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  1. Someone has pointed out that it's almost the final rubbing salt in the wounds to Lewis: he'll never beat Nico for the title, he'll only inherit it.
  2. There's absolutely no way that Mercedes would put Maldonado in the car. Wehrlein and Bottas do seem like the obvious choices. I think the fact that Mercedes haven't immediately announced someone does make me think that it's not going to be Wehrlein, as he's the first option surely. Makes me think they're shopping around. Bottas deserves a chance in a top team and the Ferrari ride seems further away. On that note, Perez - if he is going to replace Kimi as expected - surely wouldn't throw that away by going to Merc? Button for a year would open up a whole load of possibilities though going forward. Including Vettel's contract runnin out.
  3. What the actual fuck.
  4. French media reporting that Paul Ricard will host the French GP from 2018, on a five year contract. Conditional ATM but good to see France back finally. Also Rosberg has the current lap record there. Keke, that is...
  5. Story spoilers:
  6. Isn't legal in VGC 2017, though :/ Also, weird thing: Blue's voice actor in Generations is training to be a wrestler under Brian Kendrick.
  7. I'm trying to come up with a viable competitive team, but it is a tricky one.Seems Alolan Marowak is the most popular guy out there, so counters to that seems key. So far it's Talonflame - Celesteela - Tapu Koko - Alolan Marowak. Kinda want to throw in Aegislash, but then I'm wary of being too weak to Ground types. I guess options would be a Dragon or Water type, but not sure which.
  8. I know that they've had serious issues with the infrastructure at Interlagos before. Maybe with no Brazilian driver looking likely to be on the grid in 2017, Bernie sees it as the perfect opportunity to get rid and hope that Brazil will put some work in during a year off? I mean, losing Brazil would be awful, Interlagos is one of the best circuits IMO
  9. There's another rumour stating that Imola will replace Hockenheim. Someone really wants Imola back.
  10. It's an odd list. Certainly Bisping could be on there, dare I say Konta's had a great year too and probably should feature.
  11. Stufful is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life and oh god I'm so happy. Also: man, is it me or is Trunbeak/Toucannon really fucking hard?
  12. Jesus. Lewis quit Mercedes after the Spanish GP.
  13. Cried when Jenson got out of the car a little bit. Coudn't sit down for the last 6/7 laps. So, so happy for Nico. Always liked him since he debuted. I don't blame Lewis for what he did, because at the end of the day you have to do whatever it takes to win the title. Was it unsportsmanlike? Yes. But in comparison to some of the stupid stuff Lewis has pulled out before, I don't really have a problem with this one. (Also, there's a picture that does indeed show Lewis hugged Nico before they got to the podium room) EDIT: Gutierrez post-race radio. I kinda feel bad for him now. EDIT2: So, Vettel said over the radio at the end of the race that Lewis was trying "dirty tricks". Part of me thinks that he purposefully didn't try and overtake Nico on the last lap when he probably could have.
  14. Jenson has confirmed he's expecting to retire on Sunday.
  15. Heads up, the new patch has come out and their "fix" for the blue flags has made it even worse than ever.