True story: Salvador and Luisa know who I am, and I ran in to Salvador by the press centre bathrooms and we said hey to each other. Glad Portugal won. Wasn't my favourite performance (I actually prefer Luisa singing it) but so happy for the country after all the years of, well, abject failure at Eurovision. Super glad for Moldova too. Gutted that the UK didn't do better, because we really, really deserved to.
  3. Miracle.
  4. I suspect Bulgaria will win now.
  5. The UK genuinely has one of, if not the best, staging designs this year. Even *with* Brexit, we might actually be top 10.
  6. Lot of suggestions that it'll be for tiered login rewards, which...I guess works in a way? Kinda halts crazy quick progression to some degree. Second SS fusion was another Shinsuke so fairly soon I'll have that as a pro, which is really cool and should help move things along a little more (and good for KOTR too in particular).
  7. Just hit Hardened, only needed to get Aries to 20/40 to do it in the end too. Pulled Owens as my freebie too which is probably one of the better ones I could get, especially as he teams well with Corbin.
  8. Having pretty terrible luck in RD. Gone down to the last shard three times already now.
  9. Someone has pointed out that actually, having two lots of feedback is probably actually going to help Honda get better.
  10. Worst comes to worst, I'll have HD Pro Corbin in the next couple days anyway and that should definitely do it. Also just pulled my first SS Fusion, which was Shinsuke. Pretty happy with that one!
  11. Vipers should easily get Rollins with time to spare. Hurrah! Another HD to add to my list. Anyone know roughly what the boundary to get in to Hardened in Ranked deck is? I'm wondering if HD Corbin, HD Ziggler, HD Rollins + Elite AA, then HD Bliss and SS Nia would get me there if they're all fully levelled. Don't want to massively unbalance myself with a way too strong Aries is the only issue.
  12. The servers are seriously dying.
  13. Pulled Alexa from MITB this morning so that's handy. Won another WM KOTR as well, but not managing to pair many WM cards yet. What's the max amount of drafts you can store again?
  14. Just got AA. awww yeah.
  15. I actually vaguely worked out the maths to see whether I can grind +1's to get AA. In theory, I can. In actuality, I want to get drunk tomorrow night.